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  1. anthony06

    Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Audio trends has a pre order for december limited stocks $949.00.
  2. anthony06

    Yamaha Dts X Update.

    Did my 3050 last night
  3. anthony06

    Strange Hdmi Issue - Adventage A3030 To Epson Tw9200

    i have a yamaha 3030 had problems with hdmi hand shake with oppo 105 ,make sure , you have both yamaha and oppo with current firmware update .works fine when both are updated.
  4. has your 3000 have the latest firmware ,I had a 3000 .if it hasn't mine did the same after the update it was fine.
  5. anthony06

    Total Recall (Remake)

    Audio is dolby true hd and no drop outs
  6. anthony06

    Oppo Bdp-93

    If you have deep colour turned on then turn it off see what happens I had the same fault and so did a mate of mine in wa.
  7. anthony06

    Oppo Bdp-93

    If you have deep colour turned on turn it off I had the same problem.
  8. it works on the 3d version just finished watching it
  9. anthony06

    The Sound Of Music

    Mackay store has some on display.
  10. anthony06

    Dispicable Me Blu 3d Announced

    picked up 3d pack tonight from target $37.00.
  11. Is it on the right hand side on your screen ?
  12. Loader 48 now gives a hdmi option in mystar hd settings which gives finally 5.1 audio through hdmi .