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  1. Just an update before I say See ya all. I'm getting RID of THE LG 86SJ957T. After Speaking to LG this evening they tell me they cannot give me a TV without Faults. They cannot supply me a 86 inch tv that doesn't not have a uniformity problem like led back lights that bleed so since this is the case they are giving my money back. I will believe it when I have the $$$$ in my hand. Yes they come out with the same rubbish that been told to many people and this is "within Manufactures Specification". What a Lot of shi.t See Ya All.
  2. Prometheus in 4K

    No doubt you watch Prometheus in 4K with HDR? And if this is the case what did you think of the Dark Scenes with the flashlight? and in general Quality in PQ of the movie. This has to be the Best example of a 2K intermediate movie that shine more like a 4K + title. Maybe It suited the LG IPS TV.
  3. Prometheus in 4K

    Last week I got John Wick 2 and Prometheus when there was no discounts but the guy there he know I purchase from Amazon and knocked off $10 for the both of them so I bough them. You will not be disappointed with prometheus. Even before the Movie starts (on the Main Menu) you will be startled by the PQ.
  4. Prometheus in 4K

    I would say that any TV that has the Best contrast and has the higher nits at say 10% will be the best to see this movie. The Funny thing is the LG is well known for not being good in black and dark movies like Unforgiven, Deep Water Horizon, and others but in Prometheus its somehow shown to be different and the Movie is Dark. Maybe because the dark scenes have some good HDR bits in there to light it up when its dark.
  5. Prometheus in 4K

    Put your sunglasses on because the Battery torches will blind you. In General this is a 2K Intermediate and looks VERY good not just the blind you bit and when you look at Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood) this is a REAL 4K but the Worst real 4K you can ever see and by this you cannot go by what real and fake 4K anymore to get the best for you and your telle
  6. Prometheus in 4K

    We this is a movie to get in 4K. It has a marvelous Transfer and I would have to say it has to be just about the best of HDR Mastering I have seen so far. I wrote the below on the Dolby Vision Vrs HDR 10 thread below. Well I was Shock last night as I watched Prometheus in 4K and Considering this Movies has a 2K intermediate Master Format (Redcode RAW 5K) the Transfer was Very GOOD but when it come to the HDR and HDR effect I want to congratulate the Mob that done it. I has to be the best Example of HDR I have or still remember today. I was a Master piece. The LG 86SJ957T is known not by have good Blacks and considering this movie is DARK like Deep Water Horizon, John Wick 1 and 2 + Start Trek Beyond It SHI.Ts over them with the HDR. I would love to see this Movie on a LG Oled Or Maybe Samsung that has Good blacks and having higher nits (Samsung Only). Maybe our LG did a good job of showing tius movie because of having 1500 nits on peak brightness It show you that the Person responsible of the Mastering of HDR on this Movie needs to be given a medal.
  7. Dolby Vision Vrs HDR 10

    Bye all
  8. Netflix and Dolby Vision

    ????. I confised. So you cannot get DV movies out here in OZ. Or better still if you have a VPN account you might get it.
  9. SONY A1 - OLED

    One day they will make a OLED at 85 to 90 inch. I will but it if under 15k bucks. as long as I'm still alive.
  10. SONY A1 - OLED

    That issue . Its a Long story and I brek it down 1/ wife friend buy a the lates 75 inch Samsung and has a loung at 75 deg. (they have a washed out Picture. 2/ they return it. 3/ they get a 75 inch LG IPS, 4/ I told them DO NOT PUT IT on the wall at the same height of the samsun 5/ They came to my house ans shown them the 86 inch Lg and the reaon why is on the wall so low. 6/ Tommorw I'm going over at night to watch A HDR movie there. 7 I can see tears
  11. SONY A1 - OLED

    What happens if OLED Tv's are high or to low on the wall. Mainly to high. Now I know that OLED have a very good viewing angle but nothing is said about the height of them . do they degrade the PQ if the tv is to high?
  12. SONY A1 - OLED

    al, I don't like losing. I fight hard for anything I do.
  13. SONY A1 - OLED

    See what happens when I go tomorrow to view a 75 inch Lg up the wall, too high on the wall. Talk about OLEd's how do OLEDs go about this issue?
  14. SONY A1 - OLED

    well IPS are a little worse off then..YES, YES, and this is why I was very particular on this to a point of madness. I love it when things go to plan