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  1. I purchased Weeds Season 4 from Amazon without knowing it was region locked to the US. I therefore have a brand new, never been watched copy if anyone is interested. Please send me a PM.
  2. F*ck! Wish I'd seen this thread before I bought it from Amazon. I heard Season 5 was locked, but thought 4 was fine
  3. In everyone's experience, what is the best shipping option from Amazon? I'm about to place an order for 8 Blu-Ray discs and the options are as follows: Standard: $28.91 (6 discs to arrive by December 24 and 2 to arrive by early Feb) Expedited: $45.91 (6 disc to arrive by December 24 and 2 to arrive by January 12) Priority: $61.91 (6 discs to arrive by December 7 and 2 to arrive by December 22) Would be nice to have these by Christmas, but that's a lot of shipping!
  4. Is the James Bond box set compatible with Australian PS3?
  5. Guys. I have a stupid question. I want to buy Season 1 and 2 of 'Mad Men'. Unfortunately as it is made by Lion's Gate, the Blu-Ray version is locked for Australia. If I order the regular DVD version from Amazon, will it play in my Australian PS3? http://www.amazon.com/Mad-Men-Season-Jon-H...9503&sr=8-1
  6. Can anyone please advise the best place to get PS3 controllers at a good price? Either the standard ones or Dual Shock - I don't mind. I'll also need them before next weekend, so if it's an overseas source they'd better have quick delivery! Thanks
  7. Transfers are absolutely spot on. I imagine this is quite easy (but important) for EA to cover. As long as the player models are created, all they have to do is assign them a team after deadline day. I'm a big Liverpool fan and the default starting lineup is precisely the same team that beat Everton on the weekend - same goes for Melbourne Victory. All the new signings are there (Fabiano, Thwaite, Lopez etc). Awesome!
  8. Picked the game up from JB Hi Fi (Lonsdale Street, Melbourne) this evening and it is an absolute corker! I have bought each FIFA for the last three or four years and either returned it or traded them after a few weeks. This one however looks like a keeper! I have only played it for 2-3 hours before forcing myself away from the TV or I'll never get up for work tomorrow! I won't write a review, but I will post some of the key things I have noticed: - Melbourne is statistically the best team in the A-League (a big tick for accuracy) - Matthew Kemp is statistically the worst player in Melbourne's starting XI (again, points for accuracy) - Tottenham is rated four and a half stars (WTF?!?!) - can live updates edit a team's overall competance and rating? - Stadiums have never looked better!! - Australia's default "home" stadium vaguely looks like ANZ Stadium or even the Telstra Dome with the roof open - It's amazing to think how we have played this game in the past without visible refs of linesmen - great addition - Quicker players are actually able to outsprint sluggish defenders - It's not as easy to score from crosses - In the dying minutes of sudden death matches, the opposition keeper comes up the field for set pieces (amazing!!!!!) - CPU makes intelligent substitution choices (ie. brings on strikers if chasing the game, defender if holding a lead) - Referee often plays advantage and gives a yellow card for the tackle at the NEXT stoppage!! (as opposed to getting away with a bad tackle) - Sadly it's still near impossible to score from free kicks - Fatigue effect is still not severe enough - players can sprint for much of the game and be at about 40-45% capacity toward the end - "Kids" by MGMT is in the soundtrack
  9. I should add that I DO NOT have a home telephone and have no desire to get one. Can most companies hook me up to a cable connection without having a phone?
  10. Hi guys - I just moved in to a new house and need to subscribe to a home internet plan (as work only pays for a wireless card). The question is, which one?? I am on the web all day at work, so I don't need anything that costs me too much at home. That being said, I want something fast enough and large enough to handle online gaming and downloading. So what options/companies do you guys know that do the best deals?
  11. Hi guys. I recently shifted into a new place and started a new job. My employer has given me a laptop with a wireless broadband card, so there was no need to continue my home internet service. While I am fine to get online through my computer, I haven't been online via my PS3 in ages. Is there ANY way I can get online via my PS3 without subscribing to a home internet service for $30+ a month? It's just a waste when I only need it to download a few demos every now and again. Thanks in advance.
  12. Yesssssss James Bond 007 at Amazon Will these be region free?
  13. Anyone got any of the new songs packs? I bought Coldplay and Muse last night and am very happy with them! The God of War theme is also available free (and is bloody hard)!
  14. Pity they couldn't secure the rights to a decent, non-corrupt league actually worth watching.
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