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  1. From Control Panel and Display properties i went into the settings and selected display #2 - the m81. Then i checked the box labelled "extend my windows desktop onto this monitor".

    As a result i can at least see things but i have to move the cursor beyond my laptop screen before it appears on the m81 and when viewing/doing any work i must drag the application beyond the right of my screen before it appears on the lcd t.v. it is cumbersome but at least it 'works'. Is there a way for me to adjust the screen size to have the t.v screen equal the laptop screen or by checking the 'extend my windows desktop' this is mutually impossible?

    I see that on the m81 when i look at the Picture menu and select Size, the "Just scan" option is greyed out and that under the Setup menu both PC and Home Theatre PC is greyed out as well but shows "On"....what is going on???????

    No, 'extend windows desktop' won't do what you want. This option is used with multiple monitors to make your desktop bigger; you are telling your PC that you have a desktop so big that you need multiple monitors to display it. I believe you instead want to 'clone' your desktop, i.e. show the same desktop on multiple monitors (not a different section of a large desktop on different monitors), correct? If so, this is usually done with hotkeys on a laptop, like Fn+F4 to toggle between internal/external/internal+external displays. Look on the function F-keys for a picture that looks like a couple of monitors. Otherwise, the nvidia driver generally has a 'clone display' option.

    If you are connecting via VGA, then Just Scan is automatically enabled for 'standard' resolutions. Without knowing the rest of your configuration, I can't say why PC and HTPC are greyed out (the last might be because you're sending a 4:3 screen res, instead of a 16:9?), but I don't think there's anything to worry about - it's only worth panicking if you want to change them, and I can't see any reason to. As far as computer monitors go, the screen is nice, but the 'smarts' are pretty basic, so with the exception of turning off MoviePlus, DNIe, etc, reducing backlight and adjusting the saturated colours, the rest I recommend you do from your source.


  2. Newbie here so pardon my ignorance but i too have the same problem and am looking for a fix. My situation is:

    i have hooked up my laptop via D-sub (15pin/ VGA?) to my m81 but the t.v turns off almost straight-away. I notice people talking about having a HTPC but mine is a regular PC with the following (original) video card Mobility Radeon 9200. My laptop is running at resolution 1024 x 768 (its maximum).

    I just want to view my photos on the t.v screen!

    How can i get the t.v to display my computer screen?

    Please can someone assist me with a simple solution?

    Hi, the issue you are experiencing is also known as the 'Xbox360 over VGA at 1080p' issue. Basically newer graphics cards (including those found in the Xbox360) use a 3.3V sync signal through the VGA cable. Older ones use a 5V signal. The Samsung M8x TV was designed to suit older graphics cards so, when it receives a 3.3V signal, it can't 'detect' the signal from PC/360, it thinks there's nothing connected and so puts itself into standby mode. So the fix is to remove a certain resistor from the TV motherboard, which allows it to detect the lower-powered sync signal and all is good. You have two "simple solutions":

    1. If you get Samsung Aus to look up service bulletin "07-LCD TV-A003" on their intranet, this will tell a technician how to remove the resistor from your TV's motherboard - they can do this at your house and the TV does not need to be taken into a shop. I've had this done, and can verify it has fixed the issue for me.

    2. Instead of allowing the TV to detect lower-powered signals (option 1 above), you can boost the signal that the TV receives, which will also allow it to work. The easiest way to do this is with a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switch. These are commonly used by computer techs who want to use a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to control multiple computers (i.e. instead of having a keyboard, monitor and mouse for each PC). The good thing is they use either an external PSU or the computers' keyboard port to give them power, and this also works to boost the video signal. I used one of these successfully before the tech visited me, so I can vouch for this solution also.

    The manual said you can do pip with tv channels. Oh well.

    Watching dvds seems a little worse then hd tv, Anyone got a recommendation for an upscaler for 40" m8 lcd?

    The guy where i got the tv said the hdmi cable that comes with the upscaling dvd players arn't as good as a high quality hdmi cable, which was 200$. Was he for real? I didn't end up buying either as i wanted to research it more.

    - PiP is rubbish on these TVs, with poor functionality (can't change sound source to iP source, limited source compatibility and selection, etc), so keep your expectations very low for this set.

    - I personally use a PC to do upscaling (outputting a 1920x1080 resolution) and the results are excellent - far superior to a non-upscaling DVD player. I've also heard very good things about the Oppo upscaling DVD players, which are now available in Australia and New Zealand. They are expensive, though, so I figured I'd just use the money to upgrade my PC and use it as an HTPC, but that was just my personal choice, either solution works well.

    - You definitely don't need to spend $200 on an HDMI cable unless you are going for lengths over 5m, and even then $50 should be more than enough to get you a 'good' one. HDMI is a digital signal (0s and 1s, remember?), not an analog one whose variable waveforms are more susceptible to degradation.

    Hope this info helps out!


  3. Thanks, mcjimminy, for that colour space info - I've been disappointed with the M81 'reds' but haven't been able to find a reliable way of editing them yet. The more people who post their calibration settings, the better! (I'm mainly using mine on VGA input from an HTPC at the mo', not sure how much of the TV's settings are adjustable in this mode.)

    On a separate note, is anyone else following the developments on the AVForum in UK with regard to getting 24Hz working on this panel? Apparently the panel DOES accept it! I for one, thought this was impossible, but I'm darned happy to be proved wrong. Is this an issue for any PS3 owners, wanting to play back 24Hz native movies (to enable judder-free blue-ray, hd-dvd) on their M81s? Anyone know if there's a move afoot from Samsung NZ/Aus to get a firmware update to enable this fantastic feature for us down here, too? (Apparently it also requires an EDID update as well as a firmware update.)


  4. :) Yes, I was indeed in the market and have just a week ago pulled the trigger on a 46" M81. Am loving it. I'm amazed by the quality of low-def sources (being a fellow NZer, you know almost all our sources are low-def at the moment) - it seems to do a very good upscaling job, unlike the Sony X series which are shockingly bad at upscaling. (Go and ask a store to play a DVD on it from a non-upscaling DVD player in order to see the native upscaling abilities of the sets.) Based on what I saw of them, I wouldn't hold your breath for new Sonys to be better - that would require a major makeover in the logic controller dept. Happy to be wrong, perhaps I'm doing Sony a disservice here.

    Yes, the specs will be the same for the 46 as for the 40. Unlike plasmas, which currently seem to change resolution based on size even within a model range (1024x768 for 42", 1366x768 for 50"), the resolution and features of LCD are generally standard within a range, its just the size (and therefore brightness and contrast, too) that changes.

    The 'Sony panels made by Samsung' idea actually seems to be an exaggerated half-truth. Sony and Samsung have a joint-venture manufacturing plant in Korea, and though the joint venture is headed by a guy originally from Samsung, I don't think that's enough to warrant people saying "Sony panels are made by Samsung". :blink:

    Good luck with your auditioning and have fun!


  5. Hi all,

    I've been seeing rumours of a 1006 firmware for the M81 mentioned on one of the Xbox forums. Does anyone here have any info on that? Specifically, is it for real, does anyone have it yet, and does it fix the MoviePlus issue, etc? (We'll worry about the obvious one of "how do we get it" once the other questions are sorted! :blink: )


  6. Cool, but is it supported by the TV itself?

    "Supported", yes, but perhaps not in the way you want. It can receive a 24Hz source (I've heard, not personally verified, and there's nothing about it in my M81 manual) but since the panel is a 60Hz panel, it still needs to do a 3:2 pulldown in order to display the picture. The "Movie Plus" feature is supposed to help with removing some of the judder when it detects this.

    Only the newer 120Hz LCD TVs will be able to do 'proper' 24Hz display without any complex 'faking it' calculations, and there are a surprising number of these on the cards for release soon from LG, Sony (D3000 series), Toshiba (X series), Philips, etc, etc. A summary of 'new release' announcements for 120Hz LCD TVs can be viewed via EngadgetHD, if that is any help.


  7. Is the country of origin visible anywhere on the outer packing/box itself?

    Yes. The country of manufacture is visible on a white postcard-sized sticker on one 'end' of the box, towards the bottom.

    I bought an early 46" which is a chinise build. It started with clouding which settled a bit with calibration but is not visable now having watched 100 - 200 hrs of viewing. Over in the US forum they had the same experinece of clouding fading with time.

    As to the VGA issue, I have a Mac Pro hooked up via vga and it runs at 1080p. My guess is that it is more of a unique problem for the Xbox 360.

    Yay, very glad to hear that clouding seems to fade with time! My Malaysian-manufactured set has clouding and even though it isn't too bad, I do still need to turn down the backlight to avoid noticing it.

    I don't think the VGA issue is Xbox360-specific. I have my 46" hooked up to an HTPC via VGA and it won't display 1920x1080 and has the same symptoms as the Xbox360 VGA issue. Hooking it up to another PC works OK. After lots of testing, I'm fairly convinced the issue relates to the TV requiring a higher sync signal than some devices are capable of producing (notably including the Xbox360). The TV can't continuously detect the sync, so turns itself off and assumes that there's no signal from that source. The PCs (and Mac Pro's etc) that are working via VGA at FullHD res have graphics cards that send a higher-powered signal. This theory also explains why the KVM trick works - the KVM switch acts as a signal-booster.


  8. Have u tried updating ur drivers on the HTPC? I noticed in the other long thread that some ppl had issues with the 1080p on their comps, but upgrading the drivers made them run fine. Although they were Nvidia cards, but still worth a shot...

    Hi sunny812,

    Thanks for your reply - I've been following your progress on this and the Xbox forums. Yes, I've updated the drivers, and this is a fresh Vista build. Plus this doesn't seem to be a '1080p problem', more a '1080p with the Samsung M81 problem', as the HTPC shows 1080p fine on other monitors and TVs (darn it). Thanks for the thought, though!


  9. For those with the vga problem, is ur set made in china or malaysia? I think that might have something to do with some ppl being able to run it fine and others not...

    Just to add another wrinkle to the 1080 over VGA issue, I get the same issue with my new Samsung M81 when connected to my HTPC that has an on-motherboard Intel GMA950 graphics. If I connect the TV using same cables to a different PC, one with a fairly generic Nvidia graphics card in it, the TV works fine. If I connect the HTPC via a powered KVM switch to the TV, the HTPC can be displayed on the TV after a reboot (note that it won't work just by plugging the cable in when already on, strangely).

    For those keeping score at home, my Samsung M81 is made in Malaysia.

    Based on this, I get the impression that it could be a "not enough juice" coming out the 360 VGA port (and also my Intel GMA950 VGA port) for some of these TVs to be able to sync to the VGA signal. (That doesn't excuse the TV manufacturers' designs and builds, just a possible explanation for why.)



  10. Hi all,

    I've been reading this thread from the beginning, as it was started at the same time that I was considering buying one of the M81's. I was going to hold off a little longer before buying, but then I was offered one through a friend a couple of days ago who was able to get a really good deal on a 46" for me. I was aware of the potential 'gotchas' with this model, but they seemed to be being sorted, and also not everyone seemed to have the problems. Since I really loved the PQ and design of this set, I took the plunge and picked it up tonight. Unfortunately, after checking it out, I'm disappointed to find that this set does seem to have the problems that have been discussed by people here (since I checked all those things asap).

    1. There is some heavy clouding in 3 main areas and splotches in a couple more. I figured I knew how to deal with that, so I checked the backlight level and sure enough it was set to '10', so I knocked it back to 4 and it has helped, but at the cost of losing some punch to the image (which I guess is to be expected, but I'm disappointed to have to sacrifice some PQ to 'work around' what I would class a manufacturing fault). I can also still see the clouding when viewing the set from an angle (anything past about 45deg from front-on).

    2. I then found that my media centre PC couldn't display 1920x1080 over VGA (this is the only video out it has). Actually, it couldn't display anything higher than 1024x768. After a few seconds the screen would go into a power save mode. The infamous "Xbox 360 not displaying 1080p over VGA" came immediately to mind, and this time not even on a 360? So I tried a different VGA cable, one that I knew worked at 1920x1200 on a Dell monitor, but no good. I tried another PC on the M81 and that DID work at 1920x1080. Weird, since my HTPC and cables have successfully driven 4 other HDTV's at 1920x1080 and higher with no problems. One way to be sure, I thought: connect in a KVM switch which a couple of people had reported success with. Sure enough, that worked and my HTPC now runs at 1920x1080 via VGA through a KVM switch. In case others want to try this, the graphics card on my HTPC is an on-motherboard Intel GMA 950. From my results, I'm now convinced that the M81 requires more 'juice' in the VGA signal than some PCs (and most Xbox360's I guess) normally send out.

    3. The big issue, and one that I haven't heard of before, is a series of random, intermittent flickering horizontal lines that are each a single pixel in height, extending from the right-hand screen edge towards the centre for about 5". The length of them is 1/8 of the screen width, if that means anything. They are clearly visible if that portion of the screen is displaying plain black or white, and once you've seen them you can then see them when other colours/images are displayed, too. This fault I've got no idea how to deal with. :D I've tried 2 different VGA cables, 2 different PCs, 5 different video resolutions, as well as the S-Video connection from my Xbox (v1) and it's always there. Has anyone else seen this?

    As a point of interest to recent posters, while I haven't been able to get into the system menu to determine firmware version yet, the rear sticker says this unit was made in Malaysia.

    OK, so a ridiculously long post (apologies for the therapeutic venting, all) :blink: , but now I'm wondering if everyone else is putting up with these issues, or have I simply been unlucky with this set and it should be returned for a 'fresh' one that should perform better? The PQ is great on this, certainly miles better than the Sony X series I've auditioned, but I definitely expected a bit better in the build-quality dept.

    Any and all feedback gratefully received at this point!


  11. Gotta love that Buffy (been reading the comics Wheldon is writting that continues the series). Current 7 season box set is $300 at EasyDVD. But that's up to you. :D

    I'm in the same quandary as Michaela but one thing I can chip in on, at the risk of posting briefly off-topic, is the Buffy collection info. As a fellow Buffy fan, I can vouch that the US version is better and cheaper than the Aus/NZ one, so save $100 and get an extra disc (*40* discs of Buffy goodness!) with special bonus material from The Man (Joss). Please don't say you're going to watch Buffy on VHS on a 50" plasma ... PLEASE! :P

    Back on-topic, if that's a favourite show, then you're going to need a TV that can do blacks and shadow detail well, so my 2c would be for a good plasma. From my current research into this, parallel to your own, it seems you can't go wrong with Panasonic or Samsung, its just finding one for a price you like! :blink:


  12. Hi all, sorry for arriving late to the party - I've been looking at full-HD Samsung LCDs and have only just now been convinced by a friend to consider the new plasmas! :blink:

    So, as part of my research, I discovered these flash new 'PZ' full-HD plasmas from Panasonic, apparently the first 42" plasma with a 1920x1080 resolution! Noice.

    Now, I'm in NZ and I called Panasonic here to find out when they're arriving and I have to say that they were really helpful. I was a little surprised by the info, though, so thought I'd share it with you good folks to see if you thought it sounded right. This is what I learned:

    - Panasonic NZ currently has no plans to bring in the PZ series that you discuss here

    - Instead, the TH-42PV700 and TH-50PV700 will be arriving in the first week of August 2007

    - The TH-42PV700 has a native resolution of 1920x1080

    - The TH-42PV700 will have an RRP of NZD3699.99

    Now since we don't get TVs in NZ with HD tuners in them (we've only just got digital TV down here, and currently it's satellite-only until next year) I'm assuming that the PV models are the same as the PZ models (because the PZ models were the first 42" with 1920x1080), just without the HD tuners - would people here agree? Or is that a dangerous assumption? I'm also surprised by the low RRP - does NZD3700 sound right with what you're expecting the PZ series to go for in Australia?


  13. Yeah the F71 is what I was talking about. Don't remember reading about it ever being possible to upgrade yourself officially. i.e. someone got a hold of the CD and cable was easily obtainable and people started doing it themselves without the the blessing of Samsung (i.e. your first link). Some of that other link tend to suggest Samsung weren't really "into" providing the upgrade.

    My bad - I posted link to header page by mistake. It was actually about page 126 that someone mentioned Samsung was beginning to officially send it out to people.

    Hey I've got no problem doing it myself. Depends how fail safe the process is. They have no control over what the user is upgrading with. What happens if the power goes out while upgrading? Or a dodgy serial port on the customers PC/laptop. If something bad happens then it makes life difficult for them.

    Agreed. Working in their favour, though, is that people who ask for cable/firmware to be sent to them will likely be comfortable carrying out this sort of work, and be aware of the risks and safeguards since they have a bit of technical nouse. In my experience, people who aren't comfortable but still want the upgrade will either 'phone a friend' or ask for a tech site-visit. My logic could be faulty, but there you go.

    I must say that I'm impressed by Samsung for offering this - they seem to have made options available depending on how urgently people want the fix (DIY probably faster than getting a site visit). I call that good customer service. :blink: I'm still considering which brand to buy at present (M81 on shortlist), but this sort of service and functionality is definitely a tick in the Samsung column for me!

    That was all in the UK, though - just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Samsung offered the DIY firmware upgrade option to Aus/NZ customers?


  14. They did do a firmware upgrade to add the Just Scan to one of the inputs on the previous model. Had to get a technician out to do the upgrade though.

    Hi, if it is the F71 series you're referring to, I believe the firmware to get JustScan was user-upgradeable. Refer here and then you can get the necessary cable from eBay. Alternatively, there's talk on UK's AVForums site that Samsung (Samsung UK, but would assume Samsung Australia, too) will send out a cable and CD of the firmware if you call and ask them for it.



  15. Mini Review of 40 Inch LA40M81BDX

    Dude. You are so Da Man. Thank you so much for this - this is exactly the sort of stuff I'm after (the units are still a week or so away from being available in NZ). I believe we aren't getting the BDX units but BX ones instead (which is a shame as we miss out on the HD tuner, and just when we've had our very first digital stations launched last week!) but otherwise the specs should be the same. So everyone's thoughts on these are really appreciated.

    Really looking forward to your part 2 on pixel lag, dropped frames and colour calibration!

    Thanks again!


  16. Hi Charlie, Can't say too much here

    Roger that and 10-4... :blink:

    Do not buy 42" schaubs.

    My experience with both my SL panels has been bitter sweet. extremely beautifull picture, but the technology behind it lets it down.

    Good value for money at the time, but the x series has come down dramatically since the 6 months ago I bought the SL, so i'll be taking the sony.

    Many thanks, Gazzz - that's exactly what I wanted to know. Your experience matches those of the people I know personally with the SLs here. Which means the flaws in the product are almost certainly more fundamental than 'just a bad couple of units'. And that's indeed a shame, because as you say, the picture is better than a lot of others and the features seem to be very good by comparison.

    So I'm now down to the Sony X and the Samsung M81. The Samsung thread on this forum is going off - there's a lot of happy people over there. Might be worth your while taking a peek at one, Gazzz, if your new purchase isn't finalised?

    Thank you again for your time and honest opinion - HUGELY appreciated!


  17. Side by side playing the same thing is always the best :P Had to call around a lot before I found a store which had the Sony X and Samsung M side by side. I brought Matrix and Lord of the Rings DVDs... (You should be familiar with the lovely lord of the rings backdrops from NZ :P) and tried them on both. I couldn't really tell them apart, they both looked awesome to me...

    My M81 is coming in tmr and I only have DVDs.. and will be playing DIVx's from my laptop... Let me know what tests you want me to do and I'll do my best to get you some answers...

    Many thanks, supacheap1 - that's very kind! If you'd be able to compare sideways panning movement (especially in fast-action scenes) from your laptop xvid's/divx's with that of the internal laptop screen for jerkiness and possible dropped frames (just your impression, don't need any scientific analysis here), that would be great. I recommend toggling the internal laptop screen off when watching the external TV display (clone mode off), as that usually stresses gfx cards too much and results in frame-loss. If you want to really give it a workout and you've got a broadband connection, you could also try some of the hi-def demo downloads!

    Yes, I used to live nearby to some of the LotR shooting locations, amazing job they did! If you like the movies as much as me, you'll no doubt be hanging out for the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray versions coming early next year - have you seen this HD broadcast vs DVD comparison? :blink:

    But was the DVD being upscaled to 1080?.....did you see if the DVD player was connected via HDMI?

    Hi PanaSung. Well, I demo'd the Sony X in one of the "official" Sony Stores here in Auckland. Which means that the X was connected to a PS3 (of course!), which can't do DVD up-scaling at present (upgrade apparently in pipeline). So I'm reasonably confident there was no up-scaling being done, except by the TV. PS3 was connected via HDMI. We compared the same scene in xXx (the Vin Diesel motorbike scene) on Blu-Ray and DVD, and DVD suffered from upscaling problems, while the Blu-Ray looked much better but didn't appear overly smooth with fast motion, IMHO. But hey, it could always be the movie transfer at fault, or me having a 'bad eye' day - I'm open to possibilities! :D Which is why I'm interested in other's thoughts about the smoothness and upscaling abilities of the Samsung vs the Bravia X.


  18. Hi all, greetings from NZ. I've been reading this thread with great interest as the Samsung M 40" is on my short list - its due for release here in NZ in the next week or so. From speaking with Samsung distributors here, though, the RRP for the 40" is 5999 and the 46" is 6999! This is compared to the Sony X 40" of 6999 and the 46" of 8999. Maybe these big numbers are because we don't yet have a JB over here?! (Rumours are we could be getting one by the end of this year, though.) Maybe if there are any other NZ readers we should also start one of the 'bulk buys' like someone had the great idea of starting previously in this thread (if any takers, I'm in Auckland!).

    I auditioned the Sony X 40" here this weekend, while I wait for the Samsung M to be released, and while I was very impressed with its PQ, colour and viewing angle, I thought its up-scaling abilities from a DVD source were very poor. So I have to agree with Owen's comment (especially as he seems to know what he's talking about!) :

    Most displays look good with pristine source, it’s the ones that also do well with ordinary source that are exceptional.

    With that in mind, can any of the lucky Samsung purchasers over there give some feedback as to how their Samsung M81s perform when up-scaling a DVD source, or even a lower resolution source? Or are you all using your DVD/media centre/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD players to do the up-scaling? And does anyone have any other thoughts on direct comparisons between the Sony X and Samsung M, particularly colour and panning movement smoothness?

    Any thoughts would really help with reducing my short-list - many thanks, all!


  19. Roger that, Gazzz. Having just auditioned the Sony X 46" this weekend, I wouldn't have thought you'd be disappointed at all with that choice! Especially if you're using a PC to upscale most of your source material onto it.

    So that's both Gazzz and dwhardy who are changing to the Sony X. Could I trouble you guys to let us know your thoughts on your new Sony's, since you've had some fairly 'in depth' experience with your SL models? It'd be really good to know how you both think they compare.

    Currently, the Sony X 40" is going for 6999 (the 46" is 8999) here in NZ, which is a bit of a stretch for my budget, but Farmers has been selling them at 20%-off for the last couple of days, which makes them just within my reach. Of course, at this price they're sprinting out the door, but I'm not too worried, as if they're that popular they're bound to get another load in! Just spotted the thread on Sony X prices on this forum - wow, sounds like much better pricing over there than here, darn it.


  20. Hi all, and thank you so much for your replies - things are slowly becoming clearer now thanks to your thoughts and suggestions.

    @Phantoma: That's a good idea, I hadn't thought of that. I'm just not sure of the etiquette in that situation - is that an OK thing for a 'new' member to do?

    @agent86 (Mr Smart?!): That is an excellent suggestion to buy from a specialist store, as it sounds like both you and Gazzz have received really impressive 'above and beyond' service from your retailers (much more-so than I can imagine receiving from our generalist stores here in NZ). So I guess that's a strike against my buying a 'mainstream' product like Sony, Samsung, etc, as they generally aren't sold through specialist stores here.

    @Gazzz: Wow, sounds like you're almost considering wallpapering with large LCDs! Makes me think of the picture walls in 'Total Recall' - very nice. :D I've heard rumours we are finally getting a JB Hifi here towards the end of this year, so hopefully that'll give some competition to get panels down to the prices you mention over there! But that's a serious concern with clouding happening post burn-in, and pixel deterioration developing so quickly. 5-year warranty is really excellent, though. Yes, I'll be driving it from Vista MCE mainly at this stage; the new machine I'm building will have HDMI out, and you've hit the nail on the head re the Samsung: its 1:1 'just scan' mode is what I'm hoping will give great 1080p with no overscan issues. Glad to hear I'm looking at the right models if you're considering them as well. Will you be asking for a refund for your current SL, do you think?

    @dwhardy: Very happy to hear you're being looked after so well by your reseller, too. And the Sony KDL-40X2000 is the other TV on my shortlist! I actually auditioned it today and I was more impressed than I thought I would be. Its wide viewing angle was stunning, apparently this is to do with the new S-PVA panel (also in the Samsung M81 by all accounts). Would you mind popping back here when it arrives to share your initial thoughts on how it compares to your 'old' SL? That would be wonderful to hear.

    I must say that at this early stage (barring someone saying they've had a 'perfect' SL), all your experiences are echoing what I've heard here in NZ - I have 2 friends who have had 4 SL failures between them in 8 months. Three were similar to agent86's original fault and another was complete panel sync circuitry failure after about 30 minutes of operation (so you could only watch half-hour shows if you timed it juuuuust right...!). Both friends have been looked after extremely well by the reseller (specialist store!) and importer, but everybody loses if the brand isn't reliable quality, is my thinking.

    I don't generally have much luck with lotteries, and its starting to sound like the SL units are a bit of a wildcard, in spite of their excellent PQ and up-scaling logic (upscaling a lo-res source is something the SL's do much better than the Sony X, I feel, though the Sony is wonderful if you can give it a hi-res feed). Plus I think the SL's only have a 3-year warranty here in NZ. :blink:

    I still have a bit of time as the Samsungs aren't released here for another week and I want to see them 'live' before I make any final decision, so if anyone has any more thoughts, I'm all ears.

    Thanks again to everyone for sharing their time and experiences - its a really big help!


  21. Hi all,

    I realise this is an old thread, but hopefully somebody is still around! :blink: I have a question for the Schaub Lorenz PHF Mk I/II (i.e. 1080i/p) owners (Gazzz, jesse, dwhardy, and others), if I may.

    I'm considering getting one of these, and I've also been reading some positive things about the new Samsung 'M' series (LE40M81 in Aus/NZ, LE40M87 in UK), but unfortunately no stores here in NZ seem to stock both brands for easy comparison and the new Samsungs are thin on the ground at present. So I'm wondering if any of the new-model Schaub owners had an opportunity to audition their Schaubs vs other brands (particularly Samsung) for picture quality? My sources will be analog TV, digital TV and hi-def content from Media Centre PC primarily, with an HD-DVD in the future some-when.

    If anyone has any thoughts on the PQ aspect of Schaub Lorenz TVs vs other brands, their opinion would be very welcome at this point!

    Many thanks!


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