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  1. had the game for almost a week , single player is fantastic one of the levels is a copy of one of the levels in original xbox game black arrow , you know the shower scene , the shower scene from the movie the rock
  2. can some one please explain wat the 3rd disc digital dvd is ?
  3. PPS. Monsters Inc is on sale at Amazon.co.uk (2 for 1) so no excuses not to order today ! just made order for monsters inc and chicken little $40 au a bus life is a bit pricey , going to wait for a good deal form amazon us
  4. does any one know when monsrers inc and a bugs life will be released in oz are they region and work on ps3 cheers
  5. i got my tannoys from hitek in high st cobourg , i think thats the adress
  6. ok seems the official ps3 head set is the go , but i have read theWow, I've read the Logitech Vantage is pretty good too
  7. going to buy a head set for online gaming , what headset is the best to use , and where is the cheapest place to buy it from cheers
  8. iam after cod 4 ps3 , does anyone know if it is on sale and the best price going around cheers
  9. does anyone know if any stores r selling iron man bd yet , or do i have to wait untill next thursday , dam it
  10. whos better , the hut or dvd uk wat r the delivery prices for dvd uk to aus cheers
  11. is anyone wanting to sell i robot bd or know where the best place to buy a copy from that will play on oz ps3 cheers
  12. will uk dark city and uk i robot work on my aus ps3 ??? wheres the best uk site to buy from cheers
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