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  1. Hi guys, I bought a 50v10 about a year ago and about 3 months in the black levels definitely dropped. I remember watching Resident Hill when it happened and struggled to make out things in some of the darker scenes, and after that watching in a dark room was definitely very slightly but noticeably lighter. But also from then on was a faint but noticeably lighter grey strip along the top and bottom about half an inch high. Will need to turn out the lights probably to make it out in this photo, I will try and take some better ones.. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/638/67257794.jpg/ Then on the weekend watched a boxing dvd and the lines ropes where visible though the fighters throughout the fight. And then watching fta a commercial with something in the middle on a blank lime green background it had lots of horizontal lines on it, this made my 2k top of the range 50v10 look like a $200 Aldi POS. I have read that is horizontal line bleed, but found it very difficult to replicate and never as severe as that to photograph. The dvd was very old though being the Muhammad Ali v George Frasier fight. Not sure if this is something which occurs over time or not, but I never noticed it before. I would really appreciate any advice please on whether either of these are warranty faults? Another issue is my 1 year warranty runs out on Monday and the "product is found to be faulty within the warranty period" has me a bit worried. Not ideal but Dad has been extremely ill and I have been away from home for a month. Thank you. Cheers, Lik
  2. Thanks to kulfi for the headsup if still in the market Brent JB has it for $888 now.. http://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-lcd-led-plasma...a-tv-sku-52338/
  3. Thanks again, saw this in the mail but 50g was overkill and didn't know their were other plans. This would have been perfect! But no Optus cable in Nerang or ADSL at their exchange Plus not kidding about the usage charges.. have a guess how much if you go over... $150.. per Gig!! http://bc.whirlpool.net.au/bc/isp-3-3/optu...-dsl-direct.htm So the ol fine print catch very cheap but get carried away say first month with new ADSL and HUGE bill Sorry for OT but thanks Cheers Ed: Also gotta add always thought Optus had always missed a massive opportunity to be a real competitor against Telstra's renowned piss poor everything, but nothing has changed.. I couldn't find the Order Now button anywhere (but has a Login In button on the special deal pages??) to check online for service coverage and so called the 1800 number who had couldn't find their address and I had to tell them from the info I got with WP broadband choice what was available.
  4. Yeah I would, but is for the 80yo folks and 50 is pretty huge for their room and space is only 107cm and the 42" is 103cm. Had a look online and is $888.. bargain! That gives me something to work with, thanks.
  5. Hi guys, What's a good price for the Samsung ps42c541? Read at whirlpool around $700 and HN were selling them for $747 a couple of months ago (are 899 now and Exeltek have them $749 - here)? If anyone has a receipt they could please post that would be great. I was originally looking at lcd for the folks, then found out Dads infrared headphones means he closes the blinds anyway. Gonna have a look today if possible and hoping the "Clear Image Panel a film filter instead of a conventional glass" reduces reflections a bit as the lower model Pana's we looked at yesterday were like a mirror. Thanks alot
  6. Tbh we'd been thinking that from the start but they kept saying.. No no no
  7. Hey, Took duster's point to heart and bro and I will will pitch in half to get them a 40", that will just fit. Looks like the Samsung LA40C550 might fit the bill? Only 50Hz but with their favourite shows being Antiques Roadshow and New Tricks & Midsummer Murders, and have never rented a dvd, I don't think they will notice? Seen it online for $978 at Exeltek. What do you reckon? Thanks, Lik
  8. Thanks alot Peter A dual tuner could be handy for that point because they do get confused enough as it is having to change channels/remotes for video/tv/stb etc. Nup still on dial-up, another thing I have to got setup.. recently discovered there ~130+ a month phone bill!! So looking for decent adsl1+telephony plan Cheers
  9. Aahhhh YEP! Totally agree Dunno about sending a MIL or my folks for that matter in relying on the nice trustworthy salesman to sell her what she needs I told my folks after researching here to not buy a cheap STB but maybe give their local TV guy a call who had just degauzzed their set (who I got the impression did jobs for the village they are in) and ask what he would recommend given their tv, location/aerial etc and they said they would but didn't and went and bought cheap one and had no end of problems.. and of course this is my fault. Any more recommendations please? Exactly what I need to go with their new TV (USB recording would be sweet but not on models in their price range) a reliable easy to use single tuner stereo only PVR.. pretty much a VCR replacement? Was told maybe the Beyonwiz Lite but too expensive and features they will never use, and people in this thread saying it still will be confusing. Remotes are an issue for my folks too, STB one was woeful cheap crap plastic and had to point it directly at the box, VCR they got one with only a few BIG buttons only to get it home and the top folded open to reveal 20 or so tiny buttons inside. Also fun trying to explain why the play button is always a green arrow etc Thanks alot
  10. Hi, After something very, very simple & easy to use and reliable for the 80 yo folks.. basically a stereo VCR replacement to record the odd show? Thanks alot, Lik
  11. Thanks yeah thought it might be something like that. They mainly tape abc now and then for some english crime shows.
  12. Thank you very much, def given me something to think about, will take the folks to have a butchers tomorrow, might be able to get a cheap DS PVR as well for the same total as the others? Coz they made some mumblings about spending alot on a tellie tonight after my last post. Ed: Scratch the PVR, so long as the ol VCR can still do the trick and looks ok thru the lcd should be sweet. My folks are 72 & 85 so probably pic quality is not a real big issue anyway Probably made a fool of myself saying I wouldn't ever consider the Kogan or Vivo and then say I'll have a look at the even cheaper DS home brand. lol. But I guess it really comes down to what the folks are happy with and can afford. Cheers
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