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  1. Lessons learned over the past few years...... the BF sales have been pretty poor... and best to wait locally. Otherwise - see whom has the specialty title sales (eg Arrow, Kino, TT etc) Given the amount that i've grabbed in the past two months (too many !) i might be passing this BF
  2. These !! From one of the worst movies of all time ! 1D characters.
  3. There is no local version of this (I bought my copy from the US (Best Buy) - and the Blu is locked as per these details http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/La-La-Land-Blu-ray/170885/
  4. thanks Kazz... will install when I put the play on next !!
  5. quick one... did anyone install this Firmware update with a 'hardware region code mod' machine ?? I have forgone updating my Oppo for a while - the message keeps coming on on each boot-up, but I've ignored it for a while now.
  6. a lot of the Amazon UK 'deals' - the 2 for 'whatever' - now have clauses that state that VAT is not removed (* that's the deal - that simply applies for the UK resident and the rest of the world). Yep.. it's in the fine print 5. If this Offer is a fixed price offer (e.g., "Two Blu-ray Titles for £10"), the stated fixed price is payable by you, wherever you are located and irrespective of your VAT registered status. its that last part which applies.... irrespective of your VAT registered status... anyway.... Not sure if anyone cares for eBay deals.... but check out ravewaves-outlet - which is a UK based store.. Example - SPARTACUS - complete 3 seasons Blu - for under $30 delivered. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SPARTACUS-COMPLETE-SLIM-EDITION-Blu-Ray-NEW-/282352632224?hash=item41bd8741a0:g:D-QAAOSw241YmQmv I tend to find a few 'bargains' there - the odd older cheap title...
  7. short answer = NO And some 'answers' on Amazon 'promos' - NOTE that they in most cases do NOT remove VAT for those deals (eg - 2 for 18pds 3D Disney Blu). And if you start 'mixing' deal titles.. well it will always sort the lowest price ones - it's the same as any type of deal - there is no 'logic' in understand 'what' titles YOU want in YOUR deal.. it just finds the cheapest.
  8. (posted this on Whirlpool) Yes – been trying to listen to Laws and it's been like this all week I wasn't aware Gorilla and Zoo were under the same – just been trying these out a few mins ago and encountered the dropouts Edit – just tried here – The Shire and it drops out every few seconds
  9. From Amazon US... zilch for me .... the Aussie Peso isn't the best - and lessons learned are that the B2G1F + 20% is better ..... wait.. patience... and get them when they are cheaper here..... (of course except Criterions and Arrows )
  10. Looks like we can forget about getting the WHOLE SERIES now..... http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/movies/divergent-finale-to-debut-on-tv-with-spinoff-series-after-box-office-flop-20160721-gqau6r.html
  11. opps... I did drag it a bit Off Topic a tad with the Samsung reference. But at least we are chatting There was an article yesterday in the SMH - which had a deceptive title, but has a taste of where the 'future' lies with this format, and others http://www.smh.com.au/technology/gadgets-on-the-go/have-we-given-up-the-fight-for-our-digital-rights-20160617-gpljcx.html the first few words spell it kinda 'out' - the move away from physical media. anyway - it's a wet weather weekend in Sydney - time for media to be played in a player and the projector !! (let's just keep up the chat - there's bugger all happening in this forum of late )
  12. Got to agree with this - it's about selling TVs. SAMSUNG's 3 word slogan - UPGRADE AND DISCOVER - on their SUHD - wow... more acronyms and more slogans Upgrade and Discover...... upgrade from your current HD screen (surely they are in jest - 65" Series 9 Curved (?) for nearly $6000. Who has that amount of $$ to blow on a screen - given that we have had some experience with prices falling rapidly ?? Discover .... what .. more pixels ?? more detail .. more ... look at the pits in Chris Pine's face ?? (Ok.. kidding on that .. unless you get a $K disc of Star Trek and see more of his face). It will be interesting times ahead.......
  13. World Square - where the DVD / Blu / CD section got the shaft - and moved to the naughty corner. Blu takes up the middle isle - whilst DVD take up the wall isle, the surrounding wall, and the wall near the CDs. But then again they had to crame it all in one area. The 4K is a cardboard stand. But you aren't 'addressing' the issues that I have previously noted - how is this product going to grab and share given the current sales, pricing, and limited space ? JB isn't going to expand the section - something has to 'give' - dvd or blu ? Or not at all.
  14. (* just to start - I love having these 'discussions' - however, how anyone wants to spend their $$ is their own business - and that's how we should all treat each other !! But it's great to see threads in which we are chatting and contributing !!) Blu-ray has taken part of the home media market ... part. DVD is still the 'king' - as evident by the number of items on sale in B&M stores. Just look at our market over the past few years, where B&M stores have removed their home media market from their stores... gone.... Myer... David Jones....Dick Smith (gone entirely)... barely surviving in BigW or Target or Kmart. Don't get me started with inSanity and their insistence in removing the disc from the cover and putting hundreds of covers on display !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That leaves JB as the main supplier of discs. Just take a gander on 'how' JB stores have been changing and evolving over the past few years. See what product lines that they have been taking on board, and what space is being increased or reduced. They have greatly increased the number of products, getting into laptops, phones, speakers.. and reduced the space on media. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is the reality in JB ... and becoming more so with JB Home. Where is JB getting its sales and profits from ?? Gee... how much space does Apple need ... opps... there's the profit centre / space in JB !!! (and yes, Apple does support them in getting that much space in store) I'm looking at a rather lot of Blu discs here on my shelves - I wont be buying into 4K for a long long long time. Hell, why should I when Blu prices locally can be grabbed quite cheaply. Why not ? : I have a 3D Epson projector - getting about 100in viewing on a lounge wall. Watching the new Blu edition of 'Independence Day' the other night - I really can't 'see' anything else in the detail (which by the way is quite good !!) that I really wish to see more off. Key word here : detail. I don't need further contrast. I can watch some of the animated films, like Minions, and there's plenty of detail. I have a 60inch Samsung Plasma - and I cannot stand LCD screens; their 'plastic' image looks, the almost fake 'sheen' that seems to come from these screens. I was recently looking at Life of Pi on a 4K screen - and thought... wow.... that just looks like too much contrast, and too 'fake' looking - I don't need the brightness. Added - I love my 3D blu discs - and there is nothing on the horizon on 4K for that. Average Joe... what does he think, and what is he/she buying ?? Don't you just love it when you are lining up in a JB cash register area, and see people with DVDs in hand, ready to purchase, and note that there is probably a cheaper Blu available (more so when they have their JB deals ??) - what's everyone reaction ??? Why are the distributors still persisting with DVDs ?? For example - the biggest title for a long long time... STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS. Wouldn't you 'think' that Disney could have just gone about and release this title solely on Blu just to say to consumers that this format is the 'best' current format to watch this movie on, and not on DVD.............yeah... 'dream on' !!! Why aren't consumers buying a title like this on Blu - why do B&M stores maintain the DVD on their stands as the dominate product ?? And as noted - with the impending GST increase on imports next year (bastard Liberals !!) - that's going to add another 10% to Amazon prices + shipping - plus the usual impending Dollar price drop that some people have been predicting - will the few 4K buyers still buy them ... or should we just call them $K. ??? Added - why are 4K discs without extras ?? Do we honestly think that distributors are going to keep supplying the Blu discs with the release - they did that with DVD for a while.... but locally that got killed off. How are the local distributors going to go the 'extra mile' with 4K - given their past experience with Blu-ray ?? How are they going to get consumers to buy ???
  15. It's simple : just check out the latest JB Hifi printed brochure - dated Wed 8 June - - then check out the movie / TV section - and NOTE that there are prices for DVDs - and no mention of Blu prices. Have a real think about it - JB aren't proactively advertising Blu prices - because they are DEARER. (let's save the discussion on those people that only buy when they are on discount) And suddenly.... consumers need to wait for a new player ?? and higher prices ?? Gee.... if consumers aren't buying cheap Blu players (yep - you can pick up a Samsung Blu player for $98) then are you expecting them to rush our for a $598 4K one ?? What is the driver going to be ?? Come on - I think most of us here are of an 'age; that we have seen the home theatre / media market for the past 30 years - and we can more or less predict what will happen. 4K is a sub market inside the Blu market - consumers aren't going to go from DVD to 4K. Bit like DVD Audio - what ever happened to that ?? And what is in it for JB ?? It's just another product line - 'they' wont be discounting the 4K discs - it will be the distributors (eg Sony) whom will have to take the 'bite' out of the price. Then... Sony will need to evaluate what the sales numbers are, compared to DVD and Blu. If the local distributors aren't making as much on 4K ... and there is only JB and maybe inSanity selling them - then how is the market going to 'expand' ??... where are the sales going to come from ?? We look at this new product with 'rosy glasses' - reality is that it there are not many products available to consumers in so many different forms. You buy a book - printed or digital - you don't buy the special edition, the low definition book, the high definition book, or the even better edition book... it's the same with music - CD or digital. The movie studios are thinking that consumers are cash cows on each different format. And then there is streaming ..... who knows what the current impact that is having on older catalog titles ??? Sure - I double dipped on Independence Day (on the wicked Wednesday) but how many other consumers would upgrade the same time from DVD or an older Blu ?? not many. it is going to be a tough sell ! anyone else care to evaluate how this market will develop on 4K discs ???
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