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    Am Reception

    Okay sorry everyone. Location is marrickville sydney. ALL stations have a whirring humming noise.You can still listen but very annoying. House is timber frame and weatherboard. Roof is metal. Garage is built the same. Antenna on tuner is a loop antenna. It is a plastic frame with a rectangular shape about 120mm x 90mm. Pretty standard. Wireless devices I have are jaycar video transmitter, several cordless dect phones. I have a wireless router with wireless disabled but i do notice when i tried it that several other wireless networks are in my viscinity (neighbours) Radios affected. Panasonic home theatre amplifier. clock radios in bedroom. sony 'ghetto blaster' Car radio in car whilst in garage.
  2. Why would it be that I get poor AM reception on every single radio in or near my house. Even my car radio has bad AM intil i drive out of the garage. My main tuner in the house has a proper am antenna and it's still really poor. Is it all the electrical appliences or all the wireless phones and things interfering? And yeah I know I should be listening to FM but they don't have football.
  3. If I connect a dvd player to a tv with hdmi. Then optical audio out of tv to amplifier, do I need to actually connect dvd to amp via 2nd optical cable.
  4. Reporting back that a small piece of electrical tape covering pin 8 on the scart cable has indeed solved this. Thanks! You're a legend. I hope that somebody somewhere does a search for this problem Cheers
  5. Great explaation. I might even connect TV to foxtel with scart- composite to confirm this. Have to work out a way of disabling pin 8 without destroying it. I'll let you know what happens.
  6. Thanks. Thought so. Didn't know the svideo thing
  7. When you set the foxtel box for yuv component and use a component cable to the tv what exactly does the 2nd scart output?
  8. I have this config Config A1rS1 - Panasonic DMR-EX75 1. Foxtel's (tv)Scart output >---(Scart to Component & Audio cable)---> TV's Component & Audio inputs 2. Foxtel's (video)Scart <---(Scart to Scart cable)----> DVD Recorder's Scart (using Composite)(AV2 Panasonic) 3. DVD Recorder's HDMI output >---(HDMI cable)---> TV's HDMI input So I watch foxtel on the tv's component1 and dvd on hdmi When I use the DVD but switch the tv over to foxtel (Component1) there is "NO SIGNAL' . If i press stop on the dvd the signal returns. How/why does this happen? You might be wondering why I would watch a dvd and switch channels, theres numerous reasons but one simple one is that if you do a normal speed copy from HDD to DVD it displays it onscreen and my foxtel component1 on the tv gets no signal. If I unplug the scart from the panasonic which is supposed to be input only, foxtel signal returns.
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