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  1. and that's not a personal attack?? sarcasm will get you everywhere, so you know what Bitey, I give up - you win - I'm gone
  2. that hasn't happened already ?? I wasn't the one making personal attacks on people was I?? OK maybe a few liberal politicians, but I think you and I at least agree they deserve it..
  3. I kind of think the line between PCs and HT is getting a little blurred (as so many people are doing HTPC these days) - you have a digital tuner card sub forum - what's the pont of that alone (OK I know it has network media players as well). I've been to other forums and frankly I get better responses form here - take my little NAS project for example. Why would you let me discuss that here, because it's related to HT... Can we stay on topic on this one please? If you want to discuss a trading forum post elsewhere - and Mr Bitey can you stop the personal attacks, I'm beginning to get a bit paranoid..
  4. The CFO has filled the HDD (almost) and wasn't that impressed when she found DVDs only take 2 or 3 programs... so I volunteered to transfer some of her recordings to PC via the USB. But, unable to synch between the 550H-s and the PC - Windows MP gives msg "WMP can not modfy synch settings at this time". From M$ web site looks like it may be blocking my attempts to copy stuff off the Pio for licensing reasons?? Anyone have any suggestions/solutions?
  5. why go somewhere else... can we expand this then...
  6. anyone have any problems with scratched disc on the SE??
  7. uncalibrated 50MXE20 better than most 1080p's around now IMHO Lyle.. calibration coming up real soon now..
  8. Interested in the PRO-150FD - not 100% sure if that's the LX608 model here, yes I'll keep searching the threads..
  9. So this is my latest "spec" for this NAS.. case: Lian Li PC2000A Plus II http://www.lian-li.com/product/product06.p...ex=6&type=a this has at least 18 HDD bays (12 3.5 and 7 5.25) - lots of fans with this as well, but also those HDD coolers listed before sata controller: http://www.auspcmarket.com.au/index.php?re...egory_id%5d=245 2 of these, these are 8 channel, what I'm really looking for though is a plain 16 port SATA non raid card, or 8 port, but just doesn seem to exist HDD: 18 x cheapest 1TB available, right now this is: http://www.itestate.com.au/products_detail...code=PD00005042 Power: Corsair HX 620HX http://www.nintek.com.au/x/scripts/prodVie...?idproduct=9030 mobo: Asus P5KR http://au.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=3&...amp;modelmenu=2 not 100% on this, need something that will take 2 PCIe Sata controllers, or 1 if there's a 16 or 24 port, ideally has on board graphics so no other cards needed. If there's a mobo with 16 or more ports that'll do the trick.. cpu: Intel E6500 OS: unix variant as discussed.. (so mobo must be supported) no RAID on this, as I plan on building 2 of the above and hope there's some s/w out there that will effectively RAID 0 the two machines, if not simple backups between will be OK and any HDD failure once fixed then restore will be a complete copy from the backup machine.. On these HDD's I'll only buy 4 at a time, 2 for each machine, probably every 6 to 8 weeks and each pair from 2 different stores/locations (possibly states) to stop issue of bad batches. Plus no point buing 36 of these now even at $350 odd, hopefully in a few months time when I still have half to get they'll have come down in price.
  10. perhaps we should start a club "Pussies for Noynnnnnnnnnnnne " - I mean CATS of course - go the CATS, scratch eddies maggies tonight!!
  11. hmmm, nice to know you can rely on good old NT.. Anyone tried battery backup with link to PC to powerdown properly if battery starts to run low during extended power cut? used to do this on servers I ran a looooong time ago.. is this available for Vista??
  12. I can get "full" sleep mode where it appears no (or very little) power is being used, there are no components running like fans (as for you), but when I take the unit out of sleep, by pressing the PC button on the remote for example, the PC restarts but forgets to turn the screen on.. This happened with both LCD I used to build the unit and with my Pio it's now connected to. The only thing (I know) to do then is press reset, which caused the same problem you have in 2. The video card now also doesn't seem to wake up the PC when it's due to record..
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