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  1. I agree mate, I said outside of the residence , not within...
  2. From 'asking around some learned colleagues', I am advised the copyright Act info provided by Hosko is correct and uness you have authorisation to move the box outside of the residence it was installed in is a criminal offence - not civil at all. although it does also breach your civil contact also.. double whammy. Whether you get caught or not is another question... I'd bet not...but on an ADF base your playing with fire....
  3. Not sure what you're on about but I get ONE SD via Mystar. Could come via northern rivers NSW or brisbane, I dont know or care but I get it and I get it on Mystar Box.
  4. Channel One comes via my Austar Mystar Box. Im on the gold coast tho... so I assume if its availablke in your area, you should get it?
  5. I have had the box for about 4 months now and it works fine 95% of the time. In four months I've had to reset the thing about 4 times, never lost a recording or had a black screen of death I read about on DTV. The only problems I have experience so far are: 1: non responsive f/fwd rwd (ie push f/f and nothing happens, so you push the ff button a few more times, then the thing suddenly catches up and it's gone way past the point I wanted to be) This happened a few times, when I had it installed, but not recently at all; 2: The rewind of live TV dies not work (on 2 occassions). I turn the box off every night and it turns itself back on at some stage during the night; so I leave the box on (say) channel 9 FTA so I can rewind the channel 9 - 6am news at 6-15 when I get up, and no go. I forget it and watch the 6-30 update, go to work and come home to find it's working fine... Other than these annoying glitches, the box works fine. So the drama's I read on this site must surely equate to 'dodgy' batches of Mystar boxes ???one can only assume??
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself Dr P. Why whine and carry on for months about this? If it not up to spec, send it back!!!!!! And that goes for any item you purchase... If they challenge you, you tell them they can either take it back, or you're off to fair trading about it and they can explain it to fair trading.. I cant see how complaining amongst each other on the interweb is going to acheive anything?? PS.. I had it installed 3 weeks ago and I like the thing. It locked up once so far, but that's it.. works fine... but that's me, if yours is a dud, ditch it!
  7. Sounds like crap to me. Who would work for $50 a job LESS? They would get no-one to do the work.......
  8. NOt Mystar related, but I have that high pitched squeal thing occassionally also accompanied by pixelation?? This occurs on digita FTA though. I have to reset my my (POS) Pioneer PVR to fix the problem. Perhaps a signal issue??
  9. Well then I supppose those buying octagon's etc will have a spit when Foxtel prevent this from occurring.... geez..
  10. Since when has Foxtel authorised their cards to be used in a "non-Foxtel" decoder??
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