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  1. And it just happened with Tidal Connect 🤭 And I think I may not use Roon as much as I hoped for with the Connect feature. Just waiting for the Tidal Family controls for Explicit content...Kids stay on Spotify/Google Music for now.
  2. I think the Tidal Connect is better than Spotify or anything out there for MQA + Gapless Darko's done a good job again: https://darko.audio/2020/10/tidal-connect-who-what-why/ Working great on my NAD BlueOS 👍
  3. Used the same model for many years and they did well...sold them recently for slightly higher. These are good buy! GLWTS Am still holding on to the SW 550W Sub.
  4. And I have now adopted Roonland for life as well and keeping BlueOS too. I still haven't figured out if BlueOS or Roon does a good job at figuring out continuous playback based on an artist, genre, mood or something I last played. I note BlueOS was a bit more crisp to my ears vs Roon on the softer side (both connected via Ethernet) especially MQA on Tidal - I definately need to play around I liked that I can control Roon via my BlueOS app for basic navigation (RW, Pause, FW) because my Roon App often fails to find the Roon OS on a dedicated PC.
  5. Here are some more clues to an affordable solution: https://darko.audio/2020/10/15-more-thoughts-on-the-xiaomi-mi-box-s/
  6. On the bench for a Dragonfly Red ......but still contemplating it's worth given I connect my headphones mostly via Bluetooth AptxHD. How much more am I gaining with a wired DAC vs Bluetooth which mind you still sounds great. Mostly listen to Tidal or YT Music.
  7. NAD BlueOS + Tidal .....no issues tonight👍 There were a couple of songs that clipped towards the end some days ago
  8. Was thinking on taking up Roon to hook into my M32 and maybe a M33 later which has Dirac. Would I have to wait? BTW our dollar diped well against the greenback....so a Roon lifetime subscription seems cheeper now
  9. Enjoying The Covideo Sessions https://tidal.com/browse/album/151136308 But enjoyed Chromatica as well.
  10. M33 is getting interesting indeed - Darko says Dirac Live, Phono stage are winners....not sure on what he meant by USB connection was missing as I thought it did have this connection type! https://darko.audio/2020/09/a-short-film-about-the-nad-masters-m33/ Calling it Audio Nirvana 😁 https://www.forbes.com/sites/marksparrow/2020/09/07/nad-reaches-audio-nirvana-with-the-new-m33-masters-streaming-amplifier/#1882347350b7
  11. Our friends in Turkey get a great deal 🤭
  12. You mean SNA family 😃 I am in 🤫
  13. Enjoying my NAD M32 with BlueOS ....cannot flaw it's quality and power so far. But my eye is on the new M33 which brings with it more of the masters along with Purifi Eigentakt™ Hybrid Digital amplifier technology and DIRAC Live. I do hope they offer a special deal for existing Masters owners 🤑 https://nadelectronics.com/product/m33-bluos-streaming-dac-amplifier/ In case you are really interested in their premiere on YouTube in 2 days - or wait for the video later:
  14. And you would have competetion ☺️ GLWTS @Steve27
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