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  1. Enjoying my NAD M32 with BlueOS ....cannot flaw it's quality and power so far. But my eye is on the new M33 which brings with it more of the masters along with Purifi Eigentakt™ Hybrid Digital amplifier technology and DIRAC Live. I do hope they offer a special deal for existing Masters owners 🤑 https://nadelectronics.com/product/m33-bluos-streaming-dac-amplifier/ In case you are really interested in their premiere on YouTube in 2 days - or wait for the video later:
  2. And you would have competetion ☺️ GLWTS @Steve27
  3. https://try.tidal.com/offer/?ref=http%3A%2F%2Finstagram.com%2F&reg=au 3 months of TIDAL for $4* (new customers only)
  4. And so I ended up with SmartSend which was fulfilled by Allied Express - They used road transport and was delivered in less than 48 hours. I paid around $300 (including forklift charges at both ends due to weight and insurance) from Melb to Syd and that was double the quote from e-go which did not have insurance of forkift options. I am happy with the speed and as most here including @GregWormald would agree that the overall service depends on quality of drivers at both ends, storage facilities in-between etc. In this case, a speaker box was wet on one end but I was saved by some good packaging of the speaker itself inside - I will find some time to report this to SmartSend once I finish playing around with the speakers 🙂. Also the driver kept speaker boxes flat down in our front porch and then rang the bell ... walked away without a word - he self signed for the delivery as well 🤔.
  5. Transdirect patched me on to Allied Express and with insurance it came out 15-20% costlier than Pack Send or Smart Send. Thanks @rantan & @Bunno77
  6. Having tried a couple of couriers in the past with limited success. I need another pair of speakers (total 70kgs) moved from Melbourne to Sydney. Recent quotes from e-go (cheapest $), Pack & Send ($$$), Smart Send ($$$), Interparcel (via TNT - road were affordable) - any other recommendations? So far, only PackSend and Smart Send offer Insurance of amounts over 2k.
  7. Found a good old Monster Component cable MV3CV that I'd like to make good use as a RCA L+R input to a Subwoofer? What are you thoughts? will it work...sound alright....or mess up the amp or sub?
  8. Another 3 Months offer for TIDAL HiFi or Deezer HiFi or nugs.net HiFi . Register at Music.com (via Sony) and a code will be emailed in some time. Coupon expires in Dec 2021. Not applicable to existing HiFi subscribers. For example if you are an existing Deezer HiFi subscriber, you can still enjoy nugs.net HiFi or TIDAL HiFi subscription. https://music.com/360RA (Music 360....really ) If you need to move between email accounts : https://soundiiz.com/tutorial/export-tidal-to-text & https://soundiiz.com/tutorial/import-text-to-tidal
  9. Yes...that happened with my account. Clicked on the link a day after it ended (was linked to US time zone I think) and it worked with this offer.
  10. Great little amp.....ample power with this combination. Good luck with the sale.
  11. So these are going at around $2300. How do you compare? PM price is you can.
  12. Nice speakers - I missed the sale when they were as low as $299
  13. Was looking at Node 2i - I think the 'i' adds AirPlay 2 that I am not interested in - did I miss anything else? BTW - on payments; PayID is quick and safe I believe without buyer protection.
  14. Further information: Jamo S606 Speaker Package: 2 x Floor standers (Bi-wire posts) 2 x Surround Speakers 1 x Centre Speaker Have original spikes and manual somewhere in my house. Pick up yourself from Glenwood, NSW or you can organise a courier company to collect it from Glenwood, NSW. Used occasionally only when watching movies as we had another soundbar. Can demo speakers with social distancing in mind. Front grills are available - one Surround speaker grill has small mark of paint overspray - nothing on speakers and they sound great. From somewhere on the internet "This system is all about energy. It's a powerful communicator, fast and well ordered. There is a good sense of integration across the five speakers, although the main speakers do tend toward boom more than the other three. This makes effects-driven passages take on powerful proportions. Diction and articulation, especially from the centre channel, are first rate, although yet again the main speakers have a tendency to 'butch up' dialogue. This is not drastic - it doesn't turn Marilyn Monroe into James Earl Jones - but does add stentorian baritone to some voices, adding even more nauseating self-aggrandisement to Clarkson's voice on re-runs of Top Gear." Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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