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  1. Hiya's, I have a Pioneer DV490V DVD player that has died after a waterfall in my theatre. The insurance company are offering a "like for like" exchange but I can't find a similar item. Any suggestion would be gratefully accepted..DO Pioneer even make DVD players anymore? Cheers, Ian
  2. Well, the end result is they are fronting up for a Epson EH-TW6770W so am almost giddy with happiness.. Cheers all and thanks for the info and advice. Cheers, Ian
  3. Hiya's, first my tale of woe..a overloaded roof downpipe forced water back up an aircon condensation pipe to cause a small waterfall out of the aircon into my small hometheater..unfortunately my HT systems all sit nicely under the aircon. So far the projector and PC are write offs and the amp and dvd player are under assessment. The projector was a Panasonic AX100E. The is a well darkened room and is 6m long, 3.2m wide and 2.4m high..I was getting a screen width of about 4.2m (160ish inches). The insurance policy is a new for old policy and I am on the out look for what a new suitable projector may be..suggestions or thought gratefully received!
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