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  1. Yep, can't say I agree with the Mystar HD being a good product. I've had it since inception, it is slow and seems to get slower by the day. I was advised not to keep my hard drive more than 50% full if I want to avoid this, which I have and it does make a difference, but whats the point if you can only record to half of the drive. You press up on the screen and a 5 or a 7 shows up. I reset every other day. Some days I can get FTA channels, some days I get some, and nearly never get SBS HD. I've stopped phoning Austar because I just don't have the time to spend. When it works it is okay, even good. Pity it is so buggy and the channel selection is not that of Foxtel. Very disappointed about FX, some quality shows coming.
  2. Seriously now, (and this may be the ultimate kiss of death ) and at the risk of offending a certain Jets fan , they cant keep winning.........Manning wont fold under the blitz pressure like Palmer & Rivers (I'm very surprised about Rivers!!!) As for the NFC, who knows, if the Saints play like they did last week and the Vikes played like the did last week we are in for a helluva game, 1 v 2, nice!!!! I'll take it ledge, Indy v Saints, no fairy tale for Favre......
  3. I think we got spoiled last weekend and this weekend we may get more lopsided results, hopefully tomorrow mornings game should be alright but at home San Diego should thump the Jets.
  4. At least I got one....but both losing teams were very poor, especially after the games they had last weekend.
  5. Im taking all the C's Colts v Chargers Cardinals v Cowboys
  6. I got the 6 head.....ouch......I spent nearly 3 weeks wages on that to hook up to my 51cm tele........
  7. Thats cold....... Until my XE1 dies HDDVD is not dead.......
  8. Unbelievable!!! I got my first email today only 3 months after sending initial receipt, now I only have wait another six weeks..........
  9. Fair cop, meant to type "these TV's". I should proof read my posts. I have also read, both here and on other websites, professionals and amateurs praising these televisions with their PQ. Whilst I don't deny the discussion about light bleed and in some instances off axis viewing, my television does not suffer from this. I agree this may have been an issue with earlier LED models, but like plasma issues in their infancy, newer models are addressing this. http://www.smarthouse.com.au/Reviews/TVs_A...U3C7P3J5?page=4 I think this is a good, unbiased, review that mentions some of the issues you raised, written by a professional and still raves about the picture quality, stating "Samsung are currently leading the LED TV market and this model, when released, has a good chance to win over more than just the early adopters as it's vastly superior to most traditional LCD televisions and gives most plasmas a run for their money as well." The Series 8 review is even kinder to Samsung. There is a tendency on these forums to sh*t can these LED TV's for, as in previous threads, some sort of wank factor because they are thin televisions. The picture quality is excellent, thats all I went for.
  10. Owen, a turd is still a turd regardless of strength of light on it. The picture, if only brighter, should still be a dog since they "don’t offer better picture quality than conventional LCD’s". The picture on my TV, as stated in the past in previous posts, once adjusted from standard and with all the motion adjustments off, is great. The downside is that people continue to rag on this TV, whereas the owners, who are not ill informed or just suckers who went for marketing crap, continue to sing its praises. I have no screen uniformity/off axis viewing issues. The upside is that every person who has entered my lounge also loves my television, plasma and LCD owners alike. What is not in the customers interest is making a choice that is wrong for them. So to the OP I say, make sure you shop around, find a picture that you like and that you are happy with. You are the person who will be watching it, you are the person who it matters to, not some person on a forum who has their own likes and dislikes. To those who dont know, I respect Owen's opinion and have previously owned the same rear pro TV for which Owen gave me great advice. I respectfully disagree with not only his but others comments about LED TV.
  11. To create a market, why were all ATM card accounts free when we first got them and most (if not all in some way) attract fees now. If you make things prohibitively expensive at inception it leaves a bad taste in peoples mouth, make them accepting of the change, once a market is built then start making profits. Much like Sony, M$, they do not make money on consoles at the outset, sure some people will pay whatever it costs to have the "latest and greatest" but you would alienate a vast majority if you tried to make money straight up, build a market...... A BD has real value to a video store for about 2 weeks, which is when then can hopefully have it out every night and make maximum dollars, after that the popularity starts to wane and its on to the next best movie. A vehicle like this used to be held by rental companies for 40000km (usually 6-8 months dependant on cars), most vehicles are now kept longer as wholesale prices have decreased. Even so it still retains a larger value than the BR long term, therefore its value does not need to be recouped as quick hence the percentage of its original value for rental is less. What he said
  12. Dont look at it that way, look at it that it is now cheaper to rent DVD, BR is a premium product and as such, it costs more. I remember paying a premium for DVD as an early adopter, BR is not yet mainstream
  13. Am married, do understand.... :lol:
  14. Well its a pain, but if you want to hear with "your speakers" that will be tough, short of having a friend with a new AVR come round and set his/hers up to your speakers you may have to try one of the theater rooms in local stereo shop or chain. I would try local stereo shop and listen. If you have ears, then yes, you will want to upgrade.
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