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  1. This is not a legitimate thread - more in the style of the old OT section which has been closed.
  2. Archiving makes the forum more efficient and faster to load. Topics are automatically archived if the last post to a topic is more than 3 months old (previously 2 months) and is NOT a pinned topic. If there is a particular topic that you want un-archived - send me a message.
  3. The archiving rules have now been amended to exclude the Suggestions area from being archived after 2 months from the last post.
  4. I understand how some may see my comments about a thread about a cheap TV to be elitist. But rather than just promote the size and the price - it would have been helpful for someone to give some assessment of what you get (or don't get) for the money. I'd hate to see the AV Forum being used as a tool to blindly promote the lowest possible price of products being sold by discounters with no assessment as to the capabilities of the product.
  5. Not sure why we have to have a thread devoted to this cheap TV area in the AV Forum - for AV enthusiasts. I presume the OP has not commenced this thread to bait those who believe picture & sound comes at a price (something that is not disputed) or as a 'fanboy' of Aldi TVs. But there are ways for members to respond civilly and with grace. I doubt visitors to the AV Forum would see this thread as endorsement of this particular TV.
  6. Warrick - a nice guy and a big supporter of the AV Forum. He will be sadly missed.
  7. This thread has been cleared of all the OT comments by Mr Robot and Cevolution (and replies by others who attempted to bring the thread back to topic) Mr Robot has been banned (his abuse of the PM facility and continued trolling posts and prior suspensions). Cevolution has been suspended for using a legitimate thread for taking the bait, posting OT posts instead of using the report button.
  8. While the survey question may be OK (re-purposing material that has been legitimately acquired) ... Discussion about the advantages of ripping copyright material is against the forum rules. Best that this thread be closed.
  9. Just a warning that agreeing to purchase a product for the purpose of duplication of licensed material is illegal. So a group buy as being suggested here is not allowed under the AV Forum rules. AV Forum will respond to any copy infringement breach enforcement.
  10. It has been an another interesting year for the AV Forum. After 13 years the community is continuing to grow and provide advice for new members investing in new AV equipment. Thank you to the Commercial Members who continue to financially support this forum and provide our members with the best pricing on new and demo gear. Thank you to the Senior Members for their continued advice for new members and heart-felt support for the AV Forum in a crowded social media world. Thank you to all the New Members who have commenced this year for being prepared to ask that question that needs to be asked and to engage in the discussion that follows. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  11. Apologies to Blade for any hurt caused by the thread closure. It was OT but considering the context I did not delete the thread - trusting members would use the PM to communicate. While there are supporters of the OT area (from both sides of the fence), it was a nightmare to moderate and generated bad blood between senior members and risked de-railing the whole forum (including threats of legal action for defamation of character). OT will not be reopened so no need to debate it in this the HT set-ups section of the forum as, you guessed, it is OT. Thread closed.
  12. Can Yorac/WillGraham/Chopsus leave the moderating to the moderators? If you spot a problem with the commercialistion of a public thread leave do not engage in a debate on the thread.
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