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  1. Greetings. Just got myself one of these yesterday, had a play last night, PQ is OK. From Bluray source it looks quite fine, but HD TV it had a washed out look to it.... I tried to adjust the settings for colour contrast etc but didnt seem to help much. Anyone else's tried tweeking it (say by using the calibration disc) and care to share the settings? Cheers Steve
  2. Hi, has anybody bought a PS50B850 Plasma , care to share how much you bought it for?? So far, the cheapest i have seen is around 3300, but I am hoping to get it for around 3000 - considering extra warranty will cost around 300 bucks anyway.
  3. Last weekend, 3700 from Good Guys Auburn
  4. Man, you just made me very envious, but again, congrats on a fine purchase Can't believe you dont have blu ray!! I have plenty blu rays but no TV, haha (mine's a 3 yr old FULL HD LCD which, in comparison, is really crap by today's standards) I reckon you will be glued to your TV for a while to come
  5. sorry to hear your bad experiences mate. i think it's all depends on the particular individual that you deal with. For my experience, TV aside, I was buying a few big item whitegoods (oven included), and I really have been to every store before coming to Clive, and they beat the competitors prices by 200 bucks (this IS below their cost), and the guy who i dealt with was extremely easy going and no hassles whatsoever. Granted that I have taken delivery yet, so I will see what happens to that next. BTW, i found BingLee had the worse "cost" price, and simply couldnt match with anybody. And I also agree with you on Myer, it was a pleasant surprise for me too, but man, they are very competitive now, good to see some american style management in it.
  6. So..... if the A950 is a really good panel in its own right regardless of the age or lowish 100hz, why has shops stopped selling them? In fact, Samsung is not marketing the 9 series all together! The shops that I have been, some can still get it, one said it's superceded and they can not get them at all anymore.....
  7. As I might be interested in this new series of LG LED backlit LCD TVs, I thought I'd start a new thread about it. Frist up, is an overseas review about it: Clicky which is quite positive. Will post more info such as best prices here as they come available.
  8. Didn't someone at the pricings thread mentioned he's got the A950 for 2700?? which was amazing..... Maybe I'd still go for this model for that price instead of the super duper B8000. Yeah, the LED lighting thingy make the whole experience mor confusing, but I am slowly getting on top of things!
  9. Nope, no luck today. the best I was getting was 3700 from Goodguys, but no extended warranty and no delivery - that's on top of the sales hassling me for which stores gave me quotes, why didnt I buy from other store etc etc.... I will see what happens in the next few weeks when LG releases their LED range. BTW, I found Clive Peters is extremely pleasant to deal with and their prices are very good -- but they don't stock Samsung. This sales is getting back to me next week on the LG pricing. As I don't "need" a TV now, I will contiue to haggle around till someone give me that price - whether it's next week or 2 months later
  10. Good one, mate!! I am still hoping for somewhere around the 3500 though... will post what happens today at the shops.
  11. Welcome and congrats! Hopefully I will be a proud owner after today, hahaha. By the way, though it may be appropriate to post in the "best price" thread, but how much did you pay for it? any significant discount?
  12. Thanks a lot mate! Yeah, it all made sense now, I've been reading up on this for the past hour, and things became clearer... I think the 46B8000 is reall really nice, I am hoping to pick it up for $3500 tomorrow if I can..... By the way for whoever reading this, LG is releasing 2 LED TVs next month, competition is heating up -- good for us!
  13. BTW, I am quoted the same price for the LA46A950 and UA46B6000, I am leaning towards the LED TV as it's got a better display and I am not really into wireless streaming (kinda nice to have, but not essential) Which one would you pick?
  14. Hi: These numbering system is really confusing me. I always thought the 9 series is the newest and the best, but browsing the Samsung website made me realise every series has newer TVs, so what exactly are the differences? I am buying a 46" and want to settle on either LA46A950, UA46B6000 or UA46B8000, but was told the LA46A950 is old?????? WTF??? Which 46" samsung would you buy? cheers!!
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