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  1. 2 Aaron Floorstanding speakers going cheap on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=110729396046
  2. Having same issue with iQ2 and Denon 1602 AV Receiver! When set to AC3 the HD channels have short bursts of sound for about 1 second every 5 seconds... Have had to switch to mpeg for it to work. Anyone else get around this problem?
  3. Just an update to say that I received my iQ2 SIK today as thought from Australian Air Express Couriers and all is good! Ordered Monday night, dispatched Tuesday and arrived Wednesday, pretty good and much better then waiting around for an installer... Only issue was there was no HDMI cable in the box so after a call to Foxtel they said it will be sent to me within the next few days, all up I am pretty happy and thanks for your advice on the delivery times guys.
  4. Just got the Foxtel iQ2 and have setup my Harmony 520 Remote for use with the iQ2 and everything is working really well except for one thing that I cannot figure out how to setup and maybe someone here has worked it out? The problem is that when holding the Rewind or Forward button on the original iQ2 remote it takes you to the start or end(depending on whether you held the rewind or forward button) of the recording after about 3 seconds of holding the button but I cannot get the Harmony remote to replicate this! On the Harmony Remote pressing and holding the rewind or forward button just brings up the first phase of the rewind of forward functions 2x instead of <| Anyone solved this for the harmony?
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. I might give them a call tonight and see if it was dispatched and if so I think it should be here tomorrow.
  6. Ordered iQ2 Self Install Kit last night and was just wondering when I can expect to receive it? Do you think it would be dispatched today and then with me tomorrow as I am in Sydney and I believe the Foxtel dispatch warehouse is here too. Is it delivered by just the normal Australia Post people or is it a courier? I asked all these questions to the Foxtel rep last night but they were unable to answer as this was the first time they had actually sent an iQ2 SIK! Any experience from someone who has actually received their SIK would be much appreciated...
  7. So your friend just called up and said he wanted iQ2 and they said that it is now $100 install and $10 a month for everyone that calls up to upgrade now?
  8. So is it now $100 for the iQ2 install??? It still says $200 on the Foxtel website. And how much is the iQ1 install now? It seems there is no upgrade charge for iQ1 now and only the $10 per month is payable. If that is the case is there a self install available on iQ1?
  9. Thanks for the answer... I think it is really bad that all channels except SBS broadcast on VHF and therefore 2 different types of equipment are required to receive them! I doubt very much that the Body Corporate in my building would spend loads of cash or time on getting 1 digital channel for 1 person when the other 5 function brilliantly!
  10. I cannot receive Ch 31 Analogue or Ch 44 Digital either! Does that then point to something wrong or missing with the Communal Aerial? Any idea if it would be a couple of hundred dollars to fix or are we talking thousands as I think the Body Corporate are not going to swing for thousands of dollars just to receive 1 digital channel. I have no analogue or digital reception without plugging into the communal aerial. Is there any other way I could receive it, maybe an internal antenna?
  11. I just bought a beautiful Panasonic HD Tuner Integrated Plasma TV and it is great except for I cannot seem to tune in SBS Digital! ABC/2, 7, 9, 10 all come in perfectly and have 100% signal strength so I am very puzzled as to why SBS does not tune in??? I have tried a manual search on DVB Channel 34 as well as an auto search and there is nothing there either! My analogue SBS comes in ok just not the digital version which is really annoying! I live in a block of units very close to the Sydney CBD and am connected to a communal aerial so not sure if that makes a difference? Any help is much appreciated...
  12. again Try the second thread! http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtop...mp;gopid=613055
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