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  1. Hi Charlesc, Thank you for the replay, my problem is fixed. issue was VLC version. I have downgraded to 86 instead of 99. it works. now I can record in mp4 again thank you for quick response.
  2. Hi Charlesc, This is excellent detailed answer. However this didn't work as expected. it could be due to my s/w version. First of all my env. -------------------- I have computer that record tv programs in mpeg2 format. no issue o/s windows 7 ultimate 64 bit DV Scheduler version 5.56 here Java 6 and VLC 0.9.9 Problem --------- Instead of mpeg2, I would like to record in mp4 with video encoding : H264 and AAC or AC3 audio encoding with 16:9 aspect ratio. I tried various configurations. nothing works with DV scheduler. including on this this article. will you help me to configure this? should I need to install any other s/w last version I tried is given here ------------------------------------ Capture Engine->DVPiper Filename Encoding->ASCII23 Filename->$name.mp4 record(rid($rid),$pid,$buildpat,$patchpmt,send(prog('"$$vlcexe" -I rc --rc-quiet file://- --sout-all --sout #transcode{vcodec=h264,vb=800,scale=1,acodec=mp4a,ab=128}:standard{mux=ts,dst="$name.mp4",access=file} vlc://quit')))
  3. Its DELL 3300MP http://www.projectorcentral.com/Dell-3300MP.htm All thought it as all the connectivity types, Only one at a time accepted via (DVI M1-DA(P&D)) interface. My computer has DVI and VGA, Foxtel box as RGB and Component. That’s why I am thinking of if I can VGA out from the Foxtel box then no problem. I tried other way which is getting component from the computer, It didn’t work very well. Quality is very poor. Any advice
  4. what does this mean?, actually what I am trying to get this to Dell Projector. I have home theatre environment given as follows, Equipments are as follow 1. Computer with DVI and VGA outs (ATI 9250 256MB card) and DVICO Dual Digital Card 2. DELL 3300 Projector, accept one of VGA, DVI or Component inputs via DVI (M1-D (P&D)), hence only one input at a time. 3. Currently Computer is connected with DVI cable all works well up to the satisfaction. I got foxtel digital (cable), now problem is getting foxel to projector while computer also use. Comport connecting to projector is must requirement. I can use computer VGA if foxtel box gives VGA. I need to get some common output method
  5. Thank you very much CCTV. I really appriciate your response
  6. very recently I got foxtel digital, I an trying to get foxtel video output as VGA (RGB) going to computer monitor. is this possible? what is the RGB and YUV (Component) setting in video setup screen. currently I am using component (video setup is set to YUV) if I change that to RGB nothing come out, why is that?. Anyhelp grately appriciated
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