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  1. I got 3 copies from playasia...I ordered the asian version and they work perfectly...full gore...THE LOT!! they cost $58 and then 20 for the Fed Ex post (which was why i got it in 2 days). Definately do it... worth every cent
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself
  3. yeah i had a look at "the Hangover" available in HD for 485 credits (cant remember how much that would be in $$$) and saw it would be 7GB !! My plane is only 15GB/30GB ....to take up 7 on one movie is crazy
  4. If you need the stands I got mine at half price from the eastern states....let me know if you need details. (otherwise they are around a crazy 400 a pair!!)
  5. Just ordered 3 copies from PA...fingers crossed
  6. Nice choice, you will be very VERY happy with the Kefs....I've had mine about 8 months and still get amazed at both the clarity and volume from the eggs...
  7. Has anybody downloaded a movie using this yet?? how much was it and how did it look??? Anyone know when any TV shows will be available?? Thanks!!
  8. yeah i agree!! thanks for all your input guys....if you play online with people who have the censored version there will be no Riot cop at all etc.... i just wanna play 4 player co-op with my mates without a crappy lame version!!
  9. Cheers mate....and are they both equally dangerous in term of customs searches/confiscations??
  10. Hey all, Obviously many MANY people will be buying this game overseas due to Australias stupid censorship laws. I saw the comparisson here and couldn't bleive it. http://www.kotaku.com.au/2009/11/whats-cut...ow-to-uncut-it/ anyway I was just checking the opinions out there about which is better to buy from out of PlayAsia or Ebay... Thanks All!!
  11. The SPIDF setting is on AC3 and still...no dolby on any channels!!
  12. Ive run my HDMI and optical to my receiver and assigned the audio input as optical.......just have to change the foxtel setting and i'm done
  13. Hi all... I have IQ2 connected via HDMI and understand that you can only output stereo over this connection (which i find weird). I found out thanks to these forums that you can get 5.1 on some channels (mainly HD channels) via optical. So i connected optical from my iq2 box to my receiver and im getting no luck at all....the audio is still being passed over the HDMI ... I looked up the settings in the foxtel menu and the only two options available are MONO and STEREO .... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Help anyone??
  14. yeah each to their own.... if they ad config 1 (all punches on sticks including haymakers) i will be a happy man.....
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