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  1. Hi all Hisense 2018 models are now out and the model number has changed from N (2017) to P (2018). I have narrowed it down to the 75" P5 or P7. Has anyone seen both of these in the flesh? Is there much difference in picture quality? What kind of prices are people getting? Thanks!!
  2. Hmm seems this forum isnt as active as it once was. Posted same thing on whirlpool and got replies instantly. Anyway they got the new Hisense 58" 4k tv so consider this thread null and void. Cheers
  3. To all the experts on this forum, I have a question on behalf of my parents. Their 42" pioneer plasma just cacked it and they are after a new tv. Must be at least 50". What is a recommended tv and best bang for buck? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks pgdownload and snoopy. Sounds like "switch" will suit what I'm after. Thanks very much! Are all switches relatively the same or are some brands/models recommended over others?
  5. Thanks mate. And will the speeds be identical as a wired connection? I.e. will TP D9 Archer > TP Link C5 Archer > Device be the same speed as TP D9 Archer > Device ? I thought TP D9 > Device would be quicker?
  6. Thanks guys. Peter - wouldnt it just be better to have three ethernet cables (one for each device) rather than having another router in the media room (my TP Link D9 is a modem router).
  7. I am in a similar situation. I have my modem/router (TP Link D9 Archer) in the study and am in the process of setting up my media room (opposite end of the house). This means Ill be moving my PS4, Apple TV etc. to the back room. Im thinking of getting in the roof and running ethernet cables from the study to the media room so i have a wired connection. The ethernet cables would be Cat6 and 20m in length. Does that sound like the best solution?
  8. Thanks mate. So something like this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/18Gbps-2packs-Gold-1M-HDMI-Cable-V2-0-2160P-4Kx2K-for-LCD-DVD-HDTV-Samsung-PS3-/111725719219?hash=item1a035f2eb3:g:4EwAAOSwu4BVsLH8
  9. So, when on ebay looking at hdmi cables, some say 1.3, some say 1.4, some say 2.0a, some say 4k ready...so they are all the same and this is just marketing?
  10. Geez, I'm getting confused after reading this topic haha. So, if I have a 4K projector (with HDR), 4K bluray player and a 4K/HDR receiver, what hdmi cable will work best? 1.4? 2.0? 2.0a? 2.0b? Thanks
  11. Thanks cwt. Sounds like the Denon x2200 might be the pick then. I'm in no rush as I'm not getting a projector until August. I'll see what kind of deals I can find.
  12. Thanks. Everyone keeps saying to keep looking for refurbished units, but what model/brand? Im not willing to spend more than $900 so the only ones Im considering are: Onkyo SR444 Yamaha RX-V581 Denon X1200 Denon X2200 Some people say Onkyo is the best from that list and more powerful than the Yamaha. Others say the Yamaha is best. And others say Denon. So im very confused haha.
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