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  1. It is funny they ask whether it is an 'adult' Excalibur movie - given Excalibur is pretty adult already - up to and including an armoured male/naked femal sex scene from memory. Game of Thrones is awesome though - but you want to be careful not to become too attached to *any* character - its a brutal story.
  2. JB hifi have another 20% off sale going. Its definitely online, though I have heard that in store might not start until tomorrow. That makes the 2 for $30 titles, 2 for $24
  3. Am I correct in thinking that this is the first blu-ray Grand Final release (not just the first 3d version)? I have no interest in this GF, but would loooooove a blu-ray version of the 2009 GF (which was broadcast in HD AFAIK)
  4. aaah, the memories - I used this deal when I bought my PS3, then waited for the redemption of Casino Royale to see what this new fangled "blu-ray" format was all about. In its defence, four years later, the PS3 hasn't missed a beat.
  5. This is my favourite Pixar movie by far, so I am really looking forward to it in HD. The dilemma though - if I order from JB, I probably won't get it until May sometime, and if its sitting on store shelves in the meantime I shall be very cross
  6. That bothers me more than the more popular "han shot first" issue. The CGI is awful, the animation of Han walking up and over him is clunky and the whole scene makes Jabba look like a complete wuss (not to mention a lot smaller than when he is in Jedi). Lucas is obsessed with CGI and seemed to forget how awesome the old school skills of puppets and models made the originals look.
  7. Surprised at the sensible options I am. Purchasing IV through VI I will be. Watching the POS prequels ever again, I will not. Original theatrical was never going to happen - George "Neckbeard" Lucas would never admit fault that way - so I am not that disappointed in that regard.
  8. The concerning aspect is that it is a Panasonic related announcement - I really hope it isn't another Avatar style exclusive agreement. Just release the damn films George - I know you hate the fans of the films and they hate you, so can't we all just be grown ups about it?
  9. Which means working out a way to get money into your HK account wallet. They didn't used to accept OS credit cards (i.e Oz), I don't know if that is the case. I have a US copy of Rock Band, and have a US account (and US gift cards) to buy the DLC.
  10. But you could give a toss about bragging on the internet, having also previously boasted about "revving up fanbois" on several forums...
  11. I have about 2m from the TV to the couch and I am right on the edge of the space requirments - so much so that when doing the Kinect ID (which is used to recognise you) and it asks you to step backwards, I had to step up onto the couch and crouch down to fool it You will probably have enough space, but it will be pushing it. That said, I haven't tried mine on top of the TV yet, so I would be interested to hear from anyone else as to whether that helped with the distance.
  12. I grabbed one last night and so far my feelings are fairly "meh" - though I have only given Kinect Adventures a go so far. The technology is impressive in its potential, but its certainly not a "must buy" yet. The stand out title appears to be Dance Central (particularly for females) but that will depend on your willingness to dance in front of others. Oh, and take the 6 foot minimum space requirements *very* seriously. I have just over 6 foot available and it is too cramped IMO.
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