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  1. What will it mean for Fox Sports? Any drastic changes afoot? http://www.mediaspy.org/2012/10/31/cmh-votes-to-sell-foxtel-to-news-limited/
  2. There is no solution (yet, however there probably won't be one), and that itself is the problem...
  3. That's bad news... looks like a have a spare drive for other uses now...
  4. Loving the new app. Nice work foxtel, kind of made the wait worth it!
  5. I have an image sitting on this computer of my foxtel drive, but I can't upload 320GB, sorry!! Not only do I only have 60GB /mo up and down, at 1024kbit/sec that'd take a phenomenal amount of time (37 days!!) to upload! EDIT! I just realised I could create an image with nil recordings. Uploading now for you. This is created with Copy+ v1.2.0.5 Download here - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HKCWIGBE
  6. Bump. Anyone still using their 1TB drive?
  7. Good to hear people are having success again... I might retry this weekend. I'm not too fussed if I lose most of the content on my 1TB, I just want some space back!
  8. Has anyone still got their 1TB drive in and working?
  9. Unfortunately I think none of this will help us at all, as per pcbbc's post on the sky+ forums in the foxtel iq2 frozen thread - http://www.skycopyplus.co.uk/forum/viewtop...p?f=6&t=918 I've just put my old hdd back in, done a firmware upgrade, and now the box loads...
  10. Mine rebooted overnight, and now it won't even turn on, let alone search for listings!
  11. I was one of the lucky ones who installed a 1TB, had the firmware update and my IQ2 hadn't frozen yet. I decided to take the risk and have it fail on my own terms rather than have it fail at an inconvenient time. So I took the risk, rebooted, and what do you know, mine's now frozen on "Searching for Listings" as well... At least I now have time to reassemble the old drive before I want to record anything more. I'll be watching this thread closely to see if anyone else manages a fix of some sort! Edit: I just performed a firmware update, and despite no firmware changing at all, it now works again... Odd. For the record, my details both before and after trying this were as follows:- firmware, OS C022P27 EPG U_1.6.18
  12. This thread just got scary!! Mine's still working fine on firmware, OS C022P27 EPG U_1.6.18 too... Is there a later one? Maybe I can save my recordings by pulling the drive out now before a firmware upgrade is forced?
  13. Foxtel Cable Adelaide here - Modbury North. It's been down here since Friday when the rain and wind started. While I was on the phone to India, they told me that my outage would probably be resolved tomorrow, and that I'd receive a credit for 5 days.
  14. Serie A is solely on Setanta this year, and foxtel has allocated them a slither of bandwidth which results in prolific macroblocking.
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