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  1. certain people need to learn how to communicate effectively. B**ching about something is not going to improve the situation if you don't tell the ppl who could make a difference. If the the definition for a forum is to get it all out through a keyboard, and to get all emotional makes you feel better, thats great - you can do that using notepad too. To me a forum is a tool to share knowledge and information. Getting all emotional about something you don't like is not the knowledge that will be helping the many, except yourself. ... and no i don't want your posts for approval. I already have a tough time sifting through smelly smelly S**T.
  2. So easy to create enemies yet so hard to make friends with that sort of waffle don't you think?
  3. if your reason is as good as your spelling and grammar, i can understand ;-) *only stirring matey!*
  4. I think you guys have already elaborated why you like to use 3rd party boxes for Austar. Its easier to post links to those rather than re-typing the reasons why again don't you think?
  5. *Red face* yep, saw it on a thread somewhere. Its just so much activity at the moment, its hard to keep up!
  6. Some of the people here could earn alot more than $15 a month if they were paid to post to this forum - all of our contributions individually could earn about $15 a month if we were all paid to post.
  7. Well is the problem only if you have a AUSTAR You'll Love Whats On v5.3 smartcard or across all smartcards? Sponge bob etc?
  8. When you unlock something by typing in the PIN, you only unlock that program according to what is shown on the information bar. So if a new show starts, the error message appears again and you have to type in the PIN. So it can be a bit annoying but you then have full control! There is a way of however changing the "lock all" setting and that is by resetting to factory defaults in the menu, but don't tell your kids that ... shhhhh Enjoy!
  9. use parental control and select "lock all" so everytime you want to watch a new show on a differnt channel, you have to type in a pin. it makes it hard to stop some and not others because many of the cartoons are rated G and that is the lowest rating before the "lock all" option. annoying i know, but i'm sure not as annoying as the kiddies will be when they cant watch their cartoons ;-)
  10. what i will say on the topic that DrP decided to touch on is that i think austar has taken many many risks on new ideas and i think there are architectual changes to the mystar when compared to the other decoders and that has not paid off for us the customer. for example, new smartcard model, fta and satellite, new OpenTV core (from what I hear), having a CPU that can only handle 2 tuners at a time when the customer has 4 tuners effectively. These are just some of the things that made it hard for austar i think and it simply did not pay off in the end. what i have noticed on this forum is the people who are not well informed, simply B**CH and those who can make useful contributions actually have useful information. can i pls ask some of you to get off the B**CHING merry-go-round because if its not "oh how long is this going to take to release" its "how crap is it" over and over and over and over again. i see the same s**t but smells different from everyone. makes it hard to find the info i need when i look for it because there is so much s**t to filter thru.
  11. It smells Yell@MeAustar, now working for Foxtel :-) Or just someone who whats to stir the pot and get those who have a short fuse going :-)
  12. I tend to agree that the poor FTA service on your Mystar is to do with your FTA in your area rather than the decoder itself. I'm sure they'll figure out to make it work... eventually. Remember, you might have TOO MUCH signal in which case you could be getting messages saying you have none.
  13. Like you say, Foxtel is half owned by Telstra and I find they've always had trouble shaking off Telstra's legacy attitude or lack thereof. Having worked with both, there is much of a muchness between the two. I have no respect for their deceiving tactics. Anyway, we're getting off topic here. So I'm not going to go any further. Later!
  14. Is that why Foxtel moved from Pyrmont to North Ryde? ;-)
  15. Yes I did... and both Foxtel and Fox Sports are owned by the same parent companies. So its only natural as to who is the favourite.
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