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  1. If you are looking for a cheaper 65" HD tv, look up Kogan, free postage, 1 USB, 3 hdmi outlets, good quality tv.Its only $899. Value for money. It's worth a look..They reduced it from $1099. Regards Megilu
  2. Does anyone know how I could "remove" a long scratch on my new Samsung Plasma E. I was so p..d off with myself this morning, I decided to wash the curtains, and removing a curtain from my long metal rod, I scratched my Samsung with the end of a "rough" end..I am heartbroken after I accidentally saw what I did..So much trouble with my 1st one, now I go and scratch this new one,three months old!!..It seems like I should just leave it alone..I just can't win!! I have never,ever scratched a tv,what an idiot I am..I guess I could have broken the screen!
  3. Can someone answer two questions please? 1/ What is time shift used for? 2/ I set my IR button to record a program, and so amny times it never finishes the show..It irritates me so much. I recorded Taggart last night, missed the final part, by at least 15 mins. Didn't get to see the accused murderer..hehe.It happens to several other shows I use my IR for..Has this something to do with a time shift..?Why , oh why does this happen to me.I have even used the IR to set the next show, so that it continues my previous show..HELP!! I love the Toppy 7160,except for that problem..
  4. I rec'd my Logitech K400 wireless keyboard yesterday. It works!!! I am rapt! I ordered it from Logitechshop,for $39,no delivery fee. (HN $66.00)Ordered it on Sunday on PC,delivered yesterday morning at 9.30 am..Great service, thorougly recommend..
  5. Does anyone use a wireless keyboard with their PS51e550 Plasma Samsung Smart tv?. I have tried one,but no luck. Is there anyone that is successful with their tv's? (wireless keyboard)
  6. Well fredofrog, I am happy that you don't have a crackly,pixellating screen.I seem to get that so often.I must be the only one that has problems with it.I could always watch and record Austar via an LG dvd-r.On this one I can't watch,or record Austar via my LG dvd-r any more.Really gives me the pips.I have to watch pay tv via my component,as my Austar is an older type pay receiver.I always attached the pay tv to my dvd-r to watch it,and record',and attached the dvd-r via hdmi to the Vivo tv. Now I can't do that with my Smart Samsung..Nothing is easy any more. I have a Topfield 500gb to record,but of course the pay tv can't be recorded or watched on that either..Woe is me.
  7. Another problem woth my Samsung Smart, it is pixellating all the time, does any else have a problem with the screen?,just my luck to strike another shonky one,doubt I would EVER buy another Samsung Smart,my Vivo never did this,a cheap tv has given me no heartache..
  8. At long last I have my Samsung Smart tv.Five weeks since it all started.They couldn't set it up for me, the driver was not allowed to' because of insurance.So many phone calls,and following it up is a nightmare.Netmask you were lucky to get that service..At last I had a friend that could come around and set it up for me,and connect it. I don't wish it on anyone,the hassle I have had.BBB was going to contact me about the problems I had, and I am STILL waiting to hear from them,4 weeks ago,great service.Where have their manners gone?.I am happy at last that it is up and going,looks great. I just hope my Samsung Smart PS51e550 keeps on going for a long time.Merry Xmas to all of you that reads this forum.
  9. I forgot to mention IceZero, Appliances Online and BBB are one and the same company. Mine arrived originally from Appliances Online in Melbourne, although I ordered it from BBB..
  10. Thanks for asking me IceZero, but I am still waiting for a replacement,was faulty,it was picked up two weeks ago, am still waiting for a new one. I have been in contact with Samsung,not funny.Owen is handling it in Sydney, I was told last week,that drivers would be in contact with me, and WOULD let me know when it would be delivered,and that the drivers would unpack it,and set it up for me,because of the weight for me,but I have still not heard a word from the company!,,.Owen contacted me today,after I contacted him yesterday,told me the drivers cannot set it up,(i can connect it)now I am waiting for a call from the company delivering it !tomorrow!..mmmm do I believe it, no idea. Over 4 weeks,looking at four walls is very boring for an old woman..:A friend ordered one from BBB,he put it on the wall,mine is on a low unit,but he had it delivered ,no problem with his,and his was delivered 2 days after he ordered it.BBB aren't the problem,but Owen told me today that due to insurers the couriers cannot unpack and lift it for me.....I will be away for the next week from Saturday, so it will just have to sit in a box until I get back:Lucky lady aren't I,still didn't get here for my b/day today..Really am fed up with it all,to be honest,oh well such is life!
  11. nbound,thank you, I have the HDMI from the dvdr connected into the Smart set, should I remove the HDMI from the dvdr and Tv, and just use the composite leads between the dvdr,austar,and tv? I was using my 5.8 av sender with the composite lead,connected to the 2nd composite socket in the dvdr, so that I can watch a video, or usually austar in my bedroom, I saw an item with 4 composite sockets on it,can I use that for the Av sender, although there is no cord etc with it, just the 4 sockets on a triangle shaped item..I cant recall what they call it...:
  12. The other thing I meant to mention is I still cant put the Austar composite lead into my LG Dvdr and watch AND record my Austar..Oh well I cant have everything...lol
  13. Thank you both for info re my Smart tv,There is no yellow socket on the Smart t v,BUT, I have connected my Austar to the tv, and reset my tv with my composite lead,connected to the component, but don't ask me how I worked it..lol There are 4 component sockets on the Smartset,of course I only have three composite lead,y,w,r,I swapped them around and Bingo!,, it worked,The only thing I am disappointed in is that I cant record Austar on my dvdr,which I could before this Smart tv..Oh well, once my faulty Smart is replaced,I will have to remember how I connected it all up. : I hope lol
  14. I have a new Samsung Smart tv, only last week, (faulty) But I have been trying to put my Austar Flinders standard box through my Smart set,For years I watch & record Austar by using the 3 (y,w,r) composite lead through my LG DVDR,which is connected to my Vivo tv.on my 2nd HDMI when I switch to HDMI2. I have never had a problem,with this, I have tried to see Austar on my new Samsung Smart, but to no avail, as there are only component plugs on this one, and NO composite.This is so different, and easy for me with the old system. Looks like I will be cancelling the Austar account,as I tried to use the new tv by watching the internet, but of course when I try to use it, it asks me for my p/word etc, but the account is still under Austar, and when I put my security via the new tv, Foxtel rejects my security. Talk about difficult for a an oldie like me!! Wish I had just kept the old tv, now I have a faulty Smart TV, he came today and stated it was definitely faulty, had a text from SAMSUNG Vic, telling me that the report was sent to Samsung H.O in Sydney I guess.Now I just have to wait..The colour fault is atrocious..If they think I will be unpacking a new one, and re-packing the faulty one, they have another thing coming!!I cannot lift the tv,it is SO heavy for me at my age. Is there another way I can watch austar,as there are no other fitting on my Flinders standard box that would connect to the Samsung Smart tv?
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