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  1. I have a DGTEC DG-HD804. The remote control became faulty after about 9 months. I rang DGTEC customer service, waited 5 mins, and explained the problem. He said he'll mail me a replacement remote straight away. No other question asked. Too easy! Great customer service. Maybe this is the benefit of buying a local brand. Hopefully the new remote will work without any problem. I'll definetely buy another DGTEC when I need another STB.
  2. sschen $948 = $998 (RRP) - 5% (staff discount) if you live in Sydney, Warringah Mall and Auburn BIG Ws have some stocks.
  3. After reading some good reviews here and seeing the demo in the store. I bought this LCD from BIG W yesterday afternoon to be used as a second TV. I hooked it up straight away to my HD tuner via component input. The Simpsons looked good, so did other bright and colourful programs. The missus also gave positive comment about the product design (she's a designer!). The audio quality was also good. However I wasn't too impressed with the PQ during "24" series, where there were a lot of dark scenes. Mr President and some of the terrorists, who happened to have dark skin colour, were almost invinsible. There was not much bright/dark colour definition (like not using gray scale function when you print colour images on B&W printer). Sometimes I felt like the bright colour is too bright, while the dark colour is too dark, not much in between. I guess this may be the downside of any LCD tv. And my eyes are used to watching my main TV, which is a HD panasonic plasma that costed me a small car. Even my 14 year old CRT TV produced a better PQ than this LCD. I know I should compare apple to apple. But it strengthen my believe that the best LCD is unlikely to match to the best plasma and/or CRT in the market. But overall I'm still happy with the purchase. It is a really good value! A 81cm multi function high definition display panel under a grand that I can hang on the wall as part of my home furniture.
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