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  1. I've tried looking for the Akai signature screen on all my TV channels but can't see it - when I had it all connected up with the previous analogue Foxtel box it was channel 1 but there's nothing there now. I can pick up the Phillips on channel 14 on my TV but not the Akai. I tried putting the Akai before the Phillips and still can't see anything. Will try the TV tuning idea. Thanks
  2. My apologies - I was not inferring that YOU were a senior but your knowledge in this area was of a senior level I tried what you suggested and got great FTA reception etc on my Phillips VCR (and the TV)- however still cannot see anything via the Akai . Does the yellow red white double-ended cable going from the set top box to the Akai (Video out to video in) affect this? Regards LP
  3. Thank you "senior member" cttc - you were right - I just swapped the yellow cables around and it worked. Perhaps you can help with my other problem. I have my Phillips stereo VCR set up through the Foxtel box as described in "Installing the SCART to VCR cable with the FOXTEL Digital Set Top Unit" instructions. I also have an Akai VCR which is connected to the Set top unit via red,yellow, white double ended cables, a black ? coaxial cable going from the Akai to the Phillips VCR (?for dubbing?)and the TV arial plugged into the set top unit. I want to be able to record commercial channels on the Akai and Phillips via the TV, but am getting very poor/no reception on most of the channels on the Phillips and am unable to see anything via the Akai. I do a lot of shift work and often need to tape several programs on several commercial channels and this is not easy now via the digital setup through Foxtel. Regards LP
  4. Hope someone can help? I have 2 VCRs set up with my Foxtel box set. I moved some of the cables around in an attempt to tape FTA channels on the 2nd VCR with no luck. When I put the cables back to their original position, I found I could only hear the foxtel channels when the 1st VCR was on but not see anything? Did I reset something by moving cables? Did I break something? Maybe knocked something out of place? Regards LP
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