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  1. Well its burned in to our screen now and we have a large screen in the living room. With the Nine logo and the Ten logo. Yuck!
  2. Plus 1 It is a pathetic excuse. The info button can tell you all. I don't get why the logos have to be on at all, just pointless really. Fine, it's just when they're using stupid excuses such as the one above described... And what is really annoying me now is that Nine Perth has decided for some odd reason that only tv vampire slayers can probably understand, is now they have their watermark on bright (instead of washout , that the word) all day 24/7. Been annoying me the last two months, I thought it was a technical issue, but that theory has been blown out.
  3. Some stuff are apparently going to be in HD, but I really doubt it. Who knows? I only just care about watching my sports that I want to watch on this channel. Looking at the press release for half their content in prime time - the only thing I will watch in prime time is Sons of Anarchy.
  4. I thought it was an interesting choice to experiment with Recruits at 7pm for the remainder of the week. Must be slowly testing new content already.
  5. Yeah the coverage for NBA and NFL has been fantastic this past year. I really do hope even if they don't show them life, they'll still be able to show a few games a week in the morning. I really don't see One HD during the day actually becoming a full day worth of general entertainment from 6am to midnight, having read the article again - it's more like they are rejuvinating the evening prime time schedule. We'll have to wait and see again.
  6. haha home shopping - it made it's way on 7mate won't be long before it does reach the early hours of midnight to 5am Yep we can agree on the documentaries something i would watch from time to time back with the Ten HD days. I thought about it, I wonder how huge the ratings or low the ratings were for MLB, was not obviously in the room for it to be kept on it with this re-launch.
  7. Thanks. But if i could afford it I would. It's probably one thing I will keep in mind when I can afford it.
  8. Yeah I guess. RIP MLB. Will have to watch it some other way. I don't have access to foxtel so I guess there are other means
  9. In other words only the high rating sports would get the top priority airing then the low rating?
  10. LOL treblid nice response. But i was just saying there could have been other ways they could have revamped One.
  11. You must be happy, but i am not. I loose out on watching live MLB now thanks to this announcement. I hope we still get it, even if it's not live. Although the documentaries sound alright, majority of my one hd viewing will be going out the window. Wonder if Neighbours will be actually aired in HD now? Nah, probably wishful thinking. It would have been a much fair revamp if they time shared the weekday schedule to incorporate live sporting events such as MLB, NBA. Don't see why it couldn't have been done that way?
  12. Are they still going to have sport during the week though that come in live? Such as NBA or MLB? Or will they be dropping some? It remains unclear to me exactly what's going to happen. I'm dissapointed by this, i just hope there will be some decent sport left on One instead of the stuff that the general so called viewers want to watch stuff. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the day schedule too, come May 8th.
  13. Hey thanks for letting me know. Sounds like it could be a commoin issue, would be a fault internally then? I swapped it for a Sony Blue Ray player. There was no well in hell I was going to get a third one! Will be hooking that up later.
  14. I purchased a Blu ray - Soniq B100 Blu Ray Player for $89.00 at JB HIFI on 29th December. After about 3 1/2 weeks, the machine started turning itself on and off, on and off, on and off so I decided to take it back on Thursday, anyway they gave me a replacement and today it's doing the same thing after I turned it on to watch a movie. It was fine last night , as I watched a few episodes of Lost (mmm stunning, but I digress) and it all turned off fine. Is this a fault in the machine or in the software? I have no clue. I'm taking it back tomorrow to get a full refund (hopefully) and get something better. Anyone know here if it happens to other blue ray players or this one specifically or if anyone had issues with this specifically? Any help would be most greatful. Wanted to watch final three parts of Lost season 4 tonight, but looks like I can't.
  15. No we have a widescreen TV in the lounge and I got a widescreen 16:9 monitor for my laptop in my room. It's just TV. No biggie for me if content is in 4:3 or not. So go assume somewhere else please.
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