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  1. sweeet! thanks for your replies, just bought 1 of ebay for $80 and it comes with warranty as well Hopefully this new toy replaces the 6 remotes ive got. Oh and this is fully compatible with Foxtel Digital right? i think i have a Pace DS420NF-5
  2. Hello! Just wondering, before i go out and buy one of these remotes, how many activities can i store on it? For instance can i have it to "Watch Foxtel" and "Watch Digital TV"? cos i played round with the software in its test mode and i could only have Watch TV, no digital tv. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone! Look i believe that we can actually kill two birds with one stone here! For years now Australia has had to wait months and months for TV shows from the US to come out here. I propose that Foxtel adds channels from the US, such as CBS, SCIFI US, NBC and so on. Now i know some of you might say we already have these channels such as NBC aka TV1 and Arena and so on but i am talking about the US versions of the channels. To put it easily, we would be able to watch US TV and not have to wait for months until it gets released on FTA of sometimes Fox and put on at bad times. I know that doing this would be hard, most likely involve placing a few more satellites into orbit but it would be worth it. Customers would be extremely happy and Foxtel's income would surely rise. By me saying killing two birds with one stone i am refereeing to TV Piracy in this country. Seeing as Australia is one of the most contributing countries to TV Piracy, by airing the shows that people download at the same time or just a few hours after or even before they are aired in the US, TV Piracy would drop dramatically. I believe that this idea would be great and i hope that Foxtel reads this and thinks about it at least. Another idea would also be increasing the quality of the shows aired on Foxtel, such as airing them in HDTV and HR with 5.1 sound if available as most shows in the US are like this now. Please let me know of what you think.
  4. Hey all yes i have had this problem and fixed it! The problem you are talking about is actually the IQ hard drive and fans. Due to the amount of data you MAY have on your IQ at certain times the IQ may make a very loud buzzing noise and vibrate. This is due to the drive heating up and the fans attempting to compensate. Foxtel told me to do the following. Perform a full box reset. Wipe all data and reset all settings. There is a command on the IQ it self which can do it but i cant recall it. If that does not work move the box so it has at least 15cm of ventilation at the top of the box. This was the problem i had. Due to heat coming of a 55" plasma directly to the IQ box, and the lack of air flow the box was heating up badly. Try this out and let me know how you go
  5. Well it took three calls to Foxtel and i finally got my new box free of charge! May i just say the first girl i spoke to, she was awesome, really nice about it. The second guy i spoke to was rude and was raising his voice at me, yelling at my that it cost $75! I told him where to go and hanged up on him. On third try the lady told me that it was their fault and they will send a new box supporting 5.1, and higher video quality in 3 days. Thankyou to the two ladies i spoke to and i hope that second guy gets fired or something. Thanks for your help btw CTTC! sliderjt
  6. wait! hold up! r u saying we would have to pay for a license to watch FTA television? If so, thats stupid! I would move back to Italia where you can actually watch decent television on at good times with only a few ads! sliderjt
  7. Hey! I got foxtel installed in another room recently and i got stuck with a set top box that is not listed on this FAQ. This box is extremely slow and freezes when browsing any of the the menus. I think the box is a UEC DSN 700. Does any one know if its possible to request a new box because i am plugging this box through composite cables! and i am unable to use the potential of my 42" Hitachi Plasma and my 5.1 Surround! Its really killing me! Thanks sliderjt
  8. Well ive been waiting years and years for Australia to get a SciFi channel and i believe that one we have received is fairly decent, however if it wasn't for Channel Ten and Seven holding the rights to shows such as Battlestar Galactica the channel would be a whole lot better. SciFi Channel is doing a great job so far but needs to inform us if they are going to be playing all the latest shows in sync with the US channel! As for Foxtel in general i believe it is great however we need more access to US channels and cheaper prices! If Foxtel could broadcast channels such as NBC, CBS and ABC foxtels ratings would go through the roof. However, it is not as easy as it sounds due to rights, and the transmission of the channels from the US. sliderjt
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