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  1. I went to one of our local showrooms and they had the megaphonix on the ground with the volcanix and it sounded great and I think are a really close spec to the MX series. I am in the process of building a room with 2x neuphonix, 1 xepicentrix and 2 x volcanix behind the screen and using 4x atmospherix a20 and 4x symmetrix for surrounds behind an AT screen i got from Selby, should be awesome!!! Most of the guys selling this stuff will do a 3d mockup of the best position for the speakers based on the design of your room so you can pre-wire and the Krix guys tend to float around the forum a
  2. Excellent, thanks for the quick reply all and for jumping in Krix PM'd my details, not sure if it is worth changing, I can just use a direct connection. Good to know It is not something weird I was not aware of.
  3. Hi, I just picked up some second hand krix neuphonics and epicentrix and one of the speaker plugs doesnt have the hole for a banana plug? Is it meant to be like this, was it just not drilled out?
  4. I was looking at some of the SydneyfurnitureFactory ones, they seem to advertise their thick leather (i had cheap ones from Amart tear on me). I wonder if they are value option, but am not in Sydney to test them if anyone else has come across them??? https://www.sydneyfurniturefactory.com.au/encore-curved-with-electric-recliners-headrests-100-leather-p-662.html
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