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  1. getting a little carried away I feel mate ... don't think anyone would want to profit from family members. Maybe I should have said 'how much to sell on eBay' or other ... $100 or $200 I think is probably reasonable in that case.
  2. Evening all, After a recent TV upgrade, we no longer have a need for our Hitachi 37LS8800TA (with swivel stand). Its 37 inch (94 cm) HD (but not true HD) Does not have in-build digital tuner Great condition (had been on a wall) Never had a problem (though hard to prove that!) All manuals Bought 2nd January 2007 (not that it matters too much, but paid $1.8k) A brother-in-law expressed interest to buy it from us. What's a reasonable price to offer it for sale? I think mother in-law also keen! Cheers, OL
  3. will try with the Dragon's game tonight. Thanks Diesel.
  4. mate I'm getting this one too and its annoying me. I'm wondering that since it occurs on replays, consistently for me in Rugby League, indicates a Fox transmission degradation? Other time I've noticed is in the soccer when players run by the goal net and there is a short merging of picture. I've not tinkered with the settings too much however maybe the sharpness needs to be dropped?
  5. All, We have a new Sony HX700 LCD and we watch all our television with Fox IQ2. I've noticed with sport, and only on action replays (eg try replay with NRL in particular), that outlines of players will pixelate when moving quickly. During normal play I don't see such a problem. Is there a reduced transmission quality with replays? or is there an LCD setting I could try (I've tried both 'Auto' and 'Sport' scenes). thanks!
  6. Hi folks, Any good settings, tips, or tricks people are coming across they would like to share? From MySony website (https://www.sony.com.au/support/download/393571/product/kdl-55hx700/sectionfirst?subpage=detail) is a bit of an FAQ. Cheers, OL.
  7. I can now claim closure. In a moment of weakness today (approved by the financial controller), I purchased a Sony HX700 55". It arrives tomorrow! $3200. And 4 years extended warranty at addition $229 (GG's are doubling the durations of extended warranty's at the moment). Now I can have piece of mind for 5 years. Bing Lee offered $3250. Didn't like the pushy salesman though. RE the Toshiba 55zv600. I was talking to BL about it today and he was saying it was an older model. Ie Toshy's new ones to come out sometime soon.
  8. cheers for the links .... I get the impression having a read that the link refers to their 2009 650 model (or earlier than 600a model) ... ie an attached user review is July 09. I've always been a big believer in going for the Japanese models (Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi), etc compared to the Korean. What are your thinkings on this TV's being better than the others? I'll definitely check this model out though that you bought it to attention.
  9. had a quick look ... (thanks for the tip). My first ever tv (68 cm CRT) was a sharp and so realiable ... and its still going strong at my sister and brother in law's. I wanted something a bit bigger than 52" and I know 100 hz/200 hz probably isn't a big difference, but the 200 hz (toshy) is actually cheaper. I'm a little surprised the lack of Australia WWW sites even mentioning this tv. Not sure if that is a good thing or not?
  10. cheers for the feedback. I had a look at Bing Lee today and must admit the toshiba looked very crisp. It was ticketed at $3499 (although I said it was advertised at $2999 by them). He offered $2999 which included a free blu-ray movie player offer (I guess to counter the Sony PS3). He also offered free 5 year replacement warranty. Wanted to sleep on it but am very very tempted! BL didn't have the Sony's. Went over to the GG's who didn't have the Toshy, but did have both versions of the Sony's (100 hz for $2699) and (200 hz for $3899). It was there I noticed a paltry 1 year warranty! The 200 hz Sony looked mighty crisp as well. Decisions decisions! Are there any other comparible quality 55 or over LCD's? Bigger the better!
  11. The financial controller is permitting an upgrade of our 37" LCD. Looking at 50"+ TV to go on a wall (well lit room, side glare can be annoying in the morning). Was reading a thread here about a 55" Sony LCD .. around $2300. Seemed a good purchase. Then I came across this TV in a Bing Lee catalogue Advertised at $2999 (negotiable) at the moment ... with bonus toshiba blu-ray (I've a PS3, so would sell this). 200 Hz 4x HDMI USB/PC 2 year warranty (http://www.cnet.com.au/toshiba-regza-55zv600a-339299304.htm). It seems a little older than the Sony one (which I think just came out). Any one with this TV care to share experiences? Thanks, OL. EDIT: Sony one I refer is sony 55ex500
  12. ditto, don't recall any problems with the electricity pack on mine. Fluidtek not advertising them anymore on the homepage ... after some clicking around I found a reference they are back to $85.
  13. good price. The other I sold on ebay, including postage, for $76.
  14. aha .. LZ93575 is the one I just got from FluidTek which I'm using. Its the 931... that are dodgy with the slim? was in there today (buying cheap mice) and he had plenty of stock there still ... as someone else mentioned, at $45. You can't beat this price - not sure how he does it.
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