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  1. On the weekend one of my wonderful daughters knocked over a Concept 6 floor speaker onto a pile of Duplo and wrecked the cone so now I'm wondering about a few things for repair / replacement; (we no longer have a working AVR so we can't drive these things meaning this is potentially a pointless exercise if this doesn't work but I'd consider repair / replacement as I picked up the set cheap and had been thinking of picking up two more surrounds). So, I've been wondering; - is it possible to replace the cone / diaphragm and not the whole driver etc assuming that the cone is the extent of damage? any idea what that might cost? Or would I be after a complete assembly? - I haven't opened it yet to look but are the wires screw / bolted together or soldered? - I noticed that the Concept 2 specs list a speaker driver the same size as the two in the Concept 6's. Any idea if they are the same speaker? If I can't find a replacement speaker only, I could try and find a pair of these. One of the other cones has a small perforation (which didn't seem to impact audio quality) which would be good to remove. - or I could just buy second hand speakers on eBay / Gumtree so it's not like these can't be replaced and should I find something else better? We don't have loads to spend on stuff but I had hoped to continue to capitalise on a base cheap set - are Concept 8's or 10's a decent improvement over the 6's? I'm sure they all exist for a reason but it's not like I could audition them in a showroom these days Thanks for any input
  2. I finally got around to looking into the fuse. The fuses for the TX-SR706 and TX-SR806 are different and I managed to source what I think was the equivalent fuse but no dice. I now wonder whether it might be the power supply. We'll see, I'll try getting onto someone about it. I might have an update in two or three years time 🤣
  3. Good to hear. The TV's weight is in the middle of what it's rated for so I expect it'll be fine too. I had a look at the installation instructions online and it seems pretty straight forward and includes the M8 bolts and spacers I might need. My FIL is around this weekend and as he has trade skillz, he can be foreman and I can be leading hand Yup, aiming to hit stud and miss power
  4. So, I'm catching up to tech in 2008 () by mounting our Pioneer LX508 (hopefully this weekend), using optical leads from the PVR and media player to the AVR and I even upgraded our BD player from the PS3 (the drive stopped working) to a Panasonic DMP-UB400GNK which has two HDMI outputs which gets around the issue of our broken AVR meaning 7.1 is possible again. I'm now looking at our speakers. I have some Dali Concept's from a BIL and I finally set them up after Christmas. It's 3.1 at the moment as I've ended up using the surround speakers for the PC because I doubt we could leave mount the speakers in position with inquisitive children (I'll post a pic for speaker positioning soon too as it's not a simple room and I'm not entirely sure where I should position them) but I figured I'd lug them out for a movie. I haven't tried it setup as 5.1 yet but I'm pretty keen on taking it to 7.1 (finally). I missed out on an auction on the weekend for some more surround speakers but I've come across another option - some Concept 2's. I'm pretty sure the surrounds are Concept 1's but I am wondering is if I were to mix 1's and 2's for the surround, which would be better suited to the side and rear? Looking at the specs, I'd imagine that the 2's would have a wider range and could possibility be slightly louder but I can't just waltz down to a showroom to hear the difference. Maybe it's much of a muchness or even a bad idea to have varying surrounds speakers?
  5. Thread mine... We've just started looking into mounting our screen (a very long time coming*) and I couldn't remember the name that I once was going to use for a mount so I'm glad that I a search helped . I haven't looked into things enough yet but my wife started and she'd had JB 'recommend' two mounts but they're possibly 2 - 3 times the price of Selby's offerings. JB also contract out the work for a few green backs to mount the screen. Whilst I'll happily pay people for work I can't do, I'd prefer to have a go at something myself if I can. But I still have one question, I don't recall whether our has model specific bolts or not and if so, (unless I screwed them into the screen so I didn't lose them), where they are. Do these mounts usually come with standard bolts that might fit the screen or will I need bolts that probably came with the screen? *It's a Pioneer PDP-LX508A so it's about 10 years old .
  6. No, the MINIX NEO U9-H is the replacement. It was the Minix NEO X8-H Plus that stopped working.
  7. It wasn't just the remote, the unit had died too (or at least it won't turn on). Mind you, I wonder if it's related? Anyway, JB weren't interested in replacing but offered the new unit at staff rates so we bought it instead. I might try tinkering with the old unit though.
  8. *sigh* last night we went to watch some stuff and I find the remote not working and swapping the batteries doesn't fix anything which means this thing is useless without it. I thought I'd turn the NEO X8-H on anyway but nope. Dead. It's 14 months old. We're going to try and get JB to swap it for a MINIX NEO U9-H which I expect is the current equivalent? It's a bit annoying given that our PS3 Blu-ray drive stopped working a few weeks back and I haven't worked out a suitable replacement yet ?
  9. Yes. I'm forever finding Match of the Day as direct downloads so we can follow the EPL but I haven't bothered with the smart streaming search stuff as we have a ton of other content that we've not watched yet (mostly boring history shows haha) I do wonder if that will be how we go? The sunken room we now have the TV and lounge in is around 5 x 10 with the couch and TV on opposing long walls offset about a third of the way along with a dwarf wall separating to a dining room behind the lounge which is about 3.5 x 4.5 all under racked ceiling. So it's a challenging space. I wonder if this means that the side speakers might not be inline with the viewing position and the surround speakers would be above and inline with the viewing position at best? I'd probably end up with the two ceiling speakers for Atmos
  10. Yeah, that's fine but I'm sure I'll change my mind at some stage - you get a taste for this and... I might start with the PS3 (even though it's the least used device we have) to see what we think but I'll have to pilfer the surrounds from the PC haha and I could try the PVR (we basically only watch live sport, we find free TV is generally rubbish) but I should probably use the MiNiX as it's used the most. Annoyingly, EzyHD don't have any 1.5 m's in stock at the moment. Yeah, I should get in touch with them and see what they say. I hadn't thought of them, thanks. I looked into some options after the thread about replacing the SR705 and deciding between the Roku and MiNiX. The problem is I'd only want to buy one AVR and I wouldn't want to rule out Atmos etc for the future.
  11. Yeah, it is a bit odd and yes, it's really meant to be a screen. It doesn't actually switch the sources, that's done by a HDMI switch but the same result. I should have thought about copy protection, it's kinda obvious. I still might get a cable though as I'm pretty sure I can connect my sound card to the Technics via optical instead of using analogue. So maybe I connect the devices I care about audio quality directly to the Onkyo via optical? I guess realistically that's only going to be the PS3 from the BD's we have as that's going to be the high quality source where I'd want to enjoy it as much as possible. I guess I'm trying to get the best outcome for the least expense. I could go buy an AVR but I'd want to pick on something that's future proof for my screen selection and the one thing I've learnt about future proofing is to ignore the future We also have a 'dead' Onkyo TX-SR806. I say 'dead' as the BIL thinks it's only a blown fuse but he's lost the fuse as he removed it to see what it was and whether he could find another. I'm wondering whether the fuse from the SR705 could work but I can't compare them ?
  12. I'm just blundering, is this silly or viable? I have some Concept 6 front speakers with a driver which has a tear in the one of the surrounds. I've only just hooked them and I haven't had a proper listen to them but I'm yet to notice that this has made an impact on audio quality. I had wondered whether I'd go hunting for the same driver if there was an obvious issue with the audio. But then I got thinking why not swap the drivers out for what comes in the Ikon's or the newer models? I've not done any research into dims, etc and it's highly unlikely I'd do this (it's probably cheaper to get various intact speakers from Gumtree, eBay etc) but I thought pose the questionie.
  13. Due to a few things that have happened, our entertainment setup could be in better shape. Our AVR (Onkyo Onkyo TX-SR705) no longer passes or accepts video over HDMI (other than that, I think it works fine) so it's resulted on our Pioneer PDP-507 being the hub of the setup with a Beyonwiz PVR, PS3 and MiNiX connected via HDMI to it and I fitted the Pioneer speakers and a sub. A BIL has flicked us his 5.1 set of Dali Concept speakers to buy or sell. I figured I could use the bookshelf surrounds (Concept 1's) as the speakers for my PC hooked up to my old Technics SC-CH770 component system and together they sound great (it made the original Technics speaker sound muddy and pity it doesn't have a sub out) and ditching the old JBL Creature Speakers after my son put his finger through one of the speakers. I then thought well I still might be able to use the AVR instead of the Technics but then I thought, really I could put it back with the TV. Regardless of where it ends up, I'm thinking of using a 2.1 setup in either / both locations (or maybe include the centre channel with the TV). I probably could use RCA connections but then I figured why not use a TOSLINK instead. Having never used optical before, I'm wondering a few things. I know it's probably not ideal (I really need to get a new AVR and HDMI all the way but funds don't presently permit) but that should be fine, shouldn't it? Any idea whether the TV would pass the selected audio format through to the AVR without issue? What's the chance I might end up with lip sync issues?
  14. Ah, I'm slack! Yes, the subwoofer is with it but the fronts are 6's, not 10's. One of the main drivers has an impact tear in the cone. No idea what that might do to the sound as I haven't tried them yet. Incidentally, I finally hooked up my old Technics SC-CH770 system with it's original speakers. It didn't sound as good as as I remembered but I swapped the speakers for the Concept 1's and they made the old Technics sound muddy. These were so much better. I'm still trying to hook the subwoofer up to the PC. The Technics doesn't have a sub output and I think the 3.5 mm to RCA's is stuffed. Maybe I should use the busted Onkyo TX-SR706 I have (doesn't accept or transmit over HDMI so useless for HT but could be perfect for PC speakers)? If so, should I try connecting by optical or stick with 3.5 mm and RCA's?
  15. I wonder of the fuse from the 706 is usable in the 806?
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