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  1. On the weekend one of my wonderful daughters knocked over a Concept 6 floor speaker onto a pile of Duplo and wrecked the cone so now I'm wondering about a few things for repair / replacement; (we no longer have a working AVR so we can't drive these things meaning this is potentially a pointless exercise if this doesn't work but I'd consider repair / replacement as I picked up the set cheap and had been thinking of picking up two more surrounds). So, I've been wondering; - is it possible to replace the cone / diaphragm and not the whole driver etc assuming that the cone is the extent of damage? any idea what that might cost? Or would I be after a complete assembly? - I haven't opened it yet to look but are the wires screw / bolted together or soldered? - I noticed that the Concept 2 specs list a speaker driver the same size as the two in the Concept 6's. Any idea if they are the same speaker? If I can't find a replacement speaker only, I could try and find a pair of these. One of the other cones has a small perforation (which didn't seem to impact audio quality) which would be good to remove. - or I could just buy second hand speakers on eBay / Gumtree so it's not like these can't be replaced and should I find something else better? We don't have loads to spend on stuff but I had hoped to continue to capitalise on a base cheap set - are Concept 8's or 10's a decent improvement over the 6's? I'm sure they all exist for a reason but it's not like I could audition them in a showroom these days Thanks for any input
  2. I finally got around to looking into the fuse. The fuses for the TX-SR706 and TX-SR806 are different and I managed to source what I think was the equivalent fuse but no dice. I now wonder whether it might be the power supply. We'll see, I'll try getting onto someone about it. I might have an update in two or three years time 🤣
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