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  1. You do nice work Andrew and I agree Edward is super helpful, especially when adding more speakers to the set up, sound matching is important. Cheers Gary
  2. I prefer the back lighting over the side lighting in the Samsung. My 55" is pretty good now that I have set up the contrast, brightness and sharpness plus turned off clean view, auto motion and dynamic contrast. I've also found the Colour Tone to my liking best set at Warm2 with the Picture Mode on Movie. Out of the box it wasn't that great, so I'd suggest spending some time setting up for your room and tastes. Cheers Gary
  3. EmoFest 2017 is on US Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, Sept 2nd and 3rd. http://emotivalounge.proboards.com/thread/49983/emofest-2017 Unfortunately I can't make it due to work commitments, maybe next year. Cheers Gary
  4. My 20 cents worth on the IQ3; Got an IQ3 on day 1, soon as it was released, had issues initially, but I could live with them, wife hated it. Firmware upgrades over time have fixed all the problems that I have come across. Plus the swap to the infrared remote, that was a biggy. We still have an IQ2 (in the family room) and the picture is slightly better quality on IQ3, sound quality is far superior. Plus no more HDMI/HDCP related drop outs and random noises that I used to get with the IQ2. Larger HDD is most welcome, we were always running out of space on the IQ2. When I use the IQ2 now it looks so old fashioned, slow and clunky. In summary, it took a while but the IQ3 is now great. Of course just in time for the IQ4K. Cheers Gary
  5. There are no adjectives left Ruth, everyone has used them, it's very cool and a credit to you. Cheers Gary
  6. Let's try X-Men Apocalypse; Sanity DVD - $24.99, BD = $29.99, BD 3D = $36.99, 4K = $34.99 JB Hi Fi - DVD = $19.98, BD = $29.98, BD 3D = $36.98, 4K = $44.98 Amazon UK - DVD = $16.93, BD = $25.41, BD 3D = $33.8, 4K = $33.88 That's using 0.59 as the exchange rate, I just bought some UKP at 0.5881 from OFX. For sure there is freight to be added, last time I bought 6 BD's plus a couple of CD's and it worked out at less than $2 each. A comparison at the time, which doesn't seem much different now, was that I got the 6 x BD's and the 2 x CD's for less than 5 x BD's would have cost buying locally. Cheers Gary
  7. Most of the difference in prices is not the hard working person behind the counter serving us, it's the retailers themselves and the cost of the premises they occupy. As an example, Jerry Harvey has enough money, I don't feel any obligation to fill his pockets any further. If he was bit more proactive in sourcing from the manufacturers at world competitive prices then maybe we wouldn't be paying so much in Australia. I totally object to the "Australia Tax" that most retailers apply just because they think they can get away with it. Similarly Frank Lowie, no need to fill his pockets either, with the ridiculous retail space leasing costs that Westfield charges. If we continue to blindly pay exorbitant prices then they will continue to charge them. Lessons need to be learnt and it's up to consumers to teach them, not encourage them. Cheers Gary
  8. +1 Edward is a speaker wizard and always helpful. Cheers Gary
  9. A long time ago a very wise hifi guy told me that speakers, the bits we actually listen to, are the most important part of any decent stereo system and as a rule of thumb I should allocate at least half of the system's budget on speakers and the other half on everything else. In the HT system you are looking at there are 6 speakers, not 2 as in stereo. So I'd be suggesting of your ~$2K budget you need to look at budgeting at least 2/3rds on the speakers. Also worth keeping in mind that speakers last a comparatively long time, in that they don't go out of date like processors/AVR's for example where new standards pop up several times a year eg; HDMI, HDCP, HDR, Atmos, DTS-X etc etc. Cheers Gary
  10. As you can see from my signature I have quite a bit of Emotive gear all purchased direct from the US before they changed to the local distributor. I have had only the one item that required a power supply board swap to the upgraded version, which I did myself. I spent some time thinking about the warranty issue and the need to return gear to the US for servicing and it worked out that I could return every item once and still end up in front cost wise. However it does pay to do the homework and, as insurance, I also physically put aside (in an envelope) the return freight cost of the first item from the cost savings, obviously it's still there. I have noticed that as more people in the US move to 220 volt dual circuits that more manufacturers are supplying their products dual voltage. Cheers Gary
  11. We use lots of bandwidth, albeit mostly wifi, there's generally an iPad or 2, a couple of iPhones, 2 x Apple TV's and 2 x Foxtel boxes plus the MacMini of course. But not a lot of data, 200 gb a month does us just fine. My son, a professional photographer, used to use up the data, but since he has his own place we haven't hit the ceiling. Cheers Gary
  12. Underground cable, with a node about half way along the street (90'ish houses, no units) so it's not far from my house to the node, then I've been told it's 3k's of fibre optic to the exchange which was upgraded about 5 years ago. As a result I really don't give a rats about NBN, which would probably cost me more as well. BTW, that's no accident, the availability of HPC cable was one of the considerations in choosing the location. Cheers Gary
  13. I'm on Telstra Foxtel HFC cable and get 130 mbps on a good day/time and it never gets below 40 mbps. Cheers Gary
  14. I'm not sure that paying for streaming (subscription plus data) is comparable with watching it on FTA TV. For sure Olympics coverage is always tricky with so many events running simultaneously and often at odd hours of the day and night, that's the true worth of a good program manager with their hand on the pulse of what their viewers want to watch at any point in time. Undeniably Channel 7 were devoid of such skill and experience. Foxtel, for which I paid nothing extra, had 8 channels for the 2012 Olympics and Seven had 3 at best, with Seven and Seven HD showing the same content. Often 4 HD Channels versus 1 HD channel this year. Next Olympics I am confident that I won't be alone in watching next to none of it on FTA or PayTV. The effect of that on their revenue stream will be devastating, not sure how they sell advertising when so few will be watching, with "add blocking via Firefox" just another nail in the coffin. Personally I would not be surprised to see no one bid for the Australian broadcasting rights. Cheers Gary
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