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  1. Seems that some pricing is already out online for $2290. Cheaper than current range, also seen $2330. In both cases need to add in postage of $100-200 depending on location, i am sure once they land that the price can be had in store. I have heard that there is lag for gaming which puts me off as it is one of the primary uses for me as I have a cinema room with projector for movie watching. Does anyone know if it is noticeable lag or just being picky? Edit: pricing links $2,290.00 http://www.webprice.com.au/online-store/panasonic-th-p65st60a-smart-viera-neo-plasma-tv $2,330.00 http://www.savvyappliances.com.au/catalog/product/view/id/33086/category/18/-id-THP65ST60A/ Cheers, Adam.
  2. Great news, enjoy the new sub. It is a great bit of kit. Thank you also for the prompt payment, a pleasure to deal with.
  3. Hey Sten, Looking at around $150-200 based on a couple of online quotes. PM me if you want to go ahead and I can make some calls for a more exact quote (plus check options and ways they might be able to keep it closer to the $150 side) which I will provide for your reference. Cheers, Adam.
  4. Sub is still available - $850. Can deliver to most places south and south east of Melbourne or meet close to Melbourne for anyone on the other side. Happy to courier to interstate buyers at their expense.
  5. Price Drop - all titles are NOW $8 each or $30 for the lot.
  6. For Sale - free postage: Patriot (uk, all region: A,B,C) - $10 30 days of night (aus version) - $10 Death Proof (reg B )- $10 Sin City (canadian version) - $10 From Paris with love (region A) - $10 Open to offers or the lot for $40 including delivery. Cheers, Adam.
  7. Hey All, Looking for AFL on the Wii if any has and wants to sell (or trade). Cheers, Adam.
  8. Price drop to try and move this along a bit quicker. $890 - If you are anywhere in the Berwick/Pakenham to Traralgon stretch (down the monash fwy), I would be happy to deliver (pre-payment or cash required). Cheers, Adam.
  9. I have not demoed that sub to be able to comment, Happy for anyone on the forum to give an unbiased opinion of the 2 subs if they have heard both. I know that they both get great reviews.
  10. If you are in the Melbourne area I am happy to meet you half way for pickup (Pakenham/Berwick area). I am also offering a 7 day money back guarantee.
  11. Hey All, Selling my Krix Seismix 5 subwoofer. About 5 years old but only used for about 15 months and never driven real hard. Was used in a small apartment so could never crank it up anyway, then I went through a moving phase so it was in storage a long time while I setup a new cinema room (took way longer than expected) and by the time the room was ready I had a submersive to replace it :-) Since I got the submersive it has patiently waited under cover for me to sell it (actually forgot all about it!) Absolute perfect working condition, not a mark or fault on it. Finished in beautiful Atlantic Jarrah. Dimension, weight and cone size it seems to match Krix's current model Sub the "Volcanix" ($2195 rrp) obviously without the feet and LCD bells and whistles. Looking for $990 ono. Prefer PM, thanks. Check out the photos below, I am located in Newborough Victoria, 3825. (about 50 mins south of pakenham) for pickup/inspection. I can post but at buyers expense (and method). Cheers, Adam.
  12. For sale - $12 each including postage Death Proof 30 days of night The Patriot Sin City (Canada version) From Paris with love Any 2 for $20 inc postage. All either region B or region Free - all work in Australia BR players or PS3. Cheers, Adam.
  13. My sub arrived yesterday (actually the depot rung me to say it would be delivered Monday and my reponse was like hell im coming to pick it up). Got it home, set it up - super easy. Quick calibration and I was off. My initial impressions (thought it would be a nice change of pace from the last few pages of replies): The finish, quality of construction, packaging and included cables is all of a extremely high standard - very impressed! Wow this thing is MASSSIVE and HEAVY - once in place, will not be moving it anytime soon :-) Played some demo material, played with calibration disc included and WOW. I spent half my time watching my projector and equipment rack to make sure nothing was going to fall off from the tremendous bass this thing puts out, I only went as high as -6 on sub and -8 on AVR. after calibration I have settled on -12 for the sub as I generally go for around -10 to -12 on the AVR. I have come from a Krix seismix 5, it is no slouch and I have had a couple of great years with it but it just does not compare to the submersive, not even close. My room is 4.5 by 6.5m and the submersive doesnt even need to break a sweat to fill the room. overall: unboxing, setting up and calibrating took less than an hour - very straight forward. Time for a movie - War of the worlds (Blu-ray): What an experience... we all know about the chest thumping power that the submersive can deliver but what really impressed me the most was the clear, crisp and precise bass it delivers. Gun fire, grenades, tanks, explosions, machines footsteps. Everything has its own unique sound and feel. Nothing is muddied, the realism goes up a notch when multiple bass notes are distinguishable and the sub does not interfere with other speakers doing their job. I just felt so much more immersed in the movie. When I watched this movie at the cinemas I gave it a 3 out of 5. Last night I gave it 4 out of 5, the 1 star rise certainly was not because the movie has gotten better in the last 5 years. That's how good this sub is! If you have received the sub but have not got around to setting it up then GET OFF YOUR ASS! you will not regret it! Now i've just got to work out which of the 50+ movies I put aside in the last 6 months I should watch next... Cheers, Adam.
  14. Thanks for everything Kill3m. I have re-deposited the money into the new account. Cheers, Adam.
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