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  1. The international Series will be back in Ireland in 2013 and in Australia 2014!!! This season got cancelled
  2. Even if we landed, Would of been hard to start the match! Saints only played a 14 vs 14 to show the afl why they want the 4 points! Nice to see 1 team is taking this comp seriously
  3. Will the Essendon vs Saints match be on ABC or any other radio station McDigital???
  4. No cricket on GEM in Mildura after WIN went to news!!!
  5. Yes Go Bombers!!! Looking forward to the Fox Footy Launch at 5pm today!!! I'm Hoping for a better season by Essendon in 2012!!! Top 4 finish please hahaha! Nice to see this thread start up again!!! Keep up the good work McDigital!
  6. It will be interesting to see if they do put the cricket on GEM after 6pm now that the cricket will be on after 6 with the rain delays!
  7. One has not renewed it's nba rights and as of this season (When it starts) Will not be broadcasting the nba!!! Very Disappointed!
  8. who did the fridge magnet lol!!! Essendon website has had it as a Ten Network match from the start of the season
  9. Bundesliga Tomorrow night on one at 2am Delay match from last weekend!!! And of course Arsenal and Liverpool TV Not sure about serie A yet
  10. SBS are showing most of there sport in HD now. Good on them!!! Unlike the rest!!!!!! Picture looked great!
  11. good news! Finals will be delayed in HD yeah?
  12. 7MATE isn't listed, So no HD at all!
  13. I watched it in the Club with 300 man united fans!!! Great night chanting and drinking, Shame about the result, but It was a good night!!! They had ESPN thank god for that!
  14. Both Europa League and Champions League Finals will be in HD on SBS!!!
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