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  1. I have a What Hi-Fi subscription that I won't be renewing because of this exact issue, non-existent customer service.
  2. I can Australian Hi-Fi eventually being rebranded to What Hi-Fi to save costs by just reprinting the UK edition of What Hi-Fi with localisation like what Future has done to T3 magazine.
  3. I must admit I'm a bit old fashioned and prefer a magazine plus after I've read them I pass them onto a mate.
  4. I don't know the appropriate forum to post this so I'll post it here. I'm a current What Hi-Fi magazine print edition subscriber but have not received a copy since the March edition. Despite twice contacting the subscription department via Future Publishing’s MyFavouriteMagazines online contact form I have yet to receive a response. Are there any other subscribers experiencing such a delay and/or lack of response?
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