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  1. Guys, just noting that I have quit my position at AUSTAR some time ago, near August 2007 so I won't be frequenting these forums anymore, at least not regularly. Take care.
  2. Ye gads, for once I actually agree with lizclinton. I'll be on the news tonight people, look for the guy with the slit wrists hanging from the tree by his neck on the gold coast.
  3. I think you need to re-read. AUSTAR doesn't charge for a no-show. That was my point. After about 4 no-show's, we get a bit demand-y.
  4. Just for you, DrP, I'm going to find out about the middle-of-the-night resets, if I can. Stay tuned.
  5. You might want to approach someone at AUSTAR's technical call centre regarding swapping your equipment over, his on yours and yours on his (will work as the cards aren't being swapped). If someone says "No that definitely can't be done", keep trying.. stop when you either get what you want or reach your limit of patience If you explain why you want to, and clarify that it is not for malicious intent in any way, and that you just want the same old functionality of what you had before, they should be alright with it after some coaxing. Some of the more vintage reps wont want to help you, but if you get someone who is pretty switched on, I can see it happening, just approach it correctly.
  6. I read about a line of that, then stopped and referred to my short term memory and rehashed half of the other self righteous whinges I've read on here over the past two weeks.. I'm sure I got the hint. Whether you like to think so or not, your kind (read: Audio/videophile) represents but a drop in the ocean regarding our customer base. Someone a few posts back hit the nail on the head. No-one bar a precious few give a rats ass about the release date, the bugs, the abilities of the MyStar. I tried being nice but it doesn't work, so I'm now saying it as I see it. You guys need to do one of two things: 1. Shut up. 2. Do better yourself. If you choose option 1, I applaude your restraint and ability to take a mature and less self-centred approach to the whole situation. Yeah, it sucks ass, but hey, what else can you do? Everyone's heard the old adage... Fighting on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still a retard. If you chose option 2, come back to dtvforum.info and read the newly created forum about how bad your company sucks regardless of your hours and hours of work and oodles of money you've spend or are currently spending on increasing the value and quality of your service. If someone comes in and tries to alleviate the collective mind of the internet users out there who use your product, watch their efforts spiral down the virtual toilet bowl of public opinion.
  7. Guaranteed that wouldn't have worked. The representative that you spoke with either had rung or would be ringing a bunch of people around you, an guaranteed at least one person who thought about anyone but themself would confirm the weather. Plus, our tech would turn up, take one look at it and turn around, walk away. C'mon, it's not fair to ask a guy to get on the roof and install a dish when the roof is probably slippery as hell, and there's a chance it could rain again.
  8. You wont get credit for taking a day off work, because AUSTAR didn't cancel it by choice. It was a forced decision. I could ask you, would it be fair for AUSTAR to ask you for an extra $100 if they turned up to your house and you weren't home at the pre-arranged time? That sort of thing happens time and time again, yet we don't kick up too much of a stink at all, we re-affirm the details of the booking and the specified requirements that we ask be met, and we rebook it, after wasting $100's of dollars in resources in a failed installation attempt. Sorry to say it mate, but you'll just have to suck it up... AUSTAR can't control the weather.
  9. Hey mate, You can, in a way. What I would suggest is picking all your favourite channels, the ones you would actually watch at some time, and using the "TV Guide" button on the remote, enter the Electronic Program Guide and hit "Green" for favourites, flick through the list and tick off the channels you've selected, back out of it and then whilst watching AUSTAR, mash the "green" button to cycle through in numerical order from 101 to 942, skipping those you haven't picked out in the favourites list. I hope this helps.
  10. this website really needs to be renamed http://dtvwhinge.troll or something You're not in a position to comment because you haven't tried it yourself. I have a friend in the MyStar testing department and they're working day in day out to try and get this thing ready for you complaining ungrateful so-and-so's, so lay off and just freakin' well hope it comes out soon. I can't wait to see all the ****ing threads that will start when all you "tech guru's" (read: nerds with no life) pick the poor box to pieces and point out all its "monumental" failures, despite the fact that if they do exist, they'll be relatively minor. I guess you just can't please some people. Peace out. (Cue lizclinton cynicism)
  11. He lives quite close to the border between AUSTAR and Foxtel. What that means is that when he originally subscribed to PayTV, he was in an area only serviceable by AUSTAR. In the 11 years he was paying for the service, the areas were re-zoned and he was then in a Foxtel area. Given he already had his subscription with AUSTAR he was not required to change, and as long as he wanted to recieve it he was welcome to keep it. However, upon disconnection/reconnection or his above-mentioned decision, he was able to reconnect only with Foxtel. And also, you aren't able to reconnect with AUSTAR unless you move back into an area serviceable by us. Also, from the sounds of things you were quite civil with our staff when you phoned, on behalf of them and the others who take repetative calls from unreasonables all day long, I'd like to thank you for keeping your cool and explaining things civilly.
  12. lol yet another golden post by the queen of cynicism. You go pay for the rollout of upgraded STB's, then do us all a favour and refrain from hitting the "reply" button on these forums. What's that? You don't have the millions in required resources? Neither do AUSTAR otherwise we'd roll out the new boxes and save your poor little fingers the trouble of translating such a negative attitude to the dtvforum.info website all the time. You should become a TV and Movie critic, you're enough of an unreasonable pain the ass. I've had enough of this rubbish, I'm not posting here anymore because I'm tired of the ungrateful assholes and the unrelenting negative comments.
  13. I like the way you assume that the channel providers would charge AUSTAR a price that would equate to $1 per channel per customer. The more channels you chop out of the Starter Pack, the greater the price-per-channel. So, go with 35 channels at $36.95 or take out 20 that you don't watch, and pay $36.95 for the channels you're keeping because they're the most popular hence the most expensive. Just be comfortable knowing that you don't know half of the complications that our content controllers would have to deal with, because if you did, you'd have to answer to the 100's of thousands of people demanding to know why you're ripping them off so hard despite the fact they don't know half of what you do.
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