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  1. Have not seen any corro on the G3 yet and as for the Omega, try telling Austar that, they are all being sent back to field for installation, I have installed around 20 of them in the 2 months! 9 just last week!
  2. The SMS is being retired, has RED numbers to one side.
  3. Thats right, I understand if you have pre-paid, you will see the extra channels.
  4. You should ring them, because they might connect another box for free for a month, then return it at the end of the month. The equipment (Cable/MS) cost you nothing. Do it yourself, and the cost will blow out.
  5. I hope you were charged for that, the tech would have come around for no payment, what a wonderful world we live in.
  6. Austar techs have continually complained to Austar and ATS at various forums, including the great mastermind himself all of which fell on deaf ears. I would suggest Hugh has cost Austar alot of money because of the Mystar. But that is being re-claimed in the $100 install fee ha ha. I must say, no different to any other large corporate identity
  7. Has the tech been out to have a look at the LNB cables. Can often be caused due to one of the cables been faulty, ie. braid touching centre. As for 3 and 4, you might want to complain to the FTA stations about that, I understand they supply the information to Austar for the EPG and I dont think I have seen accurate times from the FTA's for years, I understand this is done on purpose, they would rather you watch the end of their show during the start of the other show you wanted to watch???? Upgrade to HD model.
  8. your antenna plugs into the back of the mystar and this is how Mystar SD/HD picks up the signal, the FTA channels are not sourced from the Satellite with Austar.
  9. After the initial Hit, you need to reset the box so it can scan for the FTA, thats WTF is going on. Hold done the i button on your remote to ensure that 4 digit regional code is in the system, if not, contact tech support. The 4 digits are next to the L30
  10. IF you think there will be no teething problems you are in the land of the dreaming, but at least give it a go before writing it off as you are doing here. Yeah sure lets hear about it. Something I observed today which was a little strange was the search for channel screen was doubled up, one on the left and one on the right, when the channel came up it was normal. I know its a fault and the box is crap! I am sure you guys will find every little annoying item that will want to make you suicide. Who in hell uses the Active on the TWC????? Thats very funny!
  11. I understand there are around 15 or 20 being installed around pakenham tomorrow, I am south of pakenham
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