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  1. No it's definitely in a normal rca input. Audio2 in this case.
  2. Hi guys, I have a Rega fono mc with a rega planar 6 with the ania cartridge connected to a Yamaha RX-A2080 receiver with a pair of unknown brand rca's that cost about $70 from memory. Before you even turn on the turntable power supply, there is a hiss coming from the fono mc - it's the sort of hiss you can hear if you turn the volume up fairly loud, but not when music is playing as the music overrides it. Regardless, I wouldn't mind getting rid of it if I can. I also have a Tube Box DS phono amp from another system that I plugged in to test, and I still get the hiss. So I'm guessing it's the cable / cable shielding. So basically, is this hiss normal - if so I'll ignore it and get on with life. If it's not - is it a reasonable assumption that it's the cable - with the receiver in 'pure direct' mode the hiss remains. Further more, unplugging every connection out of it except these rca's the hiss remains. (please note, I know I should use a dedicated power amp but it's not going to happen soon). If it probably is the cable at fault, can anyone recommend a brand and price point to look for? I only need 1 meter, actually if I moved the Fono MC I could probably make it shorter. I don't mind spending something in the hundreds. Many thanks Gav
  3. goodness i thought these would sell straight away. $900 - no offers. Hopefully someone can enjoy these in a proper setup before i turn them into ridiculously oversized computer speakers. cheers
  4. Item: Paradigm Studio V3 Location: Wollongong NSW Price: $900 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: I chose poorly in marriage Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: I really, really love these speakers and they work perfectly and sound fantastic. Unfortunately I have to move to Bookshelfs for size reasons. The only things to note is 1) The very top of the speaker, one of the speakers has lost it's smooth finish (no idea why) - its only the sort of thing you notice if you happen to physically run your hands over it. And 2) The speaker grills fit fine but the little sticks that hold them not all insert - HOWEVER they still stick on perfectly fine and when sitting on speaker look completely normal. There are 2 tiny minute holes at bottom of one of the grills. Not really noticeable unless you stick your head 10 cm to the speaker. The plates for "not" running bi-amp I do have, they just aren't in the pics. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. hey guys Thanks for all the info. A couple have said the Yamaha is not good enough - this surprises me, I know it won't be as good as a real dedicated power amp, but surely given i'm only running 2 channels it should have a bit of power, particularly if I bi-amp the speakers? Given the receiver is 9x140 and I'm only running 2 channels, I never really thought I'd need to lash out and get a separate amp. If I need to i will, I'd just get a 2ch amp - but it still surprises me. I am a bit rusty on this stuff, it's been years since I've thought about my stereo gear. cheers
  6. By goodness the guy who wrote the Osborn website doesnt mind sticking his chest out and making some big claims! Thanks for the Aussie list, working my way through their websites at the moment.
  7. My wife is very pretty and I occasionally enjoy sleeping with her. The cabinet is adjusted to her, not the speakers unfortunately and any variance on this will be met with sleeping in the dog kennel.
  8. Hi guys, we have reorganised our TV cabinet and unfortunately my beloved Paradigm Studio 100's just don't fit the space. I'm looking at buying a pair of very good bookshelfs instead. I've never heard them but from a quick google, the Paradigm Prestige 15B's, the KEF R3 Any hints to get me started? The amp is a Yamaha RX-A2080. It's a 2 speaker only setup but i'll prob add a sub later on. cheers Gav
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