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  1. Thanks womble66, I'll check it out since at the moment we have a coffee table made up of remotes for 2 dvd players, 1 tv, 1 cd plus my amplifier...It sounds like it might be a plan.
  2. Wanted to buy, Mitsubishi remote control handset in good working condition to work on a HC4000 DLP projector. I believe it's the same for several other models too. The projector is fully usable but a genuine remote would be nice rather than a clone from eBay, so if you have one then please message me with a price or I can do an exchange for an Optoma HD65 remote control in mint as new condition.
  3. I own the above set top box with software version - PHL2.2 and hardware rev. 1.6 which has stutter on channel 21 ABC...I know I've probably got more chance of being bitten by a daffodil, but just by any chance, does anyone have a copy of any updated firmware on their computers that they'd be willing to share? I still use this box with my 42" Philips plasma tv with ambilight and I fancy a challenge and feeling like afterwards. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Adam I'd be asking Samsung if it has a dealer/service menu to change option codes and settings to make it capable of receiving PAL B/G reception as well as NTSC if I were you! I take it that it runs on 240 volt mains voltage and not just 110 volts since most modern electronic appliance's feature switch mode power supplies capable of running on 50 - 60 Hz 110 - 240 volt mains supplies
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