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  1. I have a collection of Laser Disks Anyone interested to purchase or should I throw out?
  2. M&K V125 Sub Only $400.00 Located Langwarrin near Frankston Victoria Goood condition No Home Cinema now Come and get it !!
  3. OK sorry Guys Sub $600 Centre speaker $1000 Langwarrin Victoria (Near Frankston)
  4. Hi Have Krix Epicentrix in Black a very serious centre channel speaker Recently moved no home theatre system now Also a M&K Sub V125 also good Make an offer no use for them now lightingaustralia@gmail.com or PM
  5. Hi I have surplus the above Sub Very good In excellent condition Any offers please, have shifted house and no theatre system now Please contact me at lightingaustralia@gmail.com or PM me Thx ps Also have a KRIX Epicentrix in Black..also good condition
  6. I have Mitsubishi HC4000 Very pleased, its excellent Cost just over A$1000 from Amazon (about May last year) Only recently installed (see my blog) Cant fault this projector
  7. Thanks for comments The ceilings are mat black walls mat chocolate with chocolate carpet The downlights are mounted over the screen are 12 Watt high powered LED Blue. LED is pure colour so bathes light in nice blue colour There is also a halogen wall bracket on same circuit and all on a remote dimmer
  8. Hi No. Nothing special, doing it on a budget Because I have taken half the garage we are concerned on resale value of the house When we come to sell the house new owner could have as is with all equipment or we will pull it down
  9. Hi M-H-P Was quite a big garage, My wife has only got a Mini so that helps
  10. Room is 5.7M long 4.5M wide at screen end Screen is Elite 120inc Projector Mitsubishi HC4000 Amp: Onkyo Blue Ray Oppo Speakers Mission Argonaut + Krix Wired 7.1 Sub KBL + M&K
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