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  1. Like minds I love SANSUI a photo of my AU-717 set up I restored every thing my self.
  2. Andrew Jones he my hero as fare as speakers go ELACs they sound great far better than there sises suggests I love them . I uploaded a photo of some of my DIY speakers the tall set are my transmission line design speakers . They sound Great with Focal . JBL parts
  3. They were designed with venerable levels-10dBV signal levels, to +4dBu signal levels on some inputs to match different sources plus you can separate main amp and pre amp to insert different devices , I have never seen so many options on any other amp.So for me it was a great find we even installed these amps in shopping centers and Pubs for public addresses for music and voice overs these left TOA systems for dead we even made our own ceiling speakers from 8" woofer and Philips dome tweeter . The speakers for the ceiling sounded great
  4. In the early 70s & 80s I owned and ran a company called ALLEN PA & LIGHTING When I did corporate gigs I used CA 110 & CA 200 I used in bi amp configuration with 4350 JBL monitors for the sound. The CA 110 is still the only amp I have ever seen that has 2 microphones mixer and source mixing all at once plus bass mid & tremble plus VU meters. 2 PHONO 2 AUX 3 Tape inputs. if that wasn't pro at the time show me a better more compact easy to set up ,easy to operate. I easerly had the best sounding corporate sound system in Australia at the time. I also used YAMAHA NS 1000s for smaller gigs and just the CA 110 amp When other company's used Rola s speakers and Eminar pa head After nearly 40 years later its all still working that's pro built to last
  5. Cybernet using modular ‘power-pack’ output devices these have some very good and distinctive properties. 1 the hole output stage remands the same temperature its enclosed less noise . 2 The parts are close together like a PC less stray wiring . 3 Distortion is less than .03 and noise is very low. I tested my Cybernet and after 45 year's it still came up to or exceeded specs
  6. Cybernet very rare 70s Hi Fi aimed at the pro audio market. One of the best sounds I heard from a receiver ... and I have listened to enough! If you have the opportunity to purchase these devices, do not hesitate Very beautiful CA-60, CA 110 ,CA 200 all have very good sound. Very detailed deep powerful sound with many different sources. Let me know what you think My setup with the ELAC speakers.
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