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  1. rewind when watching live is very unreliable with the latest upgrade. One show I was watching it wouldnt rewind! it just froze 1 second behind live and then locked up. waited 20 minutes but still didnt respond, had to do a reboot!
  2. I see the old trick of removing the smartcard and doing a rescan to get the upcoming channels no longer works. All olympics channels are now viewable on a non provider box
  3. I'm getting really tired of this POS rewinding one hour back when I pause it. The two times I have rung uselesstar about it their fix was to turn it off at the wall and restart it 1 minute later This latest firmware is a piece of crap, its riddled with bugs when recording and very sluggish. A week ago I woke to see it stuck on the "upgrading epg" screen, right when I had a scheduled series linked recording supposed to be happening. An hour later it was still on the bloody upgrading epg screen and wouldn't respond to the remote. Had to do a full reset then it would just go into standby and not scan. Tried three times with no success so turned it off for 15 minutes and then it was ok, may of been an overheating problem? And needless to say my recording was tagged as failed, "power failure" cited as reason for failure. wish i could get a foxtel iq2 instead, Im sick of it. If it wasnt for the HD channels it would go back
  4. does anyone know the remote key sequence to reformat the drive?
  5. Noticed a bizarre "glitch" with the HD Mystar and FTA. If I set up a recording just using the now/next popup the damn thing records 90 minutes of a 30 minute show, ie the hour before the show and the 30 minutes of the show. Doesnt matter if I "adjust" the recording times, it does it every time. Recording from the EPG works fine
  6. Both our HD mystars show a black screen on Prime 006. No problem with Prime 062 (Seven2) or Prime 063 (7Mate) on the same antenna. Tried a reset, no difference. Prime works fine on both tvs which are looped from the mystars antenna out. Signal is from Mt Sugarloaf Newcastle. All other FTA channels are fine. Never had a problem before so did something change with Prime that the mystar cant display pics?
  7. Yes it is non functional. Hopefully one day it will be used for on demand online downloads like foxtel now has, but knowing Austar it will be in two years time and not work properly. Even better would be to be able to use it to stream, but i seriously doubt Austar will ever allow that
  8. For a nwe one that is a good price but you can get better, I got one from HN a month ago for $1448, the drone told me that was so close to cost he couldnt take any more off, not that that counts for anything tho.
  9. I bought 4 HDMI cables the other day and they arrived very quickly. But wait there is more. I am very impressed, they are the highest quality cables, bloody fantastic value for money and the occasional "blockies" I was getting is now completely gone! I'll be reccemending them to anyone and everyone who needs a good cable
  10. wgives a toss if they get angry, the two have such a ridiculous gentlemens agreement that would be illegal in any other industry, can you imagine Coles and Woolies dividing oz up and saying only country people can haveColes and only city people can have Woolies? And taking the box with you is NOT illegal. It is a breach of contract but is it is not breaking a law set by the government
  11. Is this a verticle line on the rh lower side of the screen? Its on both mytvs with hd mystars tonite? cant get rid of it
  12. That is good news, but why oh why havent they listened to the repeated requests for Nat GEO HD!!!
  13. Well that's not strictly true, it depends where in Dungog you live and if you are prepared to have a big antenna/mast aimed at MT Sugarloaf like I have. I live in Dungog not far from the showgrounds and get ALL the channels from MT Sugarloaf, including Prime. But Prime/Prime72 and 7Mate are the weakest so you do have to be in a sweet spot to get them, seems I am. I can feel your pain tho, my mother in law lives in Abelard st and she hates the fact she cant get Prime etc on digital. And WTF doesnt Austar enable Mystar to scan the Dungog tower for the NBN tx, the damn thing will only get SC10 if you only have an antenna aimed at the Dungog site. Someone said late March for Prime at Dungog, but they havent even started testing yet.
  14. Amazingly this offer is still going. We went to HN for their tv sale last weekend and picked up a 58" panasonic plasma for $1447 and got the austar free hd mystar voucher. We already have one hd mystar, but we also have the old crappy sd mystar, I had been waiting for Austar to dump their ridiculous $100 fee for upgrading to HD mystar before replacing the sd mystar but now I can get one without paying the $100 One thing puzzles me is why did the Austar rep ask whether I paid more than $1000 from the item I purchased? Do they have a cut off point that if it's below $1000 you don't qualify?
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