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  1. No, some extracts from the FAQ:- Remember the only time you will get S-Video out the video-Scart is when you set the box to output S-Video from the tv-Scart, so you cannot have Component from the (tv)Scart and S-Video from the (video)Scart at the same time. Component(scart(tv) socket) & Composite(scart(video) socket) YUV setting OR RGB(scart(tv) socket) & Composite(scart(video) socket) RGB setting OR S-Video(scart(tv) socket) & S-Video(scart(video) socket) S-Video setting OR Composite(scart(tv) socket) & Composite(scart(video) socket) PAL setting
  2. Just an update on this, they are sending crid2 (unique id for series) as well these days.
  3. Broadcasters can send unique ID's (Series/Episode) for a EPG show/entry that PVRs/etc can then use to record every show of series by matching.
  4. I haven't looked at it closely yet but it appears Seven Melbourne has started sending TV-Anytime style data for those interested. EDIT: Only noticed type 1 CRID's so it is probably useless if they don't also send type 2 CRID's (Series).
  5. I assume you mean from a standard box (non-iQ) to a iQ2 (pace also). Yes for normal satellite installations it requires two cables. You were probably looking at the cable version of the iQ2.
  6. That unit has a menu setting to turn off HDMI sound I think. I assume you checked that, tried power off at wall both DVD recorder and Austar for at least a minute, tried reseting to factory defaults, and like peter said bog standard AV cable. Also tried DVD/Analogue tuner to see if it is sound from any source. They were a good little recorder, stand-alone DVD recorders (no HDD) are thin on the ground these days, I saw a LG DR389 play up on recording from Foxtel iQ recently (spurious copy-protected signal detected every now and then I suspect, didn't investigate).
  7. I have an old copy of the source. I do a version myself http://forum.toppy.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15575 for a few users to clean up the broadcast EPG into something more readable.
  8. I upgraded the firmware on one of those, with that file (had other unrelated files as well) in the root folder of a 4GB cheapie USB stick. Sorry, don't remember doing anything special. Didn't fix the small annoyances of the owner anyway (yet another firmware that doesn't show both short and extended description).
  9. So they are not going to play nice and use a content identifier descriptor (0x76) (ETSI TS 102 323) for the crid like they do in the UK? If anyone here is working on the Nine (Melbourne) networks broadcast, could you fix the dropping of a description char every extended event descriptor. And give whoever puts in the daylight savings data for the TimeOffsetTable a kick (last time I checked says we are Changing from +10:00 to +10:00 25/10/2009 yea right!) (All others had it correct as Changing from +10:00 to +11:00 on 4/10/2009).
  10. My first guess would be when they installed they changed the Foxtel video output to Component, so with your Composite in from DVD recorder it won't be converted to Component hence no picture. Just connect DVD recorder output direct to TV. Otherwise you might have cable/plugs mixed up.
  11. You could get a Component Amplifier/Splitter (eg google "4 Way Powered Splitter Component Video + Stereo Audio") . If you have the older iQ you can do at least one remote sensor through coax back to the box (there are also third party systems that do remote through coax), otherwise look at the many wireless IR/Video senders/receivers (even if you just use it for the remote).
  12. No, wrong direction device for a start by the looks.
  13. DGTEC Freeview HD STB DGFV7200 (MHEG 5 Interactive Middleware enabled) http://www.dse.com.au/cgi-bin/dse.storefro.../product/GH5913 Topfield Freeview HD STB TBF-7110 http://www.itopfield.com.au/aus/product/detail.asp?idx=238 http://www.itopfield.com.au/freeview/TBF-7110_090402.pdf Topfield Freeview HD USB PVR Ready STB TBF-7120 http://www.itopfield.com.au/aus/product/detail.asp?idx=239 http://www.itopfield.com.au/freeview/TBF-7120_090409.pdf
  14. Yes normal HDMI cable, Foxtel should use one if you get a 480iQ or iQ2 (only models with HDMI output currently) installed and you have a HDMI TV at time of installation.
  15. Check to see if there is a better firmware available for your devices. If not complain to the manufacturer. Melbourne:- TEN do broadcast descriptions. SBS2 doesn't broadcast a guide (probably will start when they relaunch it 1st June). Your probably not seeing Nine's episode & movie names as well.
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