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  1. https://www.youtube.com/post/Ugz4JRKs-hEkRzyAuwh4AaABCQ
  2. You may need to add a currency dominator soon... and maybe a caveat that prices can differ in different continents...
  3. Remember to consider : the item may be working well prior to shipping, but if it’s dead on arrival what happens? settle payment methods and all shipping and any insurance costs tax and custom charges
  4. Shipping will be your main issue. I might add that you may want to stay AWAY from the Asian site Prices are quite 'different' shall we say in Asia... you might be come disillusioned... I can't find my old sticky on shipping to Oz thread... maybe Marc can find it.. TVs are cheap in Oz, but the other stuff can be considerably cheaper, especially the Asian brands like Marantz... If members in Oz start comparing prices, you may see more white anting or comments which don't help the sellers IMO...
  5. Did my review: This speaker will do well... https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2020/10/kef-ls-50-meta-review-and-comparison.html
  6. Nice space, I have a 7.2.4 system running in such a space. So I'll say go the full hog and get 7.1.4 or two subs!
  7. No no, please get matching tweeters for the front three... You can see my setup in my signature. But do sort out what you want, HT first or stereo. (https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2020/02/my-setup-22020.html) A more complicated idea is to have a soundbar for HT - mind you the good ones aren't that bad. Try the HK Enchant 1300 for example (http://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/04/harmon-kardon-enchant-1300-review.html) And then a proper stereo system for your critical music listening...
  8. If music matters, 2.1 is fine. If HT is your main interest, then a 3.1 is better. IMO The centre and the sub will carry most of the info.
  9. 6" from the wall? I reckon the Monitor Audio Bronze 2, Usher 520, Or Elac Debut 6.2 will be nice. They are all front ported. Or if you can get more coin, the B&W 805 is a lovely speaker. You won't regret it.
  10. TS sits at 4m, so I'm trying to tell him that a 65" - even a top model will not be used at it's optimum at such distances..
  11. For you to enjoy the benefits of a 65" OLED you'll need to sit within 2.5m or even less...
  12. At 4m, 4k is moot... I sit 2.5m from my 75" Sony. No fuss and even then, I feel it's rather small..
  13. So any progress? remember to budget for a simple laser distance measure and at least download a spl app or REW (free) and the UMIK..
  14. Did anyone else notice: Quite a few movies in my collection, even some like West Side Story have been upgraded. Most of the recent Marvel stuff, Disney and Dreamworks stuff have DV and others have had Atmos added. Brilliant!
  15. Unfortunately the Oppo is 2 generations out so updates aren't going to come anymore. The owner made his pile from elsewhere and doesn't bother to develop BR players anymore.
  16. I'm using an old Denon amp to drive my LS50s. I had good success using the KEF powered speakers too, and also a Zeppelin. Many options out there. You should look at the connectivity options of each offering and see if they fit.
  17. Looking at the throes of the Apple TV os 14 updates, I'm glad, I've bee differing it until it's more stable...
  18. Some simple tweaks - play with MRC - if you haven't downloaded the Audyssey app do it - you may be better off with a nice stereo amp that has HT bypass - takes enough stress off the Denon, but also gives you a satisfying stereo performance. For the smooth sound that is clean, my own preference is Marantz. For a bit more kick, the Cambridge Audio stereo power amps sound good and give plenty of drive.. But I would really suggest playing around with the settings in your current setup first. You might save some coin..
  19. Huge difference mate... huge.. Also, the REL subs which are musical are in their higher range.. The HT 1205 is very decent, but it's better for HT: https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/04/rel-ht1205-review.html If you can spring for the JL Audio E series, you won't regret it... I'm running a brace of the E112 in my room which is about 3.9 by 4.2 m
  20. May I ask what's the issue with the current sound / setup that makes you want to add a power amp? IMO, if the room isn't too big, you have subwoofers to take the big bass away, you may not need any power amp at all. Some simple tweaks which don't require a pro calibrator: - as mentioned, move those speakers out, minimum will be a foot or two. - toe them in slightly but experiment - get a bigger screen! I think that will improve your HT experience much more than the amp.. - lower the screen - you should mount it such that the centre of the screen is a littl
  21. Can you use it? Yes But whether it will give a good clean sound.. unless you never use any of the aircons... Otherwise it may not be worth the investment..
  22. I don't anyone uses 3 front speakers + 4 TOP Speakers and No surrounds... The resultant surround effect does not seem to make sense..
  23. Mate, maybe you can sit down and read the about the various speaker positions and terminology first.. it will really help your cause.. cheers
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