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  1. Some simple tweaks - play with MRC - if you haven't downloaded the Audyssey app do it - you may be better off with a nice stereo amp that has HT bypass - takes enough stress off the Denon, but also gives you a satisfying stereo performance. For the smooth sound that is clean, my own preference is Marantz. For a bit more kick, the Cambridge Audio stereo power amps sound good and give plenty of drive.. But I would really suggest playing around with the settings in your current setup first. You might save some coin..
  2. Huge difference mate... huge.. Also, the REL subs which are musical are in their higher range.. The HT 1205 is very decent, but it's better for HT: https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/04/rel-ht1205-review.html If you can spring for the JL Audio E series, you won't regret it... I'm running a brace of the E112 in my room which is about 3.9 by 4.2 m
  3. May I ask what's the issue with the current sound / setup that makes you want to add a power amp? IMO, if the room isn't too big, you have subwoofers to take the big bass away, you may not need any power amp at all. Some simple tweaks which don't require a pro calibrator: - as mentioned, move those speakers out, minimum will be a foot or two. - toe them in slightly but experiment - get a bigger screen! I think that will improve your HT experience much more than the amp.. - lower the screen - you should mount it such that the centre of the screen is a little below eye level Something to soften the walls, eg diffusers will be useful - but again tell us what's wrong with the sound first. These days, diffusers can be combined into paintings or murals.. Good luck
  4. Can you use it? Yes But whether it will give a good clean sound.. unless you never use any of the aircons... Otherwise it may not be worth the investment..
  5. I don't anyone uses 3 front speakers + 4 TOP Speakers and No surrounds... The resultant surround effect does not seem to make sense..
  6. Mate, maybe you can sit down and read the about the various speaker positions and terminology first.. it will really help your cause.. cheers
  7. IMO, do it once, do it good. If $$ is an issue, just enjoy the 'inoffensive' sound now, since it's not jarring. Trust me, if your system is a pain to listen to, then it's no fun. Then get an amp / DAC / whatever that you really crave...
  8. A square room is a bit tricky... but I’ll root for a JL Audio e110 or the Dominion Series if the former is too dear..
  9. However if you want a ‘different ‘ sound for less coin, a pair of good cans like the Senns 800 will be sweet, just don’t forget a good amp.. i like a sweet sound so I went with the 650..
  10. May I add the Cambridge audio edge nq and w to your list. You’ll hear details and keep digging out old tunes, and listen to them once more, with your ears and mouth wide open for a bit more money the Rotel Michi power amp partners well with the Edge NQ 👍
  11. If you can manage ceiling positions, that will be best. It will be the TOP MIDDLE Atmos position - do check the link in the second post in your thread.. Well, you could place your surround speaker on a stand and move it into position when you use it. Or just place it adjacent to your sofa on the right of it..
  12. You can use a spot on the right before your fridge for a stand or wall mount surround please read up on the nomenclature of speakers mate.. you’ll find the Heights are what you’re after rather than TOP positions unless you’re using in ceiling positions
  13. Blocking window - great! Light control Sitting nearer to the TV - great! You can get closer to the THX viewing angle You can mount the FRONT HEIGHTS on the brick wall at the same distance apart as the front pair The rears can be REAR HEIGHTS can be spread out a bit and if you Must mount them on the ceiling just point them at your main listening position. Side surrounds can be run along the walls at the height of your ears when seated.
  14. Will you consider using the brick wall on the right side for the front three speakers and TV? Having the current arrangement means that you'll get rather unequal frequency responses from your front left and right.. Very open on the left side. And this will solve the side speaker mounting..
  15. How about a Marantz PM11s3? the last Reference amp which is fully analogue .. equipped with a ht bypass and built to last
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