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  1. BTW, for power sockets, whatever you have planned: Double it! Likewise for LAN, at least two in front and maybe one more behind. I would run cables for 7.2.4 including sub cables. Amazon, Blue Jean etc make decent subwoofer cables, and in wall cables. Personally I spent a bit more on QED Micro. A low profile cable for my surrounds. You don't need gigantic surround cables given the short runs. But buy a ream of 100 to 200m or so. You can't really dictate how the builder runs the cables..
  2. Firstly, what a lovely home! +1 on moving the couch - use the 2/3 rule You can get 7.1.4 but I would suggest 2 subs - 7.2.4 The key is in good speaker placement. I have a link to my own journey you can look up pete's write for it. I'm not allowed to post any links. Budget for the items, in cost, and time Then assess how hard do you want to do it. Eg, I would cut into the walls to place banana speaker posts then mount speakers on it for a cleaner look. You can use speaker stands too. Ceiling - I'm assuming it's a false ceiling? You can run cables inside to the back (run a HDMI cable too in case a projector project appears later on). On ceiling or in ceiling choices are plentiful - you can see what I'm using. But it's nice to be symmetrical, but we live with what we have. Then do some acoustic treatment later on after the system is run in and you do some measurements. There are WAF acceptable options. Good luck!
  3. Probably because they imported these and there are many more options and at a lower cost..
  4. My first thought is to convert it to a sliding door.. especially when you consider how it allows all kinds of speakers Having a rear ported with a bung: IMO doesn't sound the same Front ported speakers are not as common.. The B&W 805 falls into this - I've used past editions and they sound very good. If your money stretches to it, the 804 is nice, but the towers will prefer some space around them.. so having a speaker so close to the wall is hard. The Monitor Audio Bronze 2 is a very nice speak, and works well close to the wall but it's not exactly comparable to your other choices...
  5. My review ~ In summary, simple to use, cheap to acquire. Get for lonely covid nights moderator note - link to blog spot review removed
  6. I haven’t had a freeze during the show, but I’ve had it when I load the disc.
  7. They aren't bad, but there's absolutely no need to stick to the same brand for subs...
  8. Ordered it off amazon.. 220v electronics .. will post more when it arrives.. I’ve tried the older 6500 from them before.. they are quite proper 👍
  9. Just 5.1 sadly... BTW has anyone managed to get BR discs to ship free from USA?
  10. I ended up getting a Sony 3700 region free player.. the remote will also work with my TV, so it's win win.. Will post something when it arrives
  11. I still have an olde Oppo 83 Nuforce, but I 'reserve' that laser for music playback. Parts are hard to come by, so I try to keep it as long as I can.. I have some DVDs from UK, China etc, so I still need that Panny.. But I have a granny room, and my mum still enjoys her dose of BR / DVDs from all over. These days, it's not so urgent, since I bought her a new TV with the AppleTV app installed. She can view my entire collection now and she's lapping it up But I reckon if I can get a cheap BR player I'll keep one. I wish Oppo had continued, I should have kept my 203.. but oh well..
  12. That's my current setup: One US imported X 800, and one X700 for region B.. But they aren't DVD code free, so I'm still using my trusty old Panasonic DVD recorder from Bing Lee that I bought in 2006! 1080i
  13. Thanks mate, that 220 site has nice prices for players, But the cost of shipping is crazy... I'll look around the Laser player range.. I bought a Toshiba before, it was great while it lasted.. The Oppo was an option before, but not anymore for me.. I sold off all my players except my 83 Nuforce..
  14. Hi friends I tried searching for a thread on this, but I was unsuccessful, so if it exists, please feel free to merge this.. I've been trying to locate a region free BR player, and apart from the Laser Brand model, which I last bought 3 years ago, is there anything else? Is it really based on an old Sony model? It's also been harder to track this model down, but I was hoping there will be some other options? Preferably in NSW / Sydney.. Thanks everyone
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