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  1. I've been using the Anthony Gallo A'Diva which are screwed onto the ceiling - you can see it in my signature.. cheers
  2. This might help: https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2020/06/some-basic-info-on-arc-and-earc.html Monoprice makes very affordable cables too..
  3. I'll suggesting wiring up for 7 base channels + 4 top minimum, even 6 points on top And 2 subwoofer cable runs. Gives you a lot more flexibility..
  4. And that’s why I bought the 30n.. i get to play my discs and make use of a pretty decent DAC which comes from the higher models 👍
  5. Revisited my SACD collection after acquiring the Marantz SACD 30n... and it's been fun.. So IMO, there's definitely a place for two channel SACD appreciation. Cheers
  6. IMO, speaker placement is more paramount than even matching speakers. Getting that and the levels right will give you a far better envelop of surround joy. You can see what I'm using for my setup, and the fronts are quite different from the rears.. Using speaker stands, running cables by the side of the walls, or under carpets are potential WAF friendly solutions..
  7. If you like the Marantz Sound, I'll say the current 7 series will be a very nice replacement. Or consider the Denon 6700.
  8. Yes! If you can spend that much, do put the Cambridge Audio Edge NQ on your list...
  9. I have a FM2, and an old Pentax manual camera, cut my teeth on these before I moved onto DSLRs... I still keep the FM2, FG, FA, and a FE2... once in a while, I'll just take them out and wind them... haha
  10. If film was still available, I would have said, get a totally manual camera or something like the Nikon FG or Canon equivalent to let him learn about lighting, focus, and many other techniques. But these days, I'll say get a basic body, Canon / Nikon, but since you have a Canon setup, sharing lenses is advantageous, so go Canon. Then a simple zoom that covers say 18-200 and he has a one stop lens which allows him to work on composition, and other stuff. Cheap one that he can wreck or grow out of. Even a Tamron / Sigma..
  11. If you're in Sydney, there are some outlet branches of the major hiking stores, or wait for the semi annual Kathmandu sale and score a decent one for less coin..
  12. I've a slightly different perspective: Maybe I don't camp as often, so I bought a cheap Coleman, and some brandless stuff you find at Big W, and then if it's really torn up or it's nasty when I next take it out, I discard it. A waste perhaps, but I only go once in a year, so I don't spend on an expensive one.. I love the stuff I used before, Agnes, Macpac etc, but after two years, the thing still deteriorates in storage and I end up binning them anyway... so I've gone cheap. These won't work in a true Nepalese hike, but they work well in good weather with some slight rain..
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