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  1. 5 years is about when issues appeared with the older 5 and 6... so it might be a wear and tear issue or simply a quality problem. The banana stems were vulnerable to breakage on the 5 and there were some other QC issues about 8-10 years ago...
  2. Very nice kit indeed. I went with a different route: Having sold off my Oppo (regretted it), I used the Sony players and got a professional calibrator to get the colors right.
  3. No love for the Sony x800 or x1100es?
  4. How fast can you go ? Cat 6 is enough for most people. The bottleneck isn't in the cables typically. Wifi signals, the source, and even the end equipment are usually where the slowdown occurs. Cat 7 costs a lot more, but sure if you have a large home and a optical >1Gb internet broadband connection, it might be good to future proof the home. I'm getting close to 1Gb on LAN but it's meaningless because you'll never see those speeds in downloads for example. Just FYI a 4k video will only use up a max of 25-40, so there's plenty of capacity even if you have a 200-300 Mb connection..
  5. By the way, I've kept my "Laser Brand" region free player, and whilst it's a little clunky, it's doing well and if one can still find it, (got mine at Chullora Big W), it's a very decent choice for $100. Mine was a refurb unit for $90, with a free HDMI cable - passes HDM 2.0 and ARC with no issues. I've now given it to my mum in law, and it's chugging along perfectly well, connected directly to her TV. I heard they use Sony parts inside, but I have no proof of this.
  6. The customer service at Amazon has been sterling so I prefer to deal with them for all matters. There are numerous vendors for Sony players, much less so for other brands if you are after a region free unit. On the other hand, if space permits, one way is to have two players. The two main regions are A & B. Many players will do code free for DVDs anyway, and UHD discs are region free.
  7. Amazon.. ( I have no shares, sadly) they will include instructions, it's truly idiot proof. I posted my review online, cheers.
  8. The Sony players have the simplest region swopping sequence amongst all the players I know..
  9. I've just finished my thoughts about the player I'll say that if you can get the region free version for a good price, it's a very decent player and will also give your Redbook CDs a good showing.
  10. Maybe I can offer a different perspective: If it's the enveloping experience you're after, some movies are able to give that despite being "only" 5.1 or 7.1 Try out "Riddick" when the monsters walk on the zinc roof Or "Masters and Commanders" during the first cannon fight Even Band of Brothers Epi 2, when the German lobs the grenade - you can trace the path overhead if you have system that's well setup. Cheers
  11. I used them on atacama SE24 stands with some ebony cones I bought off the net and tried some felt pads too The felt pads were better for the cabinet. Didn't really hear much difference
  12. Having owned the X800, X700, I'll share more after a proper review, but yes there are differences. Unboxed yesterday and - build is sweet, the remote still sucks, but sucks less. Tactile feel has gone up - the drive drawer is better and more quiet - hefty piece of gear - the DACs is not bad at all! the AKM 4458 is pretty impressive on a quick listen - region change is quick and very simple
  13. Just arrived will put it through it’s paces in a bit ..
  14. The beauty of these stereo amp is there’s no firmware to update and very little parts to break so they last a long time the caps in the pm11s3 are the same capacitance as my avc 8500... so there’s plenty of juice
  15. Imagine that you have a perfectly good and functioning piece of kit, and you see an alert for a firmware update, what do you do ? This applies to phones / computers and other electronic items too...
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