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  1. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    No mention of what it does, but the update went smoothly enough...
  2. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    Did anyone see a FW update for their 8500 today?
  3. Jurassic World - more action, more teeth, more claws... worth a watch especially for fans of the franchise .. https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2018/06/jurassic-world-fallen-kingdom-movie.html
  4. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    Beware when making updates - you may lose cross-mixing in future: https://www.audioholics.com/audio-technologies/dolby-non-native-upmixing-atmos
  5. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    I can't recall any company that deals online or takes email orders anymore. You probably need to turn up in Singapore.. They will certainly ship overseas from the post offices or Fedex offices after you pay in person
  6. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    The Americans just received a FW update, And it might be the Auro update everyone is waiting for..
  7. petetherock

    Dynaudio Speaker Chat

    Amazing to see a C2 suspend in the air That's their Jupiter acoustic measurement room..
  8. petetherock

    Dynaudio Speaker Chat

    How about a pic of a happy worker:
  9. petetherock

    Dynaudio Speaker Chat

    Thanks, and this is how Roland taught me to fix a dented tweeter: http://peteswrite.blogspot.sg/2018/05/how-to-fix-dented-dynaudio-tweeter.html
  10. petetherock

    Dynaudio Speaker Chat

    Finally put together some pics and a write up of my visit to their factory: https://peteswrite.blogspot.sg/2018/05/dynaudio-factory-visit.html
  11. petetherock


    Has anyone seen Vincent's comparison with the Q9? Our two year old TV still rocks
  12. petetherock

    Munich High End Hifi Show

    https://www.whathifi.com/news/dynaudio-previews-revised-confidence-speaker-range-munich-2018 Dynaudio Confidence.. SRP is almost twice that of the previous series! Typically for Dynaudio cones, the new NeoTec woofers use MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material and neodymium magnets. However, there are new voice-coils with multiple layers of glass-fibre designed to increase rigidity. The MDF baffle of the previous Confidences has been replaced by one made from a Compex composite, chosen for its strong-yet-lightweight properties. Dynaudio says it handles the demands of the new DDC technology better. Drawing from the physical structure of Dynaudio’s Contour range, the Confidence’s bass reflex-ported cabinet is rounded at the back, with terminals integrated into the plinth. The Confidence 20 (£11,000) is a two-way standmounter with 18cm woofer and Esotar3 tweeter, and comes with its own stand to take advantage of the down-firing port. The Confidence 30 floorstander (£17,000) is a three-way design. It features two 18cm woofers, a 15cm midrange driver and an Esotar3 tweeter with DDC Lens. The Confidence 50 (£23,000) is a larger 3-way floorstander with an additional 15cm midrange driver, while the biggest, range-topping, Confidence 60 (£35,000 and pictured above) is a three-way model with two 24cm woofers, two 15cm midrange drivers and Esotar3 tweeter with DDC Lens. The new Confidence range comes in a choice of ‘midnight’, ‘smoke’ and ‘raven wood’ high gloss finishes, or a ‘blonde wood’ finish - it will be launched officially later this year.
  13. http://www.highendsociety.de/index.php/en/events.html Is anyone here? HIGH END 2018: 10TH TO 13TH MAY 2018 The MOC in Munich hosts the HIGH END, our well-known, popular and successful specialist trade fair, which sets the tone in Europe in the truest sense of the expression. Some consider it to be the definitive source of audiophiles inspiration. Others see it as a business date of the highest priority. And both are right. Kari Bremnes - Brand Ambassador of the HIGH END 2018 We are happy to announce that we have been able to win the Norwegian singer / songwriter Kari Bremnes as Brand Ambassador of the HIGH END 2018. The extraordinary performer has presented her artful productions in an excellent recording quality for many years. The HIGH END SOCIETY is therefore especially proud that our fair in particular meets the high standards of this unique artist.
  14. petetherock


    Ah... my set isn't in Oz... not in NSW right now mates