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  1. If you haven't bought the Sonos, also consider the Bose Home speaker 300. I own that and the 500, and they are simple to use with decent sound.
  2. You got them both for 6500??? That’s amazing !! Get some solid cables im using kimber I’ll put some asphalt panels under the slabs too if the missus allows 👍
  3. Here my review of the Heritage Special: https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2021/04/dynaudio-heritage-special-speaker-review.html You'll need to cut off a finger to afford them, and then another one to get the Hegel H390, but the synergy is sweet..
  4. Here my review of the Heritage Special: https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2021/04/dynaudio-heritage-special-speaker-review.html
  5. I respect his views and his methods but we should also be allowed to consider other views 👍
  6. I've been there, and listened to their setups. https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2018/05/dynaudio-factory-visit.html Very scientific, but I think you have to give it some subjective personal opinions too..
  7. You can check out what I'm doing - with pics, to see how close my rear heights are to the back wall. My MLP is also pretty close..
  8. I agree with the 90 degree shift in siting The MLP I’ve got a 7.2.4 in a smaller room and each speaker is pretty much equidistant and around 50-60 degrees from my MLP. There are other solutions to having big bookshelf speakers in your ceiling. 👌
  9. 5.2.4 as a start.. 7.4.4 is also possible if you intend to keep the 6014, I'll suggest listening to the setup first, before you upgrade the amps. With a sub or two helping to drive the lower frequencies, it should be ok. If you feel you need more headroom, then get something that's significantly better.. at least a Rotel 1585 or a Parasound A51 three channel amp..
  10. I won’t diss his findings but if everything is fine, then you don’t need mods and there won’t be any upgrade videos
  11. I’ll say that if it sounds good to you, don’t lose too much sleep over this video I own this and I’m listening to the Heritage right now and with my unprofessional ears they sound fine. I’ve been to their large Jupiter test room in Aarhus and did listening tests there and my personal non objective opinion is that they sound fine. So if you own a pair, keep calm and carry on 👍
  12. May I suggest you consider the Denon 6700 / Marantz equivalent for HT and use the change to get a good stereo amp with HT bypass.. Personally I won't choose an AVR based on the DAC inside.. a decent stereo amp will sound as good as an AVR costing about 3-4 times it's price..
  13. Do you mean the jbl party box 300? now that’s perfect for annoying neighbors and karaoke sessions during lockdowns.. water resistant and runs on batteries no less you can balance a keg of beer on it too very nice piece of kit 👍
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