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  1. I recall my first day using digital TV watching something on SBS.. amazing clarity... and being late to the game, it was on a Pioneer TV... 50" of glorious real estate.. fabulous stuff...
  2. If that is too costly the REL HT1205 is good too.
  3. The cupboard isn’t ideal but if you had to, try a auralex subdude and I’ll suggest a 10” sealed JL audio e110 is my choice.
  4. Over the year end, I've been been in a reflective mood, and I've penned my thoughts down: https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-state-of-home-theatre-looking-back.html I've gone from my first system, using a pair of TDL RTL 3s, to a 7.2.4 system, but I've also kept a stereo system. I also own streaming setups, Bluetooth speakers galore, and my TV is now 'smart', in which I can stream shows. How about you? How has the changing years affect how you listen or watch your movies and music?
  5. I'll suggest the JL Audio E110 or 112 if it fits. Awesome
  6. First Man Movie Review I recently picked it up on 4k UHD and well, it's a blast Now astronaut movies tend towards the heroic, with great bravado, and many last minute by the skin of your teeth moments, and yes it does deliver in this aspect in heaps, but this movie is a lot more than just thrills and spills. My first impression of astronaut movies was "The Right Stuff" a movie which chronicles the adventures of early space exploration, and Apollo 13 starring Tom Hanks and co reinforced this impression of astronauts as cool dudes who performed well under pressure and can do crazy calculations to save their crew with just a slide rule. But this movie gives a different perspective and gave me a new found admiration of men in space and Neil in particular. They may have taken some artistic license with his moments on the moon but the movie focuses on him as sensitive man, a family man and a quiet man. If there was a strong silent type, I now associate it with Neil Armstrong. Buzz on the other hand was portray in a less than positive light and I hope it was just the movie makers trying to give some contrast, but it seems he resented not being first on the moon instead of appreciating that he was the second man. Action and surround sound fans will not have to worry. Despite the dramatic moments, there are many reason to get this as a demo disc. Not only for the booming rockets, but for the moments of silence and the claustrophobic moments in the capsule and the test flights. The soundtrack is another highlight and it's worth your money to get it. The role of his wife went to Claire Foy and she does more than just play a wife. With the few moments she has, she steals the show and they play off each other nicely. A solid 4.5 and for space movie lovers, this is a keeper. Just play the landing scene... gripping to the 10th degree and the emotional ending was a very poignant moment
  7. Added a Artnovion Sub trap to solve that pesky 43Hz peak..
  8. Forget Rush Ford vs Ferrari could very well be the best racing movie of all time https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/11/ford-vs-ferrari-movie-review.html?m=1
  9. I've recently solved some major bass issues in my square room with the Mini DSP: https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/11/taming-square-room-with-two-subs-rew.html
  10. Terminator : Dark Fate Better than some, but not as good as T2: https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/11/terminator-dark-fate-movie-review.html Worth a watch at least and a demo disc in the making ..
  11. Hellboy 2019 Sigh... now why do they need to remake this..... The positives: The new one has solid CGI, the lead really tries to be the Hellboy and the action sequences aren't half bad. The BR disc is likely to be a demo disc, but... The bad: Well, they lack one big thing... the story... the old Dr Broom had emotion, he connected with his son, and the son had issues, and we emphatise with him. He even had typical youth issues, with boy girl problems, being a bum, and making his home a mess, and yes, even issues with using his powers. The monsters and action were the icing on the cake, the cast worked well together there, whereas here, it's hard to connect with this lot. 2/5 Grab the BR disc for a spin when it ends up in the sale bin...
  12. Stuber On the hand, this movie was quite unnecessary and I felt it was a bit draggy if someone was an eye surgeon I think he would be squirming and I guess only Uber will be happy with this show about a cop who corrals his Uber driver to fetch him around as he hunts down a criminal. He needs the driver who is a lot like the taxi driver from Deadpool, as he just had refractive surgery and can’t see well. 2/5
  13. Been on the road so I haven’t written as many reviews but Spider-Man stuck in my mind as one of the best movies of 2019: https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2019/10/spiderman-far-from-home-movie-review.html?m=1 highly recommended
  14. I owned that series before and it had a big bass and an equally prominent treble you have to partner them with a warm amp unless high treble notes are your thing..
  15. Thanks, I got a less pleasant experience sharing this finding on AVS. Somehow, they couldn't accept the bit rates and that Apple TV fared worse.. VPN is a useful thing when you wish to lock into the US shows.. it's really quite useful. As always YMMV ... I went to my friend to double and he confirms that he gets 60-80 mps on his Fire Stick... impressive numbers I'll say.
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