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  1. Trash - movie review Just watched and it's one heck of a ride. It's a Brazilian / US production, with two Hollywood stars throw in, plus some fine actors from Brazil. But the stars are the kids. They exhibit a great deal of maturity, depth and range of emotions and should have been awarded Oscars IMO. A man steals evidence of crime from his employer who is a corrupt politician and the wallet containing the evidence lands in the hands of these kids, who could have taken the simple route, take the loose change in the wallet, then return the wallet for a reward. Instead they do what's right, and that sets the cops and one particularly sinister one after them. Through the chase, you see the range of emotions, from fear, to doubt and then resolve and courage to do what's right, even in the face of such imminent danger and odds. You also see a vignette of the poor in Brazil, the lives and surroundings of where they live. It makes for an even greater contrast to what they are up against and the dialogue which is part Portuguese and part English is snappy and realistic. Not a "French Connection" or "No Country For Old Men", the performances are sterling and deserve recognition. Highly recommended.
  2. I think another big plus is the price.. 2nd hand 205s are being flogged at ridiculous prices... I could buy four 820s for those asking prices..
  3. Yeah, it's not so easy to find one.. somehow Anyway, I'm trying to see if I want to spring for the more expensive one or get a couple of the cheaper ones and use a CD player for music. Did you manage to make yours region free?
  4. Can anyone tell me where I can find a 9000 and maybe the 820 in central Melbourne? Cheers
  5. petetherock

    Music fidelity M6i

    The M6 is a solid amp, and will withstand many upgrades.. just do it!
  6. Den of Thieves: This is like a Heat lite... taking the heist element of that movie, then milking some emotion part out of it. There are also Now You See Me surprise twist parts in it, just so it does not appear to be a straight up heist movie. Does it work? Well I chose to focus on what it does well: The action. There's plenty of surround, good fight scenes and that for me, makes up for the wooden acting and the rather unnecessary relationship angle thrown in to make the lead more 'human'. A whole chunk could have been cut out without missing a beat. So is it a buy, rental or a skip it? I would say it's a rental at least and if it comes cheap, worth a leap of faith for action aficionados.
  7. What are the common adjectives to describe an action movie? Breath-taking stunts, bone crunching combat, breakneck pacing, side splitting dialogue with side kicks and a dash of romantic interlude? Well, here we have a movie with a functional plot, and an extremely hardworking superstar who really strives to make it work.. he is a wonderful chef, placing all the adjectives together into a wonderful movie which he dishes out with all his heart, blood and guts. That's the short take on this.. And that fist fight? Absolutely kinetic... http://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2018/07/mission-impossible-fallout-movie-review.html
  8. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    No mention of what it does, but the update went smoothly enough...
  9. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    Did anyone see a FW update for their 8500 today?
  10. Jurassic World - more action, more teeth, more claws... worth a watch especially for fans of the franchise .. https://peteswrite.blogspot.com/2018/06/jurassic-world-fallen-kingdom-movie.html
  11. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    Beware when making updates - you may lose cross-mixing in future: https://www.audioholics.com/audio-technologies/dolby-non-native-upmixing-atmos
  12. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    I can't recall any company that deals online or takes email orders anymore. You probably need to turn up in Singapore.. They will certainly ship overseas from the post offices or Fedex offices after you pay in person
  13. petetherock

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    The Americans just received a FW update, And it might be the Auro update everyone is waiting for..
  14. petetherock

    Dynaudio Speaker Chat

    Amazing to see a C2 suspend in the air That's their Jupiter acoustic measurement room..