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  1. Nice, but there's no Apple TV app right?
  2. The Monitor Audio FX bipoles will be a slim, low profile speaker that mounts directly onto your wall. I use the Silver FX, which can fit in a narrow corridor.
  3. Size matters... you wont have issues with a 75” at that distance. So I’ll get a 75” Sony or Sammy RU8000 over a smaller OLED. The Sony also supports DV, HDR etc. cheers
  4. I’ve had good experiences with the JL Audio e112
  5. I have used four pairs of these. Great for a simple stereo setup and for surround speakers in HT. Cheap and good.
  6. Stressless chairs and a wall of Billy bookcases complete the look.. That small brown cabinet is a heirloom from my mum.. she had it since she was 16... It's no Hans Wegner or anything, but it's mum's and now it's mine.. Gotta get some dollies for the speakers
  7. From Google, the typical dimensions of a container are: L - 5.89M W - 2.35M H - 2.36M You might get by if: - you use really pinpoint type speakers eg the Orbs or Anthony Gallo - use some blankets on the walls - metal walls is a rather big no no. Or even egg crates work.. - avoid playing at very high volumes - 5m is plenty for a projector or a 70-75" TV Air conditioning for such a space is easy. A 12k BTU air-conditioner will be fine. Plenty of people who will do it for you. So I'll say don't give up! If all that isn't possible, even a pair of cans in the said container isn't too shabby. Everyone deserves their own den, and love nest.
  8. I'm using the 520 for the side surrounds. I used Kefs before, nice but the treble was a bit hot..
  9. Good choice, and not too crazily priced either. Or for a cheaper solution, look for the Usher 520. The LS 50 is nice. The Monitor Audio brand also carries something similar at a much lower price point, with a bright colored woofer..
  10. Thanks, that's amazing piece of history.. and a nice eulogy too..
  11. Sharp eyes I left NSW for a while.. But DTV was the first ever forum I actually participated in .. way back. Was in whirlpool earlier but didn’t really post much So when I get new kit I’ll share it here
  12. I use a 10kg pack of rice.. most Asian stores or even Woolies have it..
  13. What's a new den, without the right "frame" of mind
  14. Just spent some time added some screws so I can hang up a few posters, including an original 70s classic...
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