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  1. Thanks Owen, So just to confirm this is exactly the same then as the 700a just with a slightly different stand and bezel? Just strange that's it's a few hundred dollars more than the 700A for the same spec TV Cheers
  2. Thanks everyone for your replied and information! Much appreciated@ Yes i'm still looking but have a chance to grab one of these really cheap TH-65CX740A http://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/televisions-projectors/televisions/th-65cx740a.html Can't really see any difference over the 700A other than the panel drive is 1000Hz BMR 4K IFC vs 800Hz BMR 4K IFC for the 700A Foxtail did you consider this model?
  3. I see Panasonic have announced new 65" Models * TH-65DX900U (June) * TH-65DX700A (Mid May) (LED LCD) - $4,599.00 * TH-65DX640A (Late April) (IPS LED LCD) - $4,199.00 * TH-65DS610U (Early May) Can someone explain the pros & cons LED LCD vs IPS LED LCD. Looking at the two highlighted models Cheers
  4. Thanks Ageless, was it the KDL75W850C model you picked up?
  5. Thanks Fox, I did read your previous thread and have added this to my list. Cheers
  6. Hi All after a long hiatus! Looking for a 65" TV (Non curved), Budget up to 5k. Haven’t followed the TV seen for over 5 years so any help would be appreciated! Mainly for watching MKV movies and Fox Sports (AFL)
  7. +1 from me! Was heading down the Vinyl path but decided to upgrade my BDP-83. Chalk and cheese between the models. 105 is a bit brighter than the 83 but has way more depth and detail. Thanks again to ageless!
  8. Thanks JIiang70, correct on the preference. I do have a 37" Pana LCD in the bedroom which works great but would not head down that road on a 50"+ screen. Still trying to work out if there is a way to get a 50" in the room without the CFO going bonkas! If i could only afford a motorized ceiling mount
  9. What the? I have a 5 year old Pana plasma and the picture quality stills looks better than a 55" Sammy a mate bought 6 months ago. Brand new pana (UK review) "The P50GT60 delivers one of the best and most enjoyable 2D pictures that we have seen to date" http://www.avforums....=Email Campaign My choice: http://www.bigbrownbox.com.au/panasonic-viera-th-p60st50a-60-inch-1524-cm-full-hd-3d-neo-plasma-tv/
  10. [quote name=' timestamp='1357800952' post='1858645] no probs with clef myself, have bought some high cost items from them no issue, good service cant ask for more. though there are plenty places to buy marantz no one has to restrict themselves to cleff. though good to see theyre coming to the party on price. and no harm shopping around Only dealt with them once myself but they were quite helpful when i ordered a centre channel from Perth on the phone and then had it sent to the ACT. Can only go on my one experience but thumbs up from me. Happy to receive an addtional 10% discount for posting favourable comments too!
  11. ok, he's a better price: http://www.elegantaudiovideo.com/product/MAR88BUNDLE/Marantz-AV8801MM8077-BundleMSRP-600000.html
  12. So are you guys looking at running the Marantz AV8801 Surround Preamp & MM8077 Power Amp together or just buying the AV8801? Sorry have not followed Marantz for some time but these look like nice units. Some good pricing here if you can get these back to AUS via the same method the guys buying the Oppo's from the US were using. Seems to be the cheapest I have seem after some quick surfing ( internet slow as have been shaped so maybe the two sites I have looked at) http://www.musicdirect.com/p-111702-marantz-av8801-mm8077-bundle.aspx
  13. Obviously by the date of your post your way ahead of your time!
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