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  1. Thanks for taking the time to reply guys.

    I have no idea how, or why, but I have identified that the issue occurs due to one new HDMI cable. I take it out of the equation and the house lights do nothing. I put it back and turning the lights off causes the tv to flick off... bizarre!

    I've got a replacement HDMI cable and a new surge protector.


  2. Hey guys

    It seems like my place got struck by lightning or something during the week.

    Came home to my circuit breaker tripped and my Panasonic plasma not turning on. A bunch of electronics in the place are also fried. Electrician came out and thought it was a strike/surge and that everything (minus the wrecked electronics, i.e. washing machine, foxtel, playstations) was okay.

    So I got delivered my new Sony KD65X8500B during the day and tonight we've noticed that when certain lights are turned off around the house the tv flicks to black, and in rarer cases, to purple. I'm going to do some more thorough testing tomorrow with sources/cables etc, but I'm thinking it's the house as opposed to the tv.

    Any thoughts or advice?


  3. I saw the new LG model in a local HN, it was besides the older model panasonic, the 500a. I have to admit the panasonic potrayed colours much better and gave a sharper image (A fast and furious DVD). Although the LG could have been poorly setup... I would like to see it elsewhere, although i have now been looking in to the panasonic....

  4. Hey all,

    I'm in the market for a HD 42inch plasma, i was orginally going to get the LG 42PC1DG but at my local HN it was next to a Panasonic 42pv500a. The PQ of the Panasonic looked much better, although i have to admit the black surround on the LG is much sexier than all the Panasonic stuff.

    So i ended up comparing the 500a to the 60a and I thought the 500a looked much better, so I'm pretty much wondering if the 60a has as good if not better PQ, surely it does since its the later model?

    What should I pay for the TV alone?

    I'm also after other suggestions and opinions. I'm looking at spending no more than $3000 in the near future and plan on using the TV for DVD viewing and new generation HD gaming.

    Advice/tips/opinions would be great.


  5. Hey all,

    I'm looking at getting a 42inch Plasma in the near future and after shopping around was really interested in the LG42PX5D but was given the heads up on the 42PC1DG, so i'll think ill wait and have a look, should hopefully be out in Aus soon?

    I've rang around and was given an over the phone quote of $2590, when they eventually get in, surely this is a mistake? I've seen SD LG plasmas in JB HiFi for around this much....

    Anyone got any reviews of this model?

    Looks like they've updated the LG website.

    No-one seems to like LG's around here, do they?


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