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  1. thanks for the feedback, what are the best prices people have been getting?
  2. Thanks for the reply, My previous thread was too basic. I have gone away and come back with some model numbers and wanted to get peoples thoughts on these, as it seems to be alot easier to get a response based on individual threads for different model numbers. More feedback on prices and which screen to go for would be great.
  3. In Melbourne unfortunately, but thanks for the offer. What are peoples thoughts and best prices on these so far? Cheers
  4. I have a mate who is looking at getting a new TV with a price limit at $1500 There are 2 Samsungs he is looking at: the 40" 5 Series B530 and B550 from Samsung What is the 40V5500 like compared to these, and what is the best prices people have been getting on these? JB Hifi have it listed at: $1891 Post your thoughts. Cheers.
  5. I was wondering what peoples thoughts are on these 2 50" Plasmas? I have a mate who is after a new TV, his price limit max's out at $1500 We are tossing up a 40" LCD or these 50" Plasma's JB Hifi prices: Samsung B450: $1796 Panasonic X10A: $1998 What are peoples thoughts on these 2 screens? and what are the best prices people have been getting on these? He will be using this to play XBOX 360, Movies, and watch Sport. Is Screen Burn In still a big issue with video games on plasmas? Cheers Paul
  6. I have a mate who is looking at getting a new TV, his limit is about $1500 Im just studying up for him which models to aim to get. I was wanting peoples opinions and best prices: JB Hifi have: B530 for $1696 B550 for $1897 He will be using the TV to play XBOX 360, Watch Movies and Watch Sport. From what I can see on the Samsung website the differences between them is very minimal: B530 = 5ms B550 = 4ms B550 has a USB Connection B550 has a Heaphone, Composite connection B530 = 2 HDMI Inputs B550 = 3 HDMI Inputs Is there a difference in the panels they both use? or are they much the same? Also what are peoples thoughts on these and what are the best prices people have been getting? Cheers.
  7. Is there still issues with Plasma TV's and playing video games? Like refresh rates or burn in? or is that all a thing of the past?
  8. would there be any Panasonic's that are also available? If there is some promotion running with Samsung or Panasonic then that might sway him too.
  9. around about 2 - 3 meters? When it comes to Video Games, are plasmas still to be avoided when it comes to playing them?
  10. Hello, I have not been to this forum in a long while. I have a mate who is looking at getting a new TV, but his budget is $1500. He loves his video games (XBOX 360) He loves his sports (Basketball, footy, soccer, anything haha) He was wanting a TV around the 40" Mark Looking around JB Hifi, the TV's that were around that price were: Sony V Series Samsung 5 Series HiSense (not sure on the model number, but it had 100Hz) Im not too up to date with the new range of TV's, I was here when the Samsung M81 was the 'thing' to have haha. anyways can someone please provide some feedback.
  11. How long does Priority Shipping normally take with DVD Pacific? I ordered the Matrix Ultimate Boxset on Bluray and it was shipping on Monday the 13th of October. Been just over a week....
  12. CD Wow! http://www.cdwow.com.au/bluray/PreReleases have Walle listed for a Bluray release on the 24th of November for Region B. Is CD Wow a reliable company?
  13. I think the 100Hz thing is more suited to CRT Screens and Plasmas. with LCD, you do notice there is a difference, but imo it makes everything look artifical, fake, too smooth. Its hard to describe. But I dont like it. I have heard samsung make very good LCD TV's. I see no reason why these will be any different. Although the thing which lets samsung down from what I have heard is the software running on their TV's is sometimes glitchy and people need to get techs out to get software updates to fix some minor issues. Sony you do pay abit more for the brand name... but the Free PS3 is well worth the extra you pay imo.
  14. I picked myself up a 32" V4000 today. Just plugged it in and had to head off to uni. Be great if we could share some settings for this TV. It was so bloody hard to come by! Harvey Norman had none in Melbourne and the eastern suburbs. JB HiFi at ALOT of places had sold out, Knox City had the last one left, so thats where I got it. Sony Central had heaps! but they were not willing to match or better the $1799 price that Harvey Norman had advitised. Josh at JB HiFi in knox bettered Harvey Normans prices, he was really informative and very polite, if any one is headed to JB at Knox in Vic, go see him.
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