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  1. Hi guys I've dropped this down to $2000
  2. Hi I'm moving out and have no room for this fantastic projector. The W3000 is the latest from BenQ and has got fantastic reviews with a 'Best Buy' endorsement. It's rare in Australia due to it only being available from one dealer. It has ISF certification and it has been calibrated to Rec709. Cost over $3200 in August this year and I will include 2 BenQ 3D glasses worth $89 each (used once - seriously). Still under full warranty. Asking for $2500 and open to offers. Great way to save off a new unit. Location is Mount Eliza Victoria. Please contact me for shipping details http://www.benq.com.au/product/projector/w3000
  3. Thx guys. I tried a mates cable and double checked the colours. His cable was a vast improvement on mine. Surprised at the difference. Thanks for your help
  4. Took delivery of my Lx508 2 days ago and it's brilliant. But while I'm waiting to get my my Bluray I'm using an older DVD player. i've used the Component leads but the picture is pretty bad - worse than the composite. Also it looks over scanned as I can't see the bottom of the screen. If I use the composite it's all good. Can anyone let me know what I've done wrong and what the best setting should be? I'm using the input 2 jacks Thx
  5. Hi kingy10 Can you deliver to Perth? If so how much?
  6. IanD - excellent. The Denon 1920 does have picture, brightness, contrast and gamma correction. Managed to get a much better picture. Thanks!!
  7. Think you're right about the Monster. Will take it back and maybe use a cheapy. Here are the links for the Grundig and Denon. Grundig has 2 Scart sockets. http://partnerweb.grundig.de/internet/kund...nt/GCL8969E.PDF http://www.denon.ca/hapdfs/dvd1920.pdf
  8. Denon manual says the SCART video out is RGB and I've checked the menu set up which seems ok (SCART selected). Grundig manual says the SCART is also RGB. When I go to the setup menu my only option is 'VHS' or 'SVHS'. I've selected SVHS but doesn't seem to make a difference.
  9. Have Grundig Elegance mw82-210. Great set. Just got a Denon 1920 which has phenomenal sound. Bought Monster Scart lead to get the most of the picture. No good! Picture is slightly fussy and washed out. Cable cost me $130. What am I doing wrong? (currently have the Grundig connected via Scart to SVHS cable though my Yammy amp then DVD). Picture is better then the Monster.
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