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  1. My opinion of the device is certainly not as optimistic as I was initially, but I can't say I've experienced much of what you are experiencing (except for the remote which I agree is a POS). Take it back - you have rights!
  2. Hi Michael - from memory I disabled some of the "Freeview" features in settings and this improved stability of recordings, etc.
  3. Hi all, I’ve had my 4Tune for a few months now after my Topfield 2400 Masterpiece went to PVR Heaven (or Hell depending on your view). The only other device I considered was the Fetch TV Mighty but I went with the 4Tune primarily because of the ad skipping ability. What’s good No more overlapping recordings. On the toppy, if one recorded show happened to start immediately after another recorded show it was very likely the end of the first recording would be at the beginning of the second. OK if you watch them in sequence but there was always a chance I would watch and then delete the second show before watching the first meaning the end of the first one would be lost. Maybe this wouldn’t work if you were recording 4 different channels at the same time but that’s not likely to occur often (for me anyway). Menus are well thought out. Takes a bit to get used to the menu for watching recorded shows but once I got used to it, I like it better than the toppy Apple/Google Apps for the remote. I’ve got the remote on my iPhone and it works well which is good because the remote it comes with could be more tactile (I’ve got a feeling I will be asking for a replacement soon). Media Centre capability is solid. Streams videos via wireless that I can only run over a wired connection on the PS3. Power it off anytime. When you’re finished watching just turn it off regardless if it’s recording. It will keep the recording going and then turn off when complete. Also when a timer fires if it’s off it doesn’t load everything. Sort of like a power save feature I guess but I think it’s great that it only runs what it needs. Series recording works well and you can add/change padding at the time you set a timer. I’ve set default padding at 30 minutes but it’s good for when I record off the ABC and I can change this to 5 minutes Ad skipping as mentioned. 30 second skips works as expected. Gives my thumb a great workout when watching anything recorded off Channel 7… What’s not so good Auto-updating firmware. Concerns me that a poorly tested and released firmware could lead to problems. Even more concerning is that features you don’t want could be added unnecessarily or feature you do want could be removed Remote scheduling. I tried this out and ended up losing recordings and it stopped doing any subsequent recordings. Only way I got the PVR working again was resetting to factory No way to add to the TV Apps. ABC’s iView isn’t available and there’s no way (I can find) to add it. Editing/removing channels. After a scan I deleted the channels I didn’t want. After a few days, channels I had deleted reappearing and it screwed my timers. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t delete those channels again. Am now using favourites after a full rescan but at random times, the device reverts to the all channels list (minor niggle) Do I recommend it? Yes, I think it's a reasonable replacement to the Toppy especially if ad skipping appeals. 7 out of 10.
  4. Apologies for not getting back sooner. As luck would have it, my 2400 dies and I wasn't able to do a rescan. Hopefully others have found a fix.
  5. Thanks Peter. I went for a Humax 4tune instead. HN had them at the same price and I get to keep the ads at bay for a few more years at least. So far, looks good. I'm not big into some of the attractive multimedia features of the Fetch and can do them on other devices anyway. Hopefully have made a choice I'll be happy with. BH
  6. Hi all, my Toppy is on its last legs and looking to get one of these asap. Does the mighty have the skip buttons available? Not keen on using FF to get through ads? Thanks, BH
  7. It's a Masterpiece 2400 - not sure what FW I have, I will check tonight.
  8. I'm the same as many here. Only started in the last month or so. Have made absolutely no changes to my PVR which rules out firmware IMO. Might try rescanning the channels to see if that does anything.
  9. True, but I the only way I can power it up is to take the cover off so the chances are low. I just reckon a lot of dust gets through the grill on the top of these things which possibly reduces their life.
  10. Hi all, keen to get other's opinion on whether or not a dust cover will extend the life of my receiver. I keep my receiver on top of the cabinet mainly to make sure it gets as much air circulation as possible. I don't think I live in a particularly dusty area (metro Brisbane) but there's often a noticeable layer of dust to clean off it. Given my last amp went up in flames (hence the reference to ashes), I'm wondering if any of you cover the top grill when your equipment is not in use? Bonehead out!
  11. I've got a similar setup to you and have gone with a receiver that has 2 zones. My main zone is setup for home theatre and I've connected my outdoor speakers to zone 2. In the third zone where I've got a simple tele setup for the kids I've just gone for a wireless speaker that connects to the home network. This gives me the music I need in this zone when I want it. If you do decide to go with a receiver with 2 (or more) zones, do your homework. I've just got a new Denon X2200 and zone selection is not good. If I'm running a movie in zone 1 and then activate online music from zone 2, it will switch zone 1 to online music. Pretty pi$$ poor design feature in my opinion. The Integra receiver I had previously had a much better zone selection system. Also worth noting that running speakers on a second zone means you lose speakers from the first. The Denon is a 7.2 receiver so if I run 2 speakers from the second zone, I can only run 5.2 from the main zone.
  12. Fair point. I used to think What Hifi were pretty reputable and their reviews extensive. Granted there are some good things about this receiver but I would certainly not give it 5 stars. It isn't polished enough. Do you know if there's a way to request updates for firmware?
  13. I have another word to describe it but probably not for public consumption There are a few gripes with this amp. Another I discovered is a quirk (Denon might call it a feature) with Zone 2. Yesterday my kids were watching a movie on Zone 1. I turned Zone 2 on and set it to Online Music and when I connected via Airplay, viola! Zone 1 was automagically bumped to online music. Not a desirable outcome... Note to self - What Hifi reviews aren't what they used to be...
  14. Too early to call it but it's looking like that might have solved it - thanks Pete. Hard to believe a 50k image file could be the culprit...
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