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  1. 50 inch now without a doubt. Square pixels, more resolution, easier on the eyes - do we have to convince you any more? 42 is really not much bigger than the old 80cm CRT's (I used to have one). In 5 or so years get a 65 inch 1080p then for what you'll pay now :-)
  2. The catalogue prices will always go down generally - after you buy a new TV you naturally don't research the prices on a newer model unless you're looking to buy again, so who cares what the prices do? Years down the track when you DO buy again technology could be different and pricing structures could also be different - prices are on relevent for when you actually buy. Go the 50-inch, had mine for a bit over a month and I'm so stoked. I'd consider 50-inch to be a good size, anything smaller is just not worth it when you consider if you chop the sides if a widescreen image on a 42inch you've got the area of an old 80cm CRT. Yeah it's a little more $ than the 42 inch but it's worth it, believe me. 42inch current model = 50inch replacement model in 6-12 months at this current rate in terms of price drops - you have to dive in at some point.
  3. Actually is the following possible: I have a 480p DVD player with Component output... but no free Component inputs on the Panasonic 50 Plasma (Foxtel and Nintendo Wii take up both). CAN I GET THIS: Component YUV to VGA Breakout Cable: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/6-ATLONA-VGA-TO-COM...VQQcmdZViewItem Then run the DVD's component out to the Plamsa's VGA in - will it scale the 480p signal up to full screen or will it leave it at 1:1 pc input style and there will be a bucketload of black around a small image? I have no real need for PC input on my Plasma, so at least that could solve the problem.
  4. Hi guys, I have a Panasonic 50-Inch 60A, which you will know has 2 x HDMI and 1 x PC Input. From a lot of the reviews I have read and feedback here, the Oppo Digital DV971H DVD seems like the better of the two Oppo Players. 1. I know the DV-970HD outputs in HDMI but if I was to get the DV971H how can I hook it up? (I have a few spare DVI-PC adapters from various pc video cards - can I use one of those and run the DV971H through the PC port on the Panasonic 60A? Are there any issues in doing this which would be negative? I know you can output in Component from the DV971H but with Nintendo Wii on the horizon and having Foxtel via Component I'd like to not use Component if possible.) 2. Where can I get a DV971H in Brisbane, Queensland? (I am prepared to order one direct from Oppo's website if needs be.) Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I second that opinion - although someone has to get the "first run" of everything released, so that others can prosper later... I'd rather go to school on other people's potential boo boo's first...
  6. The HD with PVR/Recording are still pretty expensive though yeah? I'll get one when they drop a bit, can't see my wife liking not being able to record it, our VCR still kicking so using that till it dies...
  7. Can anyone please give me some advice/opinions: 1. In the instruction manual you can chage the VCR code so you can use the same remote. Probably a stupid question but can you enter in a code other than the 4 provided in the manual (Panasonic VCRs) and use the remote on a Samsung VCR for example? 2. Is it worth using the following settings? > Picture > D.PNR (Strong/Weak/Auto) > Picture > 3D-Comb (Off/On) The manual has a one sentence explaination and I can't see much difference but maybe some tech head will say "use it for sure!" or something? Tossing up between a PVR, DVD recorder or Foxtel IQ. Although Foxtel quality varies, (some channels look great, even in Standard Def but some do look poor, can wait till Foxtel goes HD) I am happy with the picture overall through the Pana. I have all the other picture settings set to off and the Brightness/Contrast set to 50 each to break the set in and the Picture Quality IMO looks great....!
  8. I read somewhwere to go easy on cranking Contrast or Brightness to avoid burn-in for the first 200 hours or so, hence the reason. Just being cautious I guess... JB Hifi at Kedron, Northside. Ask for Matt. Shortish brown hair, quick-ish speaker. I forgot to get his last name and when I later rang to arrange delivery address the chick that answered informed me there are 3 Matts. Checked on Reciept and no last name. Delivery just 2 days later, service was good, I have got many CDs, DVDs etc there is the past :-)
  9. Got my Pansonic 50 Inch 60A Today and I'm SO STOKED. I want to thank everyone on this forum for the info and technical help, without it I could not have made such an informed decision. In the end I paid: $3,850 for the Panel and $300 for 5 year Narta warranty $4,100 all up which I thought was a good deal, considering this panel was ALOT more just 3 months or so ago. Really, really happy to go for the 50-inch as it's the perfect size for our Lounge Room (I did various distance calculators etc) and the quality of the Picture IMO is incredible! Using Persian Immortal's calibration settings at some stage but for the break in 200 hours I have turned everything down - The default Dynamic setting out of the box was blasting my eyes! Next up - Nintendo Wii - YEAH!
  10. The unit itself may look good but that price looks damn ugly. If you spend $17.5k on a car at least you can go to some of the places you can watch on it - jokes ;-)
  11. I like the look of the Pio in terms of actualy unit/finish, and it's PQ is great but the price... I just can't justify that kind of money for a TV. Got Wednesday off actually, so you'll know sooner. There's a pic of me top left of my Avatar so if you see me there sometime say g'day
  12. I emailed the electricdiscounter to see if I could get the Pana 50-inch for $4000 (including Warranty). Here's the reply: "Thanks for your enquiry; unfortunately I am unable to do it for that price, but we’ve managed to come up with a pretty reasonable price @ $4200.00 with the extended warranty. This price only last for 5 days." Gonna pound Aspley and then see if this is the best I will get.
  13. At the risk of sounding like a broken record - with Warranty? Thanks guys - great knowing there are bargains around - looks like Thursday night shopping could be eventful for me ;-) Has anyone taken a print out from here yet?
  14. How much was the extended warranty there? That's right near my place - so I may be keen... Go the 50-inch, especially 3 metres away, a friend of mine got the 42 and it looks small (by comparison) How much was the Pana 50-inch on it's own, excluding the Topfield? Thanks to both of you guys - posting info in Brisbane is very helpful for me ;-)
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